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Agrimir Farm Equipment Manufacturers


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Agrimir Farm Equipment Manufacturers

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Agrimir Farm Equipment Manufacturers

  1. 1. 2011 AGRIMIR INDUSTRY & COMMERCE CO,. LTD.2011 PRODUCT CATALOG CONTACT Address : Selcuk San. Sit. Ehad Cad. No:26-9 Konya - TURKEY Phone : 0090 5066586448 – 0090 3322482685 Web : -
  2. 2. SEEDERSClassic Seed Drill MachinesThe Seed drills mounted to tractors sow grains and similar seeds together with fertilizer atthe same row with desired amount and depth continuously. These combined seed driils canbe used with any type of tractor and for all conditions of soil. Seed Drills are manufactured aswith hydraulic and mechanic lifting units to adjust sowing and transportation position. Unit of ARSD ARSD ARSD ARSD ARSD ARSD ARSD ARSD ARSDSPECIFICATION Measure 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 mentNumber of Rows (pcs) 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28Total Width (mm) 2270 2530 2790 3050 3310 3570 3830 4090 4350Grain Capacity (kg) 247 285 323 361 399 437 475 513 551Distance of Rows (mm) 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130 130Working Width (mm) 1430 1690 1950 2210 2470 2730 2990 3250 3510 6.00x1 6.00x1 6.00x1 6.00x1 6.00x1 6.00x1 6.00x1 6.00x1Wheel Dimensions (inch) 6.00x16 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6Weight (kg) 800 850 900 950 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400Fertilizer Capacity (kg) 177,5 205 232,5 260 287,5 315 342,5 370 397,5
  3. 3. Multi-Purpose, Three storage box, Cereals, Pulses and Forage Crops Seed Drill Small grains, including cereals and pulses (canola, clover, sainfoin, onions ... etc.) sowing forage plants have the ability. Distance of Grain Fertilizer InternalModel Width Weight Tire Rows Capacity Capacity WidthARCS 12 140 mm 190 kg 190 kg 2440 mm 1680 mm 610 kgARCS 14 NORMAL 140 mm 220 kg 220 kg 2720 mm 1960 mm 770 kg 6.00 x 16ARCS 15 140 mm 245 kg 245 kg 3000 mm 2240 mm 830 kgARCS 18 140 mm 320 kg 320 kg 3300 mm 2520 mm 890 kgARCS 20 140 mm 350 kg 350 kg 3580 mm 2800 mm 950 kgARCS 22 140 mm 385 kg 385 kg 3860 mm 3080 mm 1010 kg BIG 7.50 x 16ARCS 24 140 mm 420 kg 420 kg 4140 mm 3360 mm 1050 kgARCS 26 140 mm 455 kg 455 kg 4420 mm 3640 mm 1110 kgARCS 28 140 mm 490 kg 490 kg 4700 mm 3920 mm 1170 kg
  4. 4. Universal Precision Seed Drill General Specifications Universal Precision Seed Drill sowing seeds of all kinds of grain (wheat, barley, rye, rapeseed, oats, peas, soybeans, alfalfa) is engaged in precision sowing machine. In addition, it sowing successfully spinach, parsley, as small vegetable seeds. Every point in the field capable of sowing, 2 to 450 kg / ha, has different setting. Working Seed Average Power Distributor Number Width Length Height Width Capacity Weight Wheels RequiredMODEL Number of Legs mm mm mm (mm) lt. Kg HP AR 2500 23 21 470 800 2060 2500 1450 5.00x15 602500AR 3000 29 25 603 960 2060 3050 1450 5.00x15 703000AR 3600 34 29 710 1100 2060 3650 1450 6.00x16 803600AR 4000 41 33 840 1230 2060 4100 1450 6.00x16 904000
  5. 5. Pneumatic Precision Seeding Drill (GASPARDO MODEL)It provides to sow the seeds like sugar beets, sunflowers, corns, beans, chickpeas, onions,cotton, tomatoes, watermelon, sugar melon, squash precisely at the requested sowingdistances and on the requested row and intervals.It can be manufactured as 4, 5, 6 as per the request.The aspirator is hanged to the three-point hanging system and gets its drive from the tail-shaft.All of the sowing units areconnected on the chassis via parallelogram system.On the front part of the each sowing unitis an adjustable soil scraper.The sowing legs are manufactured at the ax type. The pressurewheels are existed right behind the units. The marker system is also available on the bothsides of the machine.The marker operates automatically or with lift over the three-pointhanging system.The drive is transmitted over the right wheel via the gear-box group gears tothe shaft; then to the units by means of shaft system existed on every units.
