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Tree diversityday2012 sukumar.pptx


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Presentation on Tree Diversity Day, 11 October 2012, at the 11th CBD Conference of Parties in Hyderabad, India

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Tree diversityday2012 sukumar.pptx

  1. 1. Diversifying  and  restoring  landscape  mosaics   in  the  Western  Ghats  through  incen8ve-­‐ based  models  involving  local  communi8es     Raman  Sukumar   Centre  for  Ecological  Sciences   Indian  Ins8tute  of  Science   Bangalore  
  2. 2. Ecological  Sensi8vity  scores:  Karnataka  
  3. 3. Karnataka:  Vegeta8on  &  Land  Use  
  4. 4. Land  tenures  in  Western  Ghats  •  Protected  Areas  [Na8onal  Parks,  Wildlife   Sanctuaries,  Tiger  Reserves]  •  Reserved  Forests,  Protected  Forests  •  Revenue  Forests,  Village  Forests  •  Commercial  planta8ons  [tea,  coffee,   cardamom,  rubber]  •  Privately-­‐owned  lands  [agriculture,   homestead  gardens,  seRlements,  fallow]  
  5. 5. What  are  the  major  benefits  of  restoring  landscape   mosaics  in  W.  Ghats  through  incen:ves    •  Adapta8on  to  climate  change  would  need   assisted  migra8on  of  plant  and  animal  species  •  Given  the  complex  land  use  and  vegeta8on   mosaic  of  the  W.  Ghats,  the  only  manner  in   which  to  effec8vely  achieve  this  is  through   involving  local  people,  private  lands  and   community  lands    •  This  will  help  build  ecological  resilience  as  well  as   adapta8on  of  local  communi8es  and  protec8ng   livelihoods  •  Climate  mi8ga8on  will  also  be  partly  addressed   through  carbon  sequestra8on  
  6. 6. Funding  mechanisms  •  Na:onal  CAMPA:  Compensatory  Afforesta8on  Fund   Management  and  Planning  Authority  Green  India  Mission  Social  Forestry  and  Joint  Forest  Management  •  Interna:onal  REDD+  Voluntary  Carbon  markets