The Marketing of weirdos


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The Marketing of weirdos

  2. 2. Content: 1. Foreword ……………………………………................................................. 3 2. Who the Hell are Weirdos ……………………………………………... 4 3. To be or not to be a Weirdo ………………………………………….... 7 4. Welcome to the Core of Weirdos …………………………………….. 10 5. How Weirdos build their personal brand ………………………… 13 6. How Weirdos get the attention they deserve ……………………. 18 7. This is just the beginning ………………………...………………………. 22Share this on: 1
  3. 3. FOREWORD Good day everyone. Wish this day will be another grain in the sand watch that hassuccessfully passed the tiny gap joining the rest of the sand that make your glorious past. Ihave written this white paper not only to make an ordinary day extraordinary (although it ismy daily mission to achieve that with all the strength I have). I have written it because I care. Icare as a marketer because clients are longing for an honest and credible partner that willaddress their needs the way they are without keeping the fingers crossed behind. I care as ahuman being because many across the world are suffering in the attempts to discoverthemselves and to walk an honest path while being surrounded by distractors, illusions andlack of faith. I care as a person who wants to be taken care of because people who actuallycare are less and less, constantly attracted by the gravitational force of the black void full offalse promises that keeps their friends mentors, people they love down. I care because peoplerefuse to initiate the dawn instead of waiting for it to come. But at the same time I feel happier today trying to go across the stream, giving theworld something that lies inside me. I hope many will embrace it and create the platform forthe next greater inspiration and words that wait to be written. Remember - Even the heaviestmonsoon starts with a drop. I would also like to express my gratitude to the excellent author and blogger SethGodin, whose thoughts and supreme understanding of marketing kept giving me inspirationevery time a gap appeared. And thanks to you Jeff Goins, writer and blogger I am regularly following for showingme how to actually start writing and forget about doubts, auditorium and everything else. Hemade it look so easy. Thank you so much everyone and enjoy your readingShare this on: 2
  4. 4. WHO THE HELL ARE WEIRDOS!? “I think everybodys weird. We should all celebrate our individuality and not be embarrassed or ashamed of it.” ― Johnny DeppShare this on: 3
  5. 5. You are starting this small white paper with a question? And a good one. You arealready awesome which makes me even more enthusiastic and eager to write somethingthat I believe will find its proper place in your self concept. Let’s start seeking the answer. Some time ago on my