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Ppt Cahill


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Ppt Cahill

  1. 1. Understanding the Payer How Dossiers are Used in Real-World Decision Making and Where Opportunities Exist for Filling in the Gaps Judy Cahill Executive Director Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy 2nd Annual Health Outcomes and Pharmacoeconomics Conference February 2, 2011Objectives
  2. 2. Review how innovative technology can increase theusefulness and application of evidence presented inproduct dossiersChallenges with traditional dossiers
  3. 3. AMCP eDossier SystemSecure access based on approved authorizations
  4. 4. Feedback from registered HCDMs
  5. 5. Feedback from participating manufacturersExamine which sections of product dossiers are mostutilized and valued by decision makers
  6. 6. Value of product dossiers to HCDMsStandard dossier sections (AMCP Format v3.0)
  7. 7. Value/Usefulness of sections within product dossiers(1=Not of Value/Not Useful; 5=Very Valuable/Very Useful)Sections most often accessedPercent of “hits” for a sample of active product eDossiers
  8. 8. Understand what resources payers believe may complement dossiers & support evidence-based decision making Payer feedback: Various tools and resources considered useful by decision makers (A) Electronic (C) Data analysis tools (B) Online Budget for use with health (I) Education tools Dossier Tools Impact Models plan’s claims dataDymaxium Inc. Health Care Decision Maker Focus Group. San Diego, CA. April 2007.
  9. 9. Payer feedback: Scientific resources that complementdossiers in the decision making processHow can the value of dossiers be further supported?
  10. 10. Final commentsRemember…
  11. 11. Manufacturers are encouraged to get involvedSummary
  12. 12. DiscussionBackup Slides (if needed)
  13. 13. HCDM registration is easyGo to: amcp.eDossiers.comDossier Content Developers can be involved, too