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Sustainable water resources presentation


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Presentation on one of the Sustainable Development Project
The new invention AGRI-GREEN to
Produce Water from Humidity suspended in the Atmosphere

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Sustainable water resources presentation

  1. 1. Presentation on one of the Sustainable Development Project The new invention AGRI-GREEN to Produce Water from Humidity suspended in the Atmosphere By Eng. Adnan Fahad Rashed Al-Ramzani Al-Naimi
  2. 2. PRESENTATION OUTLINE • Typical Irrigation sources. • TYPICAL IRRIGATIONCONCERNS • Water in Qatar Present and Future Forecast • Invention Main Objective • Renewable Energy source • Technical Components • Technical description • Water Generation process
  3. 3. TYPICAL IRRIGATION SOURCES Rainfall (Reduction of Rainfall) Based on lack of rain falls in the State of Qatar, it becomes very difficult to plant the lands and to make it fertile for plantation; this is caused by the GHG emissions to the atmosphere, as it is one of the main reasons of desertification in most of countries around the world, especially in the Arabian Gulf Countries. Groundwater The lack of rain in the State of Qatar negatively affects the underground national water reserve and makes it unsuitable for portable drinking and land plantations; which makes the farmers and farms owners to depend on water purification and water sweetening plants which are costly and somehow are not environment friendly. Revers The non-availability of the revers in the State of Qatar and the neighboring countries, it makes it more difficult to get pure water.
  4. 4. TYPICAL IRRIGATIONCONCERNS • Reduction in the pure groundwater and increase in non-pure groundwater & soil salinity as a result of brine and chemicals produced from certain farm processes discharged back into the underground. • Recycled water, or treated sewage effluent is the main source of water used for irrigation. • Lacks the proper/ Suitable infrastructure to deliver recycled water. • Rising groundwater level as a result of leakage from clean water and sewage water networks. • Consumption through2020 is expected to increase 7% a year. (Source: National Development Strategy 2011 – 2016)
  5. 5. WATER IN STATE OF QATAR (Present and Prospective)  The water consumption in 2009 has increased by (7%) compared with the year 2008 in the summer, according to the report of the third quarter of 2010 of the State of Qatar, issued by International Business Monitor (BMI).  The studies of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) have shown that the need of water for the State of Qatar in 2025 will reach almost (485) million cubic meters.  ESCWA also expects that the increased requirement for water is expected for 2025 due mainly to the consumption of the agricultural sector and domestic uses.  The use of desalinated water has tripled since 1995, reaching 312 million cubic meters in 2008.
  6. 6. AGRI – GREEN MAIN INVENTION OBJECTIVE ⁂To provide and secure alternative & creative sources of water From Nature. ⁂Participating & supporting food security program.
  7. 7. AGRI – GREEN INVENTION TECHNOLOGY  To produce water by condensing humidity suspended in the air, and to use the produced water mainly for Agricultural needs and Industrial applications.  The power used in the invention utilizes natural resources ( wind and solar energy ).
  8. 8. AGRI – GREEN INVENTION AIM & MISSION • Creating and developing new ways and means to innovate irrigation to improve and develop the agricultural sector, taking the advantages of the high percentage of moisture in the air in most of the Gulf States and other Countries. To give the opportunity to rebuild and restructure the farms of sheep, cows and the related industry of dairy derivatives in the State of Qatar. • Contribute in reducing dependence on foreign imports of agricultural products and food and help to achieve self-sufficiency in the country. • Support State local production, through the export surplus of such products to neighboring countries.
  9. 9. AGRI – GREEN INVENTION AIM & MISSION • Creating new and sustainable jobs opportunities through the new and replenishment of agricultural and industrial activities as mentioned above. • Reduce air pollution, and contribute to save marine life by reducing the use of fossil fuels and desalination plants through the use of renewable energy sources. • Apportioning the State of Qatar to take its role and its place in the ranks of countries using the natural energy sources as an alternative. • Placing the State of Qatar among the countries which contribute for the protection of the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere. • To be environment friendly by reducing the Green House Gases emissions and protecting the planet from the climate change negative impacts.
  10. 10. AGRI – GREEN INVENTION STRATEGIC BENEFITS • Placing the State of Qatar among the countries that promotes & utilizes natural/ renewable energy sources. • One of the Sustainable Development Projects. • It can be a large scale (CDM) Clean Development Mechanism Project with (UNFCCC) United Nation Convention of Climate Change • Contribute financially to support the country's infrastructure and Sustainable Developments. • An Environment friendly device designed to produce water from the moisture suspended in the air.
  11. 11. AGRI – GREEN INVENTION TECHNICAL COMBONENTS The device consists of; (1) Steel Structure. (2) Coolers. (3)Compressors. (4) Condensers. (5)Fans.(6)Air filters.(7) Water Tanks. (8) Windmills. (9) Solar Panels. (10) Batteries. (11) Power Distribution Board. (12) DC/AC Inverters & Regulators.
  12. 12. AGRI – GREEN TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION • A thermal insulation is provided inside the device to resist the external temperature and to maintain the entire project effectiveness and efficiency. • Water production varies depending on the size of the device on hand, and humidity percentage and temperature of the atmosphere on the other hand. • The device is safe and secure to use.
  13. 13. AGRI – GREEN DEVICE OPERATION • Main compressor starts till the condensers temperature falls to the required level. • Cooling gas is circulated in first main condenser to reach 20°C temperature. • Cooling gas is then circulated in 2nd main condenser until the temperature reaches 15°C. • Main fans are switched on to suck wet air through the condensers. • Primary compressor cools the primary condensers to lower the air temperature. (During hot out-side air temperature).
  14. 14. AGRI – GREEN WATER GENERATION PROCESS • Fans are used to suck the air through all filters and condensers; whereas the same air is utilized to cool both compressors and to run windmills. • Condensers are condensing most of the humidity suspended in the air to produce water. • Air passed through the condensers turns into water drops and be collected into provided tanks.