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Tree diversityday2012 luedelinge.pptx


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Presentation on Tree Diversity Day, 11 October 2012, at the 11th CBD Conference of Parties in Hyderabad, India

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Tree diversityday2012 luedelinge.pptx

  1. 1. Climate  change  and  Biodiversity:  interfacing  mi6ga6on  and  adapta6on   Eike  Luedeling     Tree  Diversity  Day  2012   CBD  COP-­‐11   Hyderabad,  India  
  2. 2. Landscapes  are  made  up  of  different  elements   Forest   Urban   Agriculture  
  3. 3. Landscapes  are  made  up  of  different  elements   High   Very  low   biodiversity  biodiversity   Crop   biodiversity  
  4. 4. In  many  landscapes,  dis6nc6ons  are  not  clear-­‐cut  Boundaries  between  landscape  elements  are  oAen   fuzzy   Biodiversity  is  considerable  in  all  parts  of  the   landscape  
  5. 5. Climate  change  affects  all  landscape  elements   AdaptaFon  will  be  essenFal…   …for  landscapes   …for  people  
  6. 6. Trees  can  contribute  to  climate  change  adapta6on   Microclimate  effects  
  7. 7. Rainbow  Water   Rainbow  Water     Closes  the  hydrological  cycle,   Trees,  forests  and  agroforestry   adds  the  concept   contribute  to  hydrological  cycling   of  terrestrial  evapotranspiraFon   as  ‘recyling’   à  Influence  on  regional  rainfall   paLerns    
  8. 8. Trees  can  contribute  to  climate  change  adapta6on   Enhanced  soil  ferFlity   Improved  water  household   Risk  reducFon   Income  diversificaFon   Opportunity  for  increased  off-­‐farm  income  
  9. 9. Trees  are  vulnerable  to  climate  change   Climate  change  impacts  on  Caryocar  brasiliense  Present  climate   Habitat   Projected  2050s  climate   suitability   High   Low   CollevaQ  et  al.,  2011.  Tree  GeneFcs  &  Genomes  7,  1237-­‐1247   Many  trees  need  assistance  with  adaptaFon  
  10. 10. Interna6onal  climate  change  nego6a6ons  In  REDD,  iniFally  sharp  divide  between  forests  and   non-­‐forests   Difficulty  in  defining  forests  
  11. 11. Interna6onal  climate  change  nego6a6ons   Tree  canopy  covering  >75%  of  the  surface  area   UNEP,  2009.  Vital  forest  graphics.  
  12. 12. Interna6onal  climate  change  nego6a6ons   Tree  canopy  covering  >50%  of  the  surface  area   UNEP,  2009.  Vital  forest  graphics.  
  13. 13. Interna6onal  climate  change  nego6a6ons   Tree  canopy  covering  >20%  of  the  surface  area   UNEP,  2009.  Vital  forest  graphics.  
  14. 14. Interna6onal  climate  change  nego6a6ons   Tree  canopy  covering  >10%  of  the  surface  area   UNEP,  2009.  Vital  forest  graphics.  
  15. 15. Interna6onal  climate  change  nego6a6ons  Carbon  can  be  stored  anywhere  in  the  landscape  
  16. 16. Interna6onal  climate  change  nego6a6ons  Carbon  can  be  stored  anywhere  in  the  landscape  SomeFmes  non-­‐forests  store  more  carbon  than   forests   Forest   Agroforestry   farm  
  17. 17. Interna6onal  climate  change  nego6a6ons   Leakage:  reduced  emissions  at  one  place  may  be   offset  by  added  emissions  elsewhere  Gradual  realizaFon  of  the  need  for  a  whole-­‐landscape   approach:   RED  to  REDD  to  REDD+  to  AFOLU   REALU?  (Reducing  Emissions  from  All  Land  Uses)  
  18. 18. Biodiversity  happens  everywhere  in  the  landscape  Currently,  there  is  a  clear  division  between  landscape   elements  in  CBD  programmes  
  19. 19. Climate  change  requires  biodiversity  conserva6on  to   take  a  landscape  approach   Currently  suitable   habitat  for  a  given   species   Suitable  habitat  in   2050  
  20. 20. Climate  change  requires  biodiversity  conserva6on  to   take  a  landscape  approach   Currently  suitable   habitat  for  a  given   species   Suitable  habitat  in   2050  
  21. 21. Climate  change  requires  biodiversity  conserva6on  to   take  a  landscape  approach  Diverse  landscapes  including  trees  facilitate  migraFon   and  adaptaFon  
  22. 22. Tree  biodiversity  can  be  preserved  outside  forests   Co-­‐benefits  for  climate  change  adaptaFon  and   miFgaFon  
  23. 23. Biodiversity  is  best  protected  with  a  whole-­‐landscape  approach,  including  trees  outside  forests  
  24. 24. Thank  you  for  your  aLen6on!     Tree  Diversity  Day  2012   CBD  COP-­‐11   Hyderabad,  India