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Which inputs for Coffee?


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Malica platform cirad ipsard coffee

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Which inputs for Coffee?

  1. 1. Which inputs for Coffee? 12 september 2017
  2. 2. Structuration of the scientific project Sustainable food systems How to reconcile sustainability in urban food supplies and in local agricultural development? Urban market transformations Agricultural transformations Scales of analysis and action Upscaling Local dvpt dynamics Which technical and organizational innovations (such as producers’ organization) in the use of local territorial resources (technical, human, natural) can support rural/ urban linkages and synergies? Domestic public policies Which public policies should be implemented, and how can they be integrated towards sustainable food systems? Trade, regional and international integration Which pathways for regional and international integration can ensure dynamic and inclusive domestic food systems?
  3. 3. Research and development on Geographical Indications • New methodology to build GI specification: – With local stakeholders – Based on the specificity of the product, sensorial analysis – Together with quality management and plan of control • New methodology to set up GI management : – Set up GI association with the most motivated stakeholders: identifiy pilot group, set up cooperatives – With support of local authorities • Experiences in VN on many products – BP cashew nut, QT pepper, PQ nuoc mam – Evaluation of BMT Coffee GI management in 2016 • Cirad worlwide experience on GIs for coffee – India, Indonesia, Laos, Guinée (West Africa), Brazil…
  4. 4. Perspectives • Collaborate to projects on GIs on coffee in VN and other asian countries • Work on other certification schemes: fair trade, ecolabel etc.. • Assess the sustainability of different coffee value chains and their drivers