Transformational Opportunities to Perennialize Global Farming Creating an EverGreen Agriculture]


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Transformational Opportunities to Perennialize Global Farming Creating an EverGreen Agriculture]

  1. 1. Transformational Opportunities to Perennialize Global Farming Creating an EverGreen Agriculture Dennis Garrity UN Drylands Ambassador Distinguished Board Research Fellow, World Agroforestry Centre
  2. 2. Agroforestry in the Era of the Sustainable Development Goals…and Beyond Dennis Garrity
  3. 3. Sustainable Development Goals •  Food security •  Poverty eradication •  Health •  Gender equity •  Education and Youth opportunities •  Reversing land degradation •  Biodiversity conservation •  Energy for all •  Climate change resilience
  4. 4. Production of the most important dryland crops is typically associated with dispersed trees in the farm fields: agroforestry parklands
  5. 5. !Channels for Reducing Vulnerability ! ! 1. Buffer crop production from drought stress! ! !! ! !-- Sustain higher and more stable yields by ! ! !more favorable microclimate ! ! !! ! !-- Conserve and enhance soil organic matter, ! ! !infiltration and water holding capacity! ! 2. Tree crops generally less severely affected by !drought, heat, excess water! ! 3. Greater diversity of income sources ! !
  6. 6. The albida halo effect! • Microclimate buffering! • Soil fertility improvement!
  7. 7. Microclimatic variation: Temperature
  8. 8. A Desertifying Landscape Southern Niger in the 1980s
  9. 9. Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration on crop fields: Initial Stages!
  10. 10. A Parkland Renaissance on Niger farmlands!
  11. 11. The albida halo effect! • Microclimate buffering! • Soil fertility improvement!
  12. 12. Aerial view of a parkland dominated by Faidherbia in Niger
  13. 13. Major agroforestry regions in West Africa and directions of expansion
  14. 14. What is Evergreen Agriculture? A form of more intensive farming that integrates trees into crop and livestock production systems. Evergreen farming systems are ‘double- story’ systems that feature both perennial and annual species (food crops and trees), maintaining a green cover on the land throughout the year.
  15. 15. Types of Evergreen Agriculture 1. Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) on cropland 2. Conservation agriculture with trees (CAWT) 3. Conventional agriculture interplanted with trees
  16. 16. !Evergreen agriculture with Faidherbia albida in Zambia.! !!
  17. 17. 17 Countries engaged in EverGreen Agriculture in Africa Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration Conservation Agriculture with trees Trees interplanted in conventional tilled cropland Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration + Trees interplanted in conventional tilled cropland
  18. 18. Training for farmer groups curricula material for universities and technical colleges improved Improved government policies EverGreen Agriculture Partnership Farmers and Groups Research organisations NGO’s & Civil Society Youth and Education Governments and Policy Development organisations Donors Private Sector Improved technical capacity of extension and government scaling up efforts Improved communications and awareness Provision of products and services by the Private sector Technical and institutional capacity built to support spread of EverGreen Agriculture Collaboration between organisations supporting EverGreen Agriculture EverGreen Agriculture PartnershipEverGreen Agriculture Partnership
  19. 19. Conclusions – Way Forward •  Create a Climate Resilient Agriculture through EverGreen Agriculture for land regeneration and food security on small-scale farms. •  The approach has taken root in Africa, and is spreading rapidly. •  Millions of smallholders are adopting effective land regeneration methods •  Many nations are creating the policy and institutional environments to favor adoption
  20. 20. For More Information World Agroforestry Centre! Evergreen Agriculture web site! ! Email contacts:!