Kappa crescent spring 2009


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Kappa crescent spring 2009

  1. 1. Kappa Crescent University of NebraskaSpring 2009 Noble Ruler Report Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity What’s inside... Calf Show Report Alumni  Relations  Report Scholarship  Report Mentor  Reports And  More...    The   2008  Alpha   Gamma   Rho  Winter   Preview   was   once  again  a  great  success.    It  was  held  at  the  Lancaster   Event  Center  in  Lincoln  on  Dec.  19-­20.    We  had  rough-­ ly  235  entries  total.      Our  judges  were  Kevin  Jensen  from  Courtland,  Kan.,   who  judged  the  market  side  of  the  show  and  Jack  Ward   from  Plattsburg,  Mo.,  who  judged  the  breeding.  It  was   a  fantastic  two  ring  show.      We  at  AGR  are  proud  to  put  on  such  a  diverse  show   with   such   great   cattle.   The   Kappa   Chapter   brothers   would  also  like  to  send  out  a  huge  thank  you  to  all  par-­ ticipants,   alumni   and   numerous   sponsors   that   helped   make  the  2008  Alpha  Gamma  Rho  Winter  preview  pos-­ sible.      All   of   Kappa   Chapter   looks   forward   to   seeing   and   hearing  from  you  next  year.     Fraternally, Brandon  Hilger  and  Cory  Cable Calf  Show  Chairs     With   it   being  April,   this   let-­ a   busy   time.   I   am   sure   many   of  you  are  busy  gearing  up  for   planting   season,   or   you   are   ready  to  be  done  calving  for  the   year.  Whatever  the  case  may  be,      It  is  also  a  busy  season  here   at   1430   Idylwild   Drive.   Finals   week  is  right  around  the  corner,   and  there  is  still  much  to  do.  Our   annual  Hog  Roast  Philanthropy  took  place  on  Thurs-­ day,  April  23,  in  Kappa  Chapter’s  parking  lot.  Proceeds   from  the  event  went  to  support  Farmer’s  Crisis  Hotline.   Everyone  was  welcomed  to  attend,  and  the  event  drew   in  quite  a  crowd  as  it  does  every  year. The  undergraduate  chapter  also  engaged  in  our  annual   highway  cleanup  on  April  22.  Brothers  went  to  pick  up   trash  on  a  designated  stretch  of  highway  outside  of  Lin-­ coln.  In  addition,  many  members  participated  in  The   Big  Event  on  Saturday,  April  25.  The  Big  Event  is  a   University-­wide  service  day  that  helps  out  the  Lincoln   Community.      Finally,  AGR’s  traditional  Farmers’  Ball  Party  will  be   held  at  the  end  of  Dead  Week.  It  promises  to  be  a  fun   time  with  great  memories  to  be  made.    With  the  school  year  coming  to  a  close,  our  outgo-­ Gamma  Rho  house.  I  am  sure  many  of  you  remember   the  mixed  feelings  of  moving  out  of  Kappa  Chapter.   Although  they  won’t  be  around  the  house  as  much,  be-­ ing  an  AGR  is  something  that  will  stay  with  them  for  a   lifetime. Fraternally, David  Painter Noble  Ruler David  Painter
  2. 2. Alumni Relations Report Scholarship Report Dear  Brothers,   like  to  thank  everyone  that  attended  the  92nd  Annual   Pink   Rose   at   the   Embassy   Suites  on  March  7.  The  at-­ tendance  was  back  up  again   this  year,  and  I’m  sure  that   everyone   who   attended   would  agree  that  it  was  an   enjoyable  evening.      Just  a  reminder,  this  year’s   chapter   awards   went   to   Quentin   Dailey   for   the   Most   Outstanding   Se-­ nior   Award,   Skip   Hecox   for   the   Most   Outstanding   Freshman,   Todd   Schroeder   for   the   Greatest   Contribu-­ tions  to  Nebraska  Agriculture  Award,  Will  Wittler  for   the   Most   Outstanding   Alumni   Award,   Doyle   Hulme   for  the  Greatest  Contributions  to  Alpha  Gamma  Rho   Award,and  Jessica  Frerichs  for  the  House  Sweetheart.   Once  again,  congratulations  to  all  the  award  winners.     The   undergraduate   chapter   also   recently   held   their   Spring  Parent’s  Day  on  March  29,  with  approximate-­ ly   75   undergraduates   and   family   members   attending.     