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The African Orphan Crops Consortium (AOCC) on 3rd December 2013, launched the African Plant Breeding Academy to help improve the livelihoods of Africa’s smallholder farmers and their families, reduce hunger and boost Africa’s food supply.

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AOCC Launch - BGI

  1. 1. Unique Opportunity for AOCC --- Biological Big Data & Global Collaboration Xu Xun Executive Director of BGI Research
  2. 2. What happen 5 years from now? ‘Omics’ data Environments Modeling Phenotypes Single Gene Multiple Gene Single Gene Different combinations Multiple Gene
  3. 3. Moore’s law in Biology: Big Data Challenge and opportunity 3
  4. 4. Road map from Genome to Field
  5. 5. Agriculture cucumber kung pao chicken “taste good, sequence it!” Mapo toufu Cabbage Peking Duck oyster Any species at the dinner menu should be sequenced!
  6. 6. Industry Silk and silkworm Oil and castor bean “Useful, sequence it!” Cloth and cotton Any species at the industrial use should be sequenced!
  7. 7. Fun “look cute, sequence it!” Any endanger species; any Evolutionary/Scientifically important species should be sequenced!
  8. 8. Agricultural Genomes 14 crops 70 vegetables 39 animals
  9. 9. From genome paper to seeds and yield --- demo case in foxtail millet 11
  10. 10. Improve the phenotype by Whole Genome Selection
  11. 11. Select the right parents for heterosis Yield: 9-12 t/ha; Traditional cultivars: 3-4 t/ha. Only need 1/2 of the water of Corn. Its drought tolerance can even adapted to desert region 13
  12. 12. Targeted Genome Improvement by GenomeWide-Selection for Chinese Super Rice Hybrid F1 Non-shattering super rice Backcrossing Non-shattering cultivar
  13. 13. Digital Breeding in Supercomputer Breeding purpose Resources Markers and the relationship between markers and traits Breeding process Markers based selection 15
  14. 14. Global Collaboration --- BGI’s genes since its beginning Why BGI was founded? Only for participate 1% HGP project 16
  15. 15. Global Collaboration --- BGI’s genes since its beginning 10% of Hapmap Leading role in the 1000 project 17
  16. 16. AOCC today, and 1 year later Global Collaboration is the Bridge List of plans Publications Seeds