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Memoirs of a programmer (internet version)


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A description of my trip to Japan for Sapporo RubyKaigi 2012. Along the way, I met up with Tokyo Rubyist Meetup, Asakusa.rb, Minami.rb, and I also visited Iwaki, Fukushima, and Kyoto, where I had the best excuse ever for almost missing out on Railcamp tickets.


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Memoirs of a programmer (internet version)

  1. 1. Memoirs of a programmer(プログラマーHaaaan!!!) Andrew Grimm ROROSyd
  2. 2. ItineraryIwaki, Fukushima province – Mutation testingTokyo – Tokyo Rubyist MeetupSapporo – SRPK2012Tokyo – Asakusa.rbOsaka – Cake Driven DevelopmentKyoto – Why I almost missed out on Railscamptickets
  3. 3. Iwaki, Fukushima
  4. 4. Iwaki, Fukushima
  5. 5. Iwaki, FukushimaWhere else to do mutation testing with the newversion of heckle?
  6. 6. Tokyo Rubyist Meetup#trbmeetup
  7. 7. QliveReviewing system used at Tokyo RubyistMeetupLive posting about talksPosts can be commented on and upvoted
  8. 8. TalksSqale – A lightweight alternative to HerokuDaniel Bovensiepen – Working in China &GermanyMichał Taszycki – Polish Ruby communityMe – Ruby community in OzFrancesco Canessa – Italian Ruby community
  9. 9. SapporoShared hostel room with @cuzic, who I touredTokyo with after RubyKaigi 2011, and othersfrom Kansai region
  10. 10. Sapporo – lunchesFriday: Bento box lunch, sponsored by HerokuSaturday: dRuby workshopSunday: try(:english)
  11. 11. Sapporo – unconferencesRails GirlsObject Oriented programmingMany others(Photo: ImazuAsami)
  12. 12. Distributed venueTwo streamsRooms in which the talks happenedOther rooms where you could hack, talk, butstill watch the talks
  13. 13. Lightning talksAfter your five minutes, you get gonged by adora girl
  14. 14. PartiesParties on both Friday and Saturday night
  15. 15. Asakusa.rbHeld at CookpadFood cooked by Cookpad staff itself – talkabout dogfooding! (Japanese people dont eat actually dog)
  16. 16. OsakaCake Driven Development Found about Wisp gem at that sessionDinner at an izakaya
  17. 17. Kyoto● Why I almost missed out on Railscamp tickets● Best● Excuse● Ever
  18. 18. Photos of me with maikos (apprentice geishas) available by email. Contact me via twitter @andrewjgrimm
  19. 19. Upcoming conferencesTokyo RubyKaigi 10: Tokyo, 13-14 January Regional RubyKaigi – limited English support 400 peopleRubyKaigi 2013: Tokyo, 30 May – 1 June International RubyKaigi 500 people