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Olam Vietnam Limited: An Introduction


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Olam Vietnam Limited: An Introduction

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Olam Vietnam Limited: An Introduction

  1. 1. Important instruction: Place an image in exactly the same position as this grey box. Select the image. [Mac] in the menu, select ‘Arrange’ and then ‘Send to Back’. [PC] right click and then ‘send to Back’. This will then render the green box on top of the image. Olam Vietnam Limited An Introduction
  2. 2. Olam Vietnam portfolio Large Primary Origination Presence 2 • Largest exporter of Cashew from Vietnam • Largest Global Supplier of Organic Cashew • Green: Large primary infrastructure + FOB sourcing • Soluble: Freeze / Spray / Agglo • Largest Pepper exporter from Vietnam • Main product in our Tropical Spices portfolio • Others – Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg • Buying FOB Vietnam • Import products under OIL Rep Office • Cotton • Wheat • Dairy • Wood Products Cashew Coffee Pepper Rice Others
  3. 3. 3 Coffee Business Operational footprint Procurement • 4 Branches. Lamdong, Gialai, Daklak&Daknong, Son La Processing •Lamdong, Daklak, Gialai, Dong Nai •Storage •Son La, Lamdong, Gialai, Daklak, Daknong Nong & Dong Nai People • Staff: 213 • Casual labor: 300+ BR BR BR PR HQ WH Full Branch Operations Only Procurement / WH WM Pleiku Buon Ma Thout Me Linh Di Linh Daknong HCM Office Song May Cover 87% of Rob & 70% of Ara Prod Areas Mkt Share ~8% Input: 2.4k MT p.d. Throughput: 15k MT p.m. 209 Local Staff
  4. 4. Olam’s purpose 4 Our Purpose of ‘Growing Responsibly’ describes how we do business. We ensure profitable growth is achieved in an ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner. This is integral to our business model and is quite simply the right thing to do. Olam is actively supporting these 5 UN Sustainable Development Goals
  5. 5. Vietnam Coffee Value Chain Challenges 5 Aging coffee areas  More 300,000ha above 20years old  Another 40,000ha under poor cultivation, low production Imbalanced Fertilization  Imbalance in N/P/K usage  Soils are not analyzed for right use of fertilizers Irrigation/water use due to climate change  30 – 40% exceeding required water amount  Unbalanced availability of water sources Mono-culture farms  Lamdong, Gialai  High demand of irrigation, higher soil temperature causing environmental issues Pest & Disease Management Harvest & Post – Harvest Handling  Harvest of Un-ripened beans  High defect beans due to wet weather, storage conditions Youth generation  Not many young people want to work in coffee farm  Labor cost is increasing
  6. 6. New shoots of hope!! 6 Better farming Practice  Certifications & Sustainability Programs have educated people for better practices and awareness  Use of water has decreased to the advised levels  More composts are used to reduce chemical fertilizers. Less banned chemicals used Increase of Arabica in northern areas  Dien Bien & Son La Intercropping  Fruit trees, pepper, shading trees.  Diversifying incomes for farmers  Soil improvement  Water use effeciency New varieties/clones of coffee trees give higher yields and bigger sizes. Increasing domestic consumption  Local R&G industry growing  More Soluble coffee plants erecting
  7. 7. 7 Crop Switching & Intercropping
  8. 8. 8 New Clones
  9. 9. Coffee in Pictures 9