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Agriya provides freelancer clone script, We have developed a product which helps you to create a site like Freelancer, Elance, Odesk, Scriptlance and Guru.

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Odesk clone

  1. 1. OdeskClone GetLancer is a successful product in online markets to launch a website like freelancer, odesk, and elance
  2. 2. Introduction  The concept of freelancing has been very successful in online markets. It has amazed various online industries, with its success rates. Many aspiring netizens want to build a freelancing website.They find it very difficult to analyze various features and plan them effectively to build a freelancer website.  A revolutionary solution is specially developed to meet the needs of these netizens.These are known as the clone script.We have analyzed various factors of this industry and its scope as well. Let’s see why Odesk clone script will be a successful product in online markets?
  3. 3. Freelancer Race  This generation belongs to the freelancers.They like to work according to their convenience and earn enormous money in a short span of time. Many employees are turning into freelancers and most of them are very happy with this radical change.  There are more than 7,682,460 freelancers have registered in freelancing website. More than 60% of them are very happy that they have transformed into freelancers. This clearly shows that freelancers have a really good future.They will always be in search of new freelancing websites. So, it is wise to develop a freelancer website.
  4. 4. Employers Trust  Many employers have started trusting freelancers and provided various projects to freelancers. More than 4,588,954 projects are submitted in freelance markets. More than 71% of employers feel that the freelancers have provided quality service and more productivity when compared with their employees.  Employers get a professional work at an affordable cost. In a recent survey, 73% of business organizations said that they will hire more freelancers in the upcoming years.They will always search for more freelancer websites, which can guarantee good work, provide them security and provide freelancers worth their money.You can easily build a freelancer website using a odesk clone script.
  5. 5. GrowthOf This Market  There is a remarkable growth in this market. One of the famous freelancer website, freelancer.com has a growth of 82% every year. It amazed the market by obtaining a 100% in the Q1 of 2013.This website has earned over a billion dollars only from Indian freelancers.  It acquired vworkers in November 2013. Recently they launched a website in Pakistan as well. Certainly this field has a wide scope of growth in it.You can also join these markets by developing a odesk clone website.
  6. 6. Prevention FromSpam Users  Recently a very big spam was discovered by freelancer.com. He used a negative marketing strategy and created two profiles. He posted a project from one account and accepted the bid of another profile opened by him and tried to create a payment issue.  Freelancer security team found the problem and discovered the entire issue.They have taken many security measures after this event has taken place.This event has created a huge demand for an effective anti-spam mechanism in freelancer websites.
  7. 7. BeatThe TimeAnd Save Money  To meet all the demands of the freelancer websites and launch a odesk clone website, there are various solutions available. One of these solutions has emerged in online markets and they save the time and money of developing, coding and testing the freelancer website.This technique is known as clone scripts.  Odesk clone scripts are available solutions which has well designed web pages, inbuilt features and a strong admin interface. It helps to create, manage, monitor and maintain a odesk clone website. It also helps to launch a freelancer website in a short span of time.  Develop a cutting-edge freelancer website by using an effective and versatile Odesk clone script. After creating a freelancer website, market your website well and provide something special to the employers and the freelancers.
  8. 8. WhoWeAre?  Agriya always assist the startups and online industry, we have created many clone scripts like  Thumbtack Clone  Etsy Clone  Groupon Clone  Kickstarter Clone  Airbnb Clone  Contact Us Agriya E-Mail: info@agriya.com Skype: ahsan.technologies  Follow Us:  Youtube