  6. 6. Pneumatic Precision Seeding Drill (With Disc Type) Pneumatic precision seeder with discs is used to sow the seeds (of sugar beet, sunflower, bean,cotton, tomato, soybean,water melon etc.) Precisely in any required spaces. The machine can be manufactured with 4-5-6-8 rows. Because sowing units are disc type and there are cutting discs which can be put in front of frame, the machine can be operated in the harvested fields with straws and stems. Motion is transferred from the tyres to sowing units by a special shaft so that seeding is applied precisely due to rubber tyres of sowing units. Seeds can be sowed in all kinds of soil condition in any and equal depths. Total Row Seed Fertilizer Tractor Weight P.T.O. Height Width Height Spacing Depot Fund Power (FertilizerModel Period (Chassis) (mm) (mm) Distance Capacity Capacity Required System) (rpm) (mm) (cm) (dm) (dm) (Min. Hp) (Kg)ARPD 3.000 2.000 1.600 45-70 25x4 160x2 540 70 1.0504ARPD 3.000 2.000 1.600 45-70 25x5 160x2 540 80 1.1505ARPD 4.000 2.000 1.600 45-70 25x6 200x2 540 100 1.3006
  7. 7. Pneumatic Precision Seeding Drill (With Axe Type) Pneumatic seed drill can be easily connected to the tractor’s three point hitch system and powered by a cardan shaft connected to the power take-off tractor. The machine is particularly suitable for precision seeding, for multi-purpose use and it is suitable for all kinds of tilled land. The seeding machine is pneumatically operated. The crops such as corn, cotton, sugar, beet, sunflower, chickpea, bean, tomato can be sowed by the special seed discs easily. Pneaumatic seed drill is used especially with the special seed discs and different accessories. And also the interrow distance of the machine is manually adjustable. The operating manuel that includes spare parts list is given to the customer with the machine. Total Row Seed Fertilizer Tractor Weight P.T.O. Height Width Height Spacing Depot Fund Power (FertilizerModel Period (Chassis) (mm) (mm) Distance Capacity Capacity Required System) (rpm) (mm) (cm) (dm) (dm) (Min. Hp) (Kg)ARPA 3.000 2.000 1.600 45-70 25x4 160x2 540 70 1.0504ARPA 3.000 2.000 1.600 45-70 25x5 160x2 540 80 1.1505ARPA 4.000 2.000 1.600 45-70 25x6 200x2 540 100 1.3006
  8. 8. SPRAYERS Field Sprayers Tractor mounted and trailed type sprayers developed to meet the different requirements of plant protection treatments.Field sprayers extremely versatile and suitable, according to the applications, to operate in open-field cultivations, sprayer and distribute herbicides among the plant rows the availability of several mechanical and hydraulic spraying booms together with different equipments and option allow our sprayers to suit the requirement of the single users in the specific treatments. ARFP ARFP SPECIFICATIONS Unit of Measurement ARFP 400 ARFP 600 800 1000Cleaner Tank Capacity (lt) 17 17 17 17Capacity (lt) 400 600 800 1000Pump Model (l/min) C71 C71 C96 C96Control panel OG-403 OG-403 OG-407 OG-407Boom lenght m 8-12 8-12 14-18 14-18Length (cm) 110 130 152 155Width (cm) 84 86 118 125Height (cm) 120 137 189 192Weight (kg) 135 150 350 450 mechanica hydraulic hydraulicBum height adjustment mechanical
  9. 9. Power SprayersPortable on 2 wheels.5- 5,5 hp gasoline engine or mono phase electric motor.Tank capacity 100-200 ltr. Fiber-glass.3 diaphragm pump. (model e-30, e-40). Pressure regulator.1 spraying hose of 15 mts. Length. 1 spraying gun. Length and adjustable nozzles. ModelTechnical Specifications ARGS 100 ARGS 200 Capacity & Machine (Lt) 100 200 Total Width (mm) 850 860 Total Lenght (mm) 1800 1825 Total Height (mm) 840 840 Hose (m) 15 15 Spray Gun (pieces) 1 1 Pump E-30 E-30