Everyone  had  an  enjoyable   time  visiting  the  house  and   meeting   each   others’   fami-­ lies.   The   Mother’s   Club   held   a   silent   auction   dur-­ ing  Parent’s  Day  and  raised   $1,089   to   go   towards   the   house.    Thank  you  to  all  who  at-­ tended   these   events,   and   I   look  forward  to  seeing  you   again   in   the   future.     Also,   please   contact   the   Home   of   any  AGR   members   who   have  moved  or  changed  addresses  over  the  past  year. Fraternally,   Derrick  Rocker VNR-­Alumni  Relations     Academics   have   been   a   staple   of   this   house’s   past,   present   and   will   continue   to   be   in   the   future.   This   past   fall   semester   the   mem-­ bers   met   and   surpassed   this   stan-­ dard   of   excellence   with   a   house   3.247  GPA.  This  ranks  the  Kappa   Chapter  of  seventh  out  of  24  fra-­ ternities  at  the  university,  and  the   mark  ranks  above  the  greek  male,   all-­non  greek  and  the  university  grade  point  averages.   The  freshman  class  had  an  outstanding  GPA  of  3.323,   while   the   seniors   had   a   3.3   semester   GPA.  All   four   classes  within  the  house  surpassed  our  house  goal  of  a   3.2.  The  quality  of  work  that  brothers  have  put  into  this   year  has  paid  off,  and  it  shows  in  the  quantity  of  quali-­ Rose  Scholarships,  which  were  handed  out  on  March   7.  These  scholarships  were  awarded  to:  Tyson  Narjes   (Kendrin  Lewis,  High  Sophomore,  Big/Little  Brother),   Shane   Strope   (Kendrin   Lewis),   Adam   Mass   (Henry   Hild),  Grant  Melotz  (High  Freshman),  Michael  Rennau   (High  Junior,  Active  Junior),  Ryan  Aufenkamp  (High   Senior),  Trey  Kellner  (Board  High  Freshman),  Derrick   -­ rey  Woerner  (Ron  Grapes),  Jason  Warner  (Dean  Wise),   Jeffery  Schroder  (Milton  Olson),  Jamison  Jensen  (Ac-­ tive   Freshman),   Scott   Sorensen   (Active   Sophomore),   Ben   Robison   (Active   Senior),   Bo   Fullner   (Big/Little   Brother),  Dustin  Knuth  (Dwight  Wrich),  Kasey  Wag-­ ner  (Wilbur  Pauley)  and  Scott  Aden  (Pinkerton).  The   men  have  increased  their  study  ethics  in  and  out  of  the   classroom.  We  expect  to  see  above  standard  results  for   the  current  semester.    We  would  also  like  to  congratulate  Jeffrey  Schroeder   on  making  it  as  2009  Undergraduate  Director.  He  was  ini-­ tiated  in  2006.  Schroeder  has  earned  the  AGR  Excellence   Scholarship  and  served  as  Executive  Board  Member.    Fraternally, Trey  Kellner VNR  Scholarship More  than  75  undergraduates  and  their  families  attended  the  Spring  Parent’s   Day.  During  the  event,  brothers  were  able  to  visit  with  other  members’  families. Jeffrey  Schroeder   2009  Undergraduate  Director
  3. 3. The  following  are  reports  written  by  undergraduate  mem-­ bers  about  AGR  members  who  they  consider  mentors. Ben Carter By Logan Sand       Ben   is   originally   from   Chappell,   Neb.,   which   is   a   small  town  of  less  than  1,000  people.  He  grew  up  on  a   family  farm  and  raised  cattle  and  also  grew  wheat.  Ben   went  to  high  school  at  Chappell  High.      Ben  was  initiated  into  Alpha  Gamma  Rho  in  1954.  He   later  got  his  degree  in  General  Agriculture  four  years   later.   While   in   college,   Ben   was   involved   in   many   clubs.  He  was  part  of  the  Block  and  Bridle  club,  the   Agronomy  Club  and  the  Corn  Cob  club.  Twenty-­two   years  later  at  the  young  age  of  44,  he  graduated  from   law  school.      He  started  work  at  an  insurance  company  and  is  now   retired.  After  his  retirement  he  worked  as  an  Assistant   Attorney  General  in  Grand  Ledge  Mich.  He  currently   lives  in  Grand  Ledge  with  his  wife,  Lavonne.  Together   they  have  three  kids:  Michael,  Todd  and  Kelly.  During   the  summer  they  live  in  Grand  Ledge,  but  in  the  winter   Ben  and  Lavonne  migrate  to  Florida.      His  most  memorable  time  in  AGR  was  his  freshman   trip.  They  went  to  a  Missouri  football  game  which  hap-­ at  the  time.  Throughout  his  years  at  AGR,  Ben  made   many  friends  in  the  house.  He  had  a  very  fun  and  re-­ warding  stay  at  the  Alpha  Gamma  Rho  house. Brandon Kai By Blake Kai    After  college  Brandon  went  straight  back  to  his  fa-­ life,  and  it  was  what  he  always  wanted  to  do.  He  owns   80  acres  of  his  own  and  rents  about  500  acres.  It  is  a   rotation  between  soybeans  and  corn.  He  also  custom   raises  about  1,200  pigs  year  round.   problems  and  worries  of  getting  land  and  hogs  were   challenges  he’s  faced.  He  said  there  are  constant  stress-­ es  and  struggles  of  working  with  his  family.      But  that’s  not  always  a  bad  thing  having  to  work  with   your  family.  It  can  also  be  a  good  thing.  No  matter  what   job  you  have  or  who  it’s  with  there’s  always  going  to   be  ups  and  downs.  Another  positive  is  that  he  found  his   wife  from  a  nearby  town  and  now  they  live  on  a  small   farm  near  his  father’s  farm.  He  loves  that  he’s  indepen-­ dent  and  makes  his  own  decisions.  He  loves  the  satis-­ faction  of  growing  his  own  crops  and  getting  money   from  his  own  creation.    He  said  the  friendships  he  made  at  AGR  last  forever   and  how  he  is  glad  that  he  made  so  many  friends  so   quickly.  He  loved  how  he  got  to  live  with  some  of  the   greatest  guys  he  thought  were  on  campus. Bruce Wichman By Cody Messersmith    Bruce  was  initiated  into  AGR  in  1984,  during  his  sum-­ mer  of  his  senior  year.  He  and  his  wife,  Nancy  live  on   a  farm  just  outside  of  Pender.    After  Bruce  graduated  with  a  degree  in  Agriculture   Economics,  he  went  back  home  to  his  family  farm.  He   farmed  with  his  father.  Over  the  past  few  years  Bruce   agriculture.  He  still  farms  on  the  side.  His  operation   consists  of  about  650  acres  of  farm  land.  He  produces   corn  and  soybeans.      Bruce  has  a  few  hobbies,  such  as  spending  time  with   his  family,  boating  and  being  around  his  friends.  Bruce   is  a  very  outgoing  person  and  loves  to  have  fun.    The  best  parts  about  AGR  he  says  were  making  life-­   long  friends  and  having  a  lot  of  fond  memories. Cody Messersmith By Scott Aden    Cody  was  like  the  big  brother  that  I  never  had  in  el-­ ementary.   We   lost   touch   as   he   moved   through   high   school  and  college.  It  wasn’t  until  this  summer  that  I   discovered  he  had  joined  AGR  while  in  college.  Need-­ less  to  say  it  was  nice  to  catch  up  with  him  and  hear   about  his  experiences  as  a  member  of  AGR    Cody  was  a  part  of  the  2001  pledge  class.  After  grad-­ uation,  he  to  work  on  the  family  farm  where  he  con-­ tinues  to  work  today.  Their  operation  consists  of  corn,   soybeans,  wheat,  cane,  alfalfa  and  an  Angus  cow-­calf   operation.  Cody’s  main  responsibility  lies  in  the  cow-­ calf  portion  of  the  operation.  He  hopes  to  one  day  in-­ herit  the  farm  and  continue  the  tradition.      He  found  the  fellowship  of  brotherhood  and  the  many   friends  that  he  made  to  be  the  most  rewarding  part  of   his  experience  at  the  house. Mentor Reports
  4. 4. Mentor Reports Cont’d Dean Lindstrom By Bo Fullner    I  interviewed  Dean  Lindstrom,  and  he  was  very  mod-­ est  and  spoke  of  gratitude  to  be  chosen  for  the  Crescent.     Dean  was  initiated  in  1952  graduated  with  a  degree  in   General  Agriculture.        When  asked  about  AGR,  Dean  spoke  of  his  fellow   brothers  and  how  helpful  they  were.  He  came  out  of   AGR  with  new  friendships  and  can  easily  rattle  off  old   names  of  those  in  the  house.    One  of  the  greatest  advan-­ tages  of  the  house  was  the  social  life  and  getting  to  be   with  other  Ag  students.    After  his  college  career,  he  married  his  wife,  Jan.  He   moved  to  Kansas  where  he  did  construction  for  three   years.  He  then  went  to  Holdrege,  Neb.,  where  he  farmed   crops  with  his  brother  and  parents  for  seven  years.  He   then  traveled  to  Iowa  where  he  spent  27  years  of  his   life  in  bank  management.  He  and  his  wife  had  eight   children.    He  is  now  in  Kearney,  Neb.,  where  he  enjoys  yard   work,  golf,  music  and  church  activities.  Dean  said  some   of  his  greatest  challenges  in  his  life  have  been  raising  a   family,  working  with  Ag  related  loans  and  dealing  with   the  farm  economy.     Don Heineman By Brenn Kai    Don  was  initiated  into  AGR  in  1968.  He  is  married  to   his  wife,  Sharon,  with  four  kids.  They  live  happily  on  a   farm  outside  of  Pender,  Neb.    After  college  he  went  into  the  service.  He  then  came   back  to  farm  and  has  been  doing  that  ever  since.  The   reward  he  gets  from  farming  on  his  own  is  that  he  is   able  to  be  his  own  boss.  He  also  says  that  his  wife  never   complains.  When  asked  how  many  acres  he  farms  he   just  replies  by  saying  “enough  to  keep  me  busy”.    In  high  school  he  was  one  of  the  FFA  members  to  get   a  State  Farmer  Degree.  He  also  played  an  active  role  in   then  a  Vice  President.      One  of  the  best  things  about  being  in  AGR  is  the  people   you  meet  and  the  friendships  that  are  started.  His  only   regret  is  not  staying  in  contact  with  many  of  them  over   the  years  and  not  knowing  where  most  of  them  are. Doyle Hulme By Tim Rennau After   college,   Doyle   Hulme   entered   the   Air   Force   -­ Doyle  returned  to  Nebraska  from  California  due  to  his   father’s  heart  problems.  It  was  then  when  he  began   helping  on  the  farm.       In   1965,   Doyle   was   hired   on   at   the   New   Holland   plant   in   Grand   Island,   where   he   eventually   became   general  manager  and  retired  in  1996.    Doyle’s  family  consists  of  two  sons,  Mike  and  Steve,   who  were  both  Alpha  Gamma  Rho  members,  and  one   daughter,  Trisha,  who  is  a  teacher  in  Lincoln  with  a   master’s  in  Speech  Pathology.    Doyle  met  his  wife,   Kay  while  they  were  in  high  school  and  started  seeing   her  as  the  result  of  an  AGR  social  event.  They  will   have  been  married  for  52  years  this  November    Among  Doyle’s  other  accomplishments  are  holding   group  to  help  organize  Husker  Harvest  Days.  Doyle   was   also   the   recipient   of   this   year’s   Outstanding   Alumnus  Award. Wayne Hanson By David Shestak    Wayne  Hanson  was  initiated  into  Alpha  Gamma  Rho   in  1951.  After  Wayne  graduated  from  the  University   of  Nebraska-­Lincoln  he  enlisted  into  the  Army  for  two   years.      After  the  Army,  Wayne  settled  down  in  Dorchester   where   he   farmed   with   his   wife,   Zelma.   They   have   been  living  there  since  1954.  Wayne  and  Zelma  have   four  children,  Amy,  Brenda,  Marla  and  a  son,  Matt.   Matt  helps  Wayne  farm  more  than  2,000  acres.      Wayne  was  a  part  of  the  Nebraska  Farm  Bureau  As-­ sociation  for  more  than  30  years.  He  was  also  a  part  of   the  Saline  County  Farm  Bureau.        The  biggest  challenge  for  Wayne  in  his  career  has   on  the  farm  and  to  farm  with  his  son.      The  best  part  of  Alpha  Gamma  Rho  for  Wayne  was   to  see  the  freshmen  develop  into  responsible  leaders.
  5. 5. Rush Events Crescent Publishing Service This issue of the Kappa Chapter Crescent was published through the Crescent Publishing Service (CPS). This is a special project of the Alpha Gamma Rho Home Office to assist chapters in im- proving communications with alumni. Chapters pay a small fee for the service below the actual pro- duction cost to encourage regular contact. This project is made possible by donations from alumni like you. Please consider contributing. Dear  Kappa  Alumni,       As   Recruitment   Chairs,   we   would  like  to  notify  all  alumni   about  our  plans  for  the  summer.   This  year’s  recruitment  will  be   a   very   large   project   since   we   have  so  many  brothers  graduat-­ ing  this  spring.        We  are  very  fortunate  to  have   received   alumni   donations   this   year.   As   a   result   of   the   dona-­ tions,   we   now   have   a   new   re-­ cruitment   brochure   plus   we   are   able  to  have  more  opportunities  to  provide  a  great  re-­ cruitment  program.      We  are  planning  several  rush  events  across  the  state   and  would  enjoy  seeing  Alpha  Gamma  Rho  alumni  at   these  functions.    If  you  have  any   recruitment   prospects   recom-­ mendations,  or  if  you  would  like   a  copy  of  the  brochure  or  have   any  questions,  please  feel  free  to   call  us  at  308-­390-­2122  or  402-­ 380-­4530.      We  look  forward  to  seeing  any   alumni  who  can  make  it  attend   any   of   the   upcoming   recruit-­ ment  events.      Please  help  us  recruit  men  of   the  highest  potential. Fraternally, Scott  Sorensen  &  Jamison  Jensen Recruitment  Chairs   May 30 - Golfing/Trap shoot June 13 - Boating at Wisner June 27-Boating at Central city July 11 - Boating at Johnson Lake July 25 - Tanking in Middle Loup River by Mullen Upcoming Recruitment Events The  Kappa  members  recently  held  a  State  FFA  Luncheon  where   they   served   400   FFA   students   as   part   of   a   recruitment   effort.  
  6. 6. Alumni News Wanted The  next  issue  of  the  Rho  Chapter  Crescent  should  be  full  of  news  about  alumni  brothers.  Please  send  us  your   updated  contact  information  and  the  latest  on  your  accomplishments  (marriage,  family,  jobs,  etc.)  to:  Kappa   Chapter  Alpha  Gamma  Rho,  Attn:  Alumni  Relations,  1430  Idylwild  Dr.  Lincoln,  NE  68503. Name:                    Age:   Address:   E-­mail  address:   Phone  -­  home:             School: Comments:   Your  name  and  address: Please Mail to: Alpha Gamma Rho – Kappa Chapter, Attn: Recruitment, 1430 Idylwild Dr. Lincoln, NE 68503 Recruitment Recommendation        Please  help  us  recruit  the  best  of  men.  If  you  know  someone  who  would  make  a  good  addition  to  our  fraternity,   please  let  us  know  so  we  can  contact  him  and  enhance  our  brotherhood.   Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity 10101  North  Ambassador  Drive Kansas  City,  MO  64153-­1395 RETURN  SERVICE  REQUESTED NON-­PROFIT  ORG. U.S.  POSTAGE PAID Kansas  City,  MO Permit  No.  4092 Kappa Chapter Crescent