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Ruby 1.8.8 and professor


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How to use Ruby 1.8 head (which has 1.9 style hash syntax!), and a description of professor, which compares two separate ruby-prof profilings to detect differences.

Published in: Technology, Education
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Ruby 1.8.8 and professor

  1. 1. No Ruby 1.8.8? Fork that! Andrew Grimm ROROSyd 2011-06-20
  2. 2. Ruby 1.8.8 RIP“No core developers are currently willing to release 1.8.8.”
  3. 3. Zombie Ruby!Ruby_1_8 branch still existsrvm install ruby-head --branch ruby_1_8ruby 1.8.8dev (2011-05-25) [i386- darwin10.7.0]
  4. 4. Undead code demo
  5. 5. What to use it for1.8-only gems where you have 1.9-style code
  6. 6. What not to use it forProduction!
  7. 7. Professor Andrew GrimmRORO Syd 2011-06-21
  8. 8. How profiling should workHave slow codeDetermine whats slow scientificallyAttempt a fixVerify the fix fixes the problem
  9. 9. Comparing two profilesNot 100% sure its the right approachSee that methods I expect to improve do soSee that others dont