  10. 10. Garden SprayersThese sprayers with 400, 500, 600, 100, 1600, 2000 lt tank capacity are mounted to thetractor on three points linkage and operated through the p.t.o shaft of the tractor.There isalso a trailer mounted version with 1000, 1600, 2000 lt tank capacity.Clean water tank (trailermodels)Tank material is fiber-glass or polyethylene and protected against all pesticides.Selffilling system.Pressure regulator.The filter can be cleaned any time.Hydraulic agitator.Twospray gun and two 15 mt pressure hose are standard accessories.Hose reel.(Optional)Medium - pressure membrane pump or high - pressure membrane pump.Guardedcardan shaft. Garden Sprayer Unit ofSPECIFICATIONS ARGS ARGS ARGS ARGS ARGS Measurement 400 600 1000 1600 2000Cleaner Tank (lt) 17 17 17 17CapacityCapacity (lt) 400 600 1000 1600 2000Control panel OG-403 OG-404 HPR-40 HPR-40 HPR-40Boom lenght m 2x15 2x15 2x15 2x15 2x15Pump Model (l/min) C-71 C-96 C-96 C-96 C-96Length (cm) 115 128 205 220 255Width (cm) 88 88 150 150 150Height (cm) 125 140 160 160 160Weight (kg) 120 135 330 428 525
  11. 11. Turbo Atomizer (Turbo Mistblowers)Spraying pump that moves through tractor P.T.O transfers the water with pesticide that isunder pressure to the nozzles thank to atomiser. Again with the movement from P.T.O, itprovides pressured air outlet. All types of fruit trees, vineyard, high trees, citrus fruit trees etccan be applied pesticide.TRAILED TYPE TURBO ATOMIZERTrailed mistblower for full-field crops, vineyards, orchards, citrus groves and tall trunk trees.Trailed mist blower sprayers are developed to cover a need in the today modern agriculture.A professional advanced product which brings solutions to various problems. These sprayerswith 1000,1600,2000 liter are trailed types. SPECIFICATIONS Unit of Measurement ARTA 1000 ARTA 1600 ARTA 2000Capacity (lt) 1000 1600 2000Pump Model (l/min) C-145 C-145 C-145Control Panel M-170 M-170 M-170Fan Diameter (cm) 92 92 91Length (A) (cm) 205 220 255Width (B) (cm) 150 150 150Height (C) (cm) 140 160 160Weight (kg) 520 687 854Air Flow (m3/h) 66000 66000 66000MOUNTED TYPE TURBO ATOMIZER 400, 600, 800 LT.
  12. 12. Forage HarvestersSINGLE ROW CORN (MAIZE CHOPPER) (FULL AUTOMATIC) Double gearbox The machine is connected via triple suspension system.540 rpm, the rotation of tractor rear axle, is appropriate.Special flywheel system provides an economy of 3-4 gears.The transmission pipe has the capacity to rotate 180 thanks to a special jig.Thanks to an internal hydro-motor, the machine can operate chimney and cap partsindependent of the tractor thanks to hydraulic control arms mountable on the tractor.The machine can optionally be transformed into a semi-hydraulic system.The machine has a blade sharpener system.Model ARFHOperating Width 70 cmNumber of Blades 12 piecesWidth 2400 mmHeight 3150 mmWeight 550 kgTractor Power Requirement min. 40 HPFlywheel Rotation 1453 r/min
  13. 13. ROW-INDEPENDENT FORAGE HARVESTER (FULL AUTOMATIC) It harvests all types of forages, with a minimum height of 1 meter, without the needfor plantation lines (harvests without lines). It harvests the most variable forager cultures without the need to change thecollection platform. Carrier opening by simple articulation of the machine to the back of the truck. Harvests up to three forager cultures planted with 45cm space among them.MODEL ARIHOperating Width 125 cmWidth 176 cmLength 280 cmHeight in Operation 395 cmWeight 1100 kgTractor Power Requirement Min. 100 Hp.Required Rear Shaft Rotation 1000 rpmOperation in the Front of the StandardTractorOperation on the Side of the StandardTractorOperation at the Back of the StandardTractor
  14. 14. GRASS FORAGE HARVESTER (FULL AUTOMATIC)The machine is connected to the tractor via a tri-point suspension system. The machine ispositioned for the road with a back-folding system.Thanks to this system, the machine can becontrolled by a single operator for job and road conditions.The machine enables theattachment of a 4-wheel trailer thanks to its built in trailer pulling system.Thanks to aninternal hydro-motor, the machine can operate chimney and cap parts independent of thetractor thanks to hydraulic control arms mountable on the tractor. The machine can optionallybe transformed into a semi-hydraulic system.As cutting blades are pivoting, they retract andare not damaged when they hit stones or other hard materials.Model ARGHOperating Width 1300 mmNumber of Blades 21 pivoting bladesWidth 3000 mm, operating 2400 mm, on the roadHeight 3150 mmWeight 500 kgFlywheel Rotation 1350 r/minTractor Power Requirement min. 40 HP