Kappa Crescent Fall 2008


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Kappa Crescent Fall 2008

  1. 1. Kappa Crescent Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity Fall 2008 University of Nebraska Noble Ruler Report We are off to a great fall se- Along with our great strides mester with a brand new class here at Kappa Chapter, we are of freshmen that shows great currently campaigning to build potential for the future of the a new chapter house. house and chapter. The Foundation Board made As you may or may not know, tremendous steps this summer Kappa Chapter received the in moving the building process Sleeter Bull Award at the Hall along. This is a large project of Fame Banquet during the and alumni help is much need- Alpha Gamma Rho National ed and appreciated. We encour- Convention in Chicago this age all alumni to lend support summer. Kappa Chapter proudly displays their Sleeter Bull Award that they were in ways possible. In attendance was our house presented with during the 2008 AGR National Convention in Chicago. This new chapter house will mom Mom Cindy, Adviser Kirk Major, Jacob Hoxmei- allow us to continue to recruit the best men that will er, Dusty Knuth, Mike Rennau and myself. The Sleeter continue leadership and involvement on campus. Bull Award goes to the most improved chapter and giv- en during the National Convention banquet. This is a Fraternally, great honor to have, as it is a sign of our great strides to Quentin Dailey become better men here at Kappa Chapter. Noble Ruler Scholarship Report We had a great spring semester. To give you an idea of our or maintained an excellent GPA. success, we had a cumulative house GPA of 3.196 which We had our Fall 2008 Parent’s Day on Sept. 14. Numer- compares to our house GPA goal of 3.2. AGR also received ous scholarships were given out based on academics. The a rank of ninth out of 24 fraternities at UNL. We placed scholarships and their recipient are as follows: Most Im- higher than the All Non-Greek proved GPA-Tyler Kugler, GPA, Non-Greek Male GPA, High Freshman-Tim Ren- University Male and overall nau, High Sophomore-Shane University GPA average. Strope, High Junior-Corey We attribute much of our Smith, High Senior-Benja- success to the dedicated men min Robison, Don Crosier who value the importance of their studies and working Scholarship-Jamison Jensen, Bo Fullner, Kappa Scholar- hard to maintain a respectable GPA. Breaking down the ship-Scott Aden. Congratulations to all recipients. averages for each class, we can see an increase in over- So as you can see, things are going quite well. We will all GPA. Spring semester average GPA for the freshman continue to strive for academic success this year, and I was a 3.228 compared to a 3.156 for the fall semester. The think we’ll have no problem meeting our GPA goals. sophomores obtained an average GPA of 2.917 compared to a previous 2.883. The juniors improved to a 3.118 com- Fraternally, pared to a 3.051. The seniors obtained a 3.543 compared Brett Kreifels to a 3.213. I congratulate all those brothers who improved VNR Scholarship More inside...
  2. 2. IFC Representative Report This year’s Nebraska homecoming theme was “Husk- display on the birth of NASA and space exploration. er Traditions, Journey Through the Decades”. There We built a large rocket nearly 40 feet tall with a tiger were several competitions for Greek and non-Greek or- strapped to it ready for takeoff. The house was not al- ganizations ranging from banner lowed to enter a float into the competitions, skits, yard displays, parade because no Greek houses parade floats and a blood drive. were allowed. On Friday, there The week’s events also included was the Third Annual Husker a block party for the entire uni- Homecoming Parade took place versity on Sunday evening where on 16th Street and finished on R students were able to have supper Street at the Lied Center where a and listen to comedian Melissa pep-rally was held featuring in- Rauch from VH1’s “Best Week termediate Athletic Director Tom Ever”. Osborn and new Head Football On Monday night we had four Coach Bo Pelini. Homecoming members participate in the Mon- winners were announced at the day Night Live skit competition football game on Saturday where in a group with members of the we took on the third ranked Mis- Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and souri Tigers. The top fraternity Gamma Phi Beta sorority, who and sorority for homecoming were our partners for the competi- points were Phi Delta Theta and tions in the week. We didn’t place Alpha Phi. The rest of the results in the top three for the skit, but we were not announced. Overall, had a well-preformed act that was this year’s homecoming was a very entertaining for all to see. success thanks to more involve- Tuesday thru Thursday were the ment from members than previ- days of which the blood drive was Kappa teamed with Sigma Phi Epsilon to construct a home- ous years. We were able to pro- held and the yard display was con- coming yard display symbolizing the birth of space exploration. vide a well-respected presence structed. Several guys were able to donate blood through on campus that will carry on throughout the years to the American Red Cross or Lincoln Community Blood come. Bank. During the nights many members were able to find time to help construct a yard display that was lo- Fraternally, cated on the yard of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Our group was Scott Sorensen assigned to the decade of the 1950’s, and we based our IFC/ Homecoming Chair AGR Alumni Updates Millard “Doc” Wallace Ickes, of Caldwell, Idaho, died member for Northwest Beef Cattle and Horse Show, Sept. 20. The well-known veterinarian was also a quar- past member of the research committee, state direc- ter horse breeder, founder of MWI Drug Co. and past tor and approved judge of the American Quarter Horse member of the local school board. He also served as Breeders Association and the Lower Snake River Val- past president of the Idaho Veterinary Medicine Asso- ley Quarter Horse Association. He was a 2006 inductee ciation, past chairman of the Utah-Idaho District Agri- into the Idaho Quarter Horse Racing Hall of Fame and culture Committee, past assistant 4-H Club leader and was named Outstanding Horseman of the Year by the honorary member of the Nampa FFA Chapter. He was Idaho Horse Park Association in 2006. We send our re- also past chairman of the Red Cross blood drive, board gards to the Ickes family. Mark your calendars for Founder’s Day and Pink Rose the first Saturday in March.
  3. 3. Mentor Reports and soybeans. Ryan also raises hogs from farrow to fin- The following are mentor reports written by Kappa Chapter undergraduates. ish. Ryan was involved in 4-H in his early years where Wayne Blue he showed hogs at the county fair. Since graduating col- I interviewed Wayne Blue of Lincoln for my men- lege and working on the family farm, Ryan has found a tor report. Wayne was initiated into AGR in 1938. His challenge trying to go with the flow of the ever-chang- major was agriculture. He is married and has three ing economy along with the volatility of the markets. grown up children. After graduating, Wayne was in the He enjoys being back in his hometown and working on Air Force. His biggest challenge was the war and serv- the farm. One of the best parts of being in AGR is the ing his country in Africa. After returning home, Wayne lifelong friends that he made. He also liked that fact worked for the University of Nebraska Housing De- that everyone living in the house had the common inter- partment, where he also finished his degree. Wayne’s est of agriculture. favorite part of AGR was brotherhood, friends and the Written by Dirk Schultz compatibility between him and his brothers. Written by Zach Rystrom Rod Reynolds Rod Reynolds was initiated in 1981. He married to Todd Schroeder Susan Carrie Anderson in December of 1986. They Todd Schroeder, originally from West Point, Neb., was have three children: Blake, a sophomore at UNL, Car- initiated in the spring of 1986. While in the house, Todd rie Beth, a senior at Lexington High School and Ryan, learned how to interact and get along with people of a freshman at Lexington High School. After gradua- different backgrounds and personalities. He credits the tion, Rod went back to Lexington, Neb., and farmed house for giving great motivation and support to help and ranched with an official Ag degree. Rod also was him complete his college education. He graduated with involved with the school at Lexington. He coached and a degree in animal science. After graduation, Todd spent taught at the school and became a board member. Rod seven years working in the pharmaceutical business as was a three-year letter winner on the Nebraska football a beef specialist. After, he returned to his home county team. Rod was also involved in animal science while to work for a family farming and feeding operation, in college. Rod says he has faced challenges dealing Herb Albers Feedlots. He has become involved with with the economy, today’s pricing on goods, input costs the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Association and has recently on his farm and ranch and the fluctuating market. Rod been selected as the new president of the Association. enjoys serving and being apart of the Lexington com- Todd has had a wonderful personal life to accompany munity. He enjoyed being in the Optimist Club, which his successful career. He married the love of his life, supports kids. He also enjoyed being on the Lexington Holly, whom he met while in the house. They now live school board because he was able to make decisions in Wisner, Neb., and have three children: Ryan, Megan to benefit kids. Rod also enjoys being a part of the Lo- and a new born baby, Hayden. Todd praises AGR for cal Cooperative Board where he brings producers and giving him the opportunity to make lifelong friends that patrons together on prices. Rod remembers the friend- he still talks to on a regular basis. He is from a family ships he had created while at AGR. Rod always bumps with strong AGR ties with his brothers all experiencing into people that are AGRs. life in the Kappa Chapter as well as his nephews. Written by Derek Williams Written by Jamison Jenson Randy Klein Ryan Miller I have known the Klein family throughout my years Ryan Miller was initiated in 2000. Other AGRs in of showing dairy cattle. His two children, Mitch and his family include his father Duane, brothers Ross and Tessa, have shown cattle against me. He is married to Drew Miller and uncles Gary Miller and Jon Anderjas- Theresa, and they live on a farmstead in Wahoo. In ka. After graduation, he moved back to his hometown 1981, Randy pledged to AGR. One of the best things he of Davenport where he works on the family farm. Their received from being a part of AGR is all of the relation- operation consists of about 1,100 acres of irrigated corn
  4. 4. Mentor Reports Cont. ships that last a lifetime. After college, Randy turned an of AGR. It was pleasure to have a conversation with internship at the Nebraska Department of Agriculture him, and I wish him and his family the best of luck. into a full time job. He later worked for a cooperative Written by Trey Kellner in Kearney and then went to work in a joint position for the Nebraska Corn Growers Association and the Harold Johnson Nebraska Corn Board. Randy currently works only for Harold was initiated in 1960. After college, he went the Nebraska Corn Board as the director of Market De- into farming as well as dairy farming. After that he went velopment. He previously worked on developing mar- into the real estate business, and he has been involved kets in Mexico, and now focuses on ethanol and Cali- with that for the last 40 years. Harold is a member of fornia markets. Randy participated in LEAD, which is the Nebraska Agribusiness Association and is also very for Leadership, Education, Action and Development. involved in real estate. He is a member of the National He was able to learn about agriculture and society in Realtor’s Association, where he’s served as president Russia, Estonia and Finland. It was a very beneficial for Nebraska’s branch and as a member on the National educational opportunity for Randy, and he was able to Board of Directors. network with many other people with agriculture back- Working in the real estate business is difficult right grounds from all around Nebraska. now because of the state of the country’s economy. The biggest challenge in Randy’s career is trying to in- Normally, Harold says, property is a good investment, form consumers about the agriculture industry. Trying but it’s just difficult with the economy in the state it is to help people understand that Ethanol is only a small in. The most rewarding part of his job is when he has piece of the higher food prices is something that he has new owners into realty. He feels that it’s great when he to convince people about everyday. helps someone to purchase their first property. Harold Written by Grant Melotz says the best part about being in AGR was the associa- tion of people with a common interest and the connec- James Williams tions kept with those people over the years. I had the privilege of getting to know James Williams Written by Eric Dreessen for my alumni report. James grew up in Norfolk, Neb., living only a couple houses down the road from Johnny Easton Eggers Carson. He was in the pledge class of 1947 and gradu- Easton Eggers went to High School in Wisner and ated from Nebraska in 1951. He majored in agronomy graduated in spring of 2000. In the fall of 2000, he at- and carried his education with him throughout a fulfill- tended Nebraska and was initiated into AGR. He stayed ing life. He married Shirley who also grew up in Ne- in the Kappa Chapter House throughout his college ca- braska just after graduation and set up a fertilizer busi- reer. During his time at AGR, Easton served as noble ness in their hometown. However, in 1964, weather ruler. In December of 2003, he graduated from UNL took a toll on the business. After hailstorms and a flood, and received a degree in mechanized systems manage- they were forced to shut the doors. They then moved to ment. Easton then went to work for Golden Harvest Dodge City, Kan., and James worked as a sales manag- Seed, Co. er for an arguer manufacturer and traveled throughout He is currently living in Wayne, Neb., and is a district the Midwest selling the products to distributors. sales manager for Golden Harvest. Alpha Gamma Rho In 1967, he took a position selling equipment with helped him get a foot in the door at Golden Harvest. Bird Tractor and moved within the company to Manhat- Easton told me that best part of AGR are the lifelong tan, Kan., where he currently resides. James and Shirley friends that he now has because of his RUSH class and have four kids, all which attended Kansas State. James other guys from the house. He also liked the reorga- has also served as a county commissioner for eight nization in the Ag industry you get from being part of years and was the president of all elected officials in the Alpha Gamma Rho and how AGR opens the doors for great state of Kansas. James has lived a very successful many jobs. life, and still keeps up to date with his fellow brothers Written by Zach Tietz
  5. 5. New Freshmen Initiates Alpha Gamma Rho Jensen, Wisner, Neb.; Kappa Chapter wel- Blake Kai, Pender, Neb.; comes the 2008 new ini- Brenn Kai, Pender, Neb.; tiates. We look forward Trey Kellner, Stock- in seeing them grow in ton, Kan.; Cody Kester, Alpha Gamma Rho. Clearwater, Neb.; Dylan The new freshmen are Knuth, Oxford, Neb.; as follows: Scott Aden, Grant Melotz, Benning- Farnam, Neb.; Blake ton, Neb.; Chance Ra- Albers, Wisner, Neb.; ichart, Benkelman, Neb.; Eric Dreeson, Elkhorn, Tim Rennau, Wood Riv- Neb.; Eric Doht, Pender, er, Neb.; Zach Rystrom- Neb.; Brandon Ebber- Stromsburg, Neb.; Lo- son, Coleridge, Neb.; Bo Kappa Chapter recruitment proved successful by recruiting a full, excellent fresh- gan Sand, Crete, Neb.; Fullner, Beemer, Neb.; man class. The Chapter looks forward to the future with the 2008 new freshmen. Dirk Shultz, Wisner, Jonathan Geis, Keystone, Neb.; Robert “Skip” Hecox, Neb.; David Shestak, Crete, Neb.; Zach Tietz, Bancroft, Gothenberg, Neb.; Nate Hoffman, Polk, Neb.; Jamison Neb. and Derek Williams, Eustis, Neb. Project Serve Project Serve is a community Project Serve is just one of project through local churches many community service proj- that assisted in city renovation ects Kappa Chapter members of city parks and schools. participate in throughout the Kappa’s task was to apply school year. The Chapter be- mulch around the North Star lieves it is important to help the High School to enhance the community in as many ways as overall look of the landscape. possible. Doing so will not only The project involved more than help the community grow, but 1,000 community volunteers in- Kappa Chapter members are proud to have helped out the the chapter as well. cluding many college students. Lincoln, Neb. community by participating with Project Serve. Kappa Chapter members look The estimated amount of labor that Project Serve con- forward to helping out with the project again in the tributed to the city of Lincoln was valued at $21,000. near future. Crescent Publishing Service This issue of the Kappa Chapter Crescent was published through the Crescent Publishing Service (CPS). This is a special project of the Alpha Gamma Rho Home Office to assist chapters in improving commu- nications with alumni. Chapters pay a small fee for the service below the actual production cost to encourage regular contact. This proj- ect is made possible by donations from alumni like you. Please consider contributing.
  6. 6. Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity NON-PROFIT ORG. 10101 North Ambassador Drive U.S. POSTAGE PAID Kansas City, MO 64153-1395 Kansas City, MO Permit No. 4092 RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED Kappa Chapter Crescent Alumni News Wanted The next issue of the Kappa Chapter Crescent should be full of news about alumni brothers. Please send us your updated contact information and the latest on your accomplishments (marriage, family, jobs, etc.) to: Kappa Chapter, Alpha Gamma Rho, Attn: Alumni Relations, 1430 Idylwild Dr. Lincoln, NE 68503 Recruitment Recommendation Please help us recruit the best of men. If you know someone who would make a good addition to our Fraternity, please let us know so we can contact him and enhance our brotherhood. Name: Age: Address: E-mail address: Phone - home: School: Classification/Major: Comments: Your name and address: Please Mail to: Alpha Gamma Rho – Kappa Chapter, Attn: Recruitment, 1430 Idylwild Dr. Lincoln, NE 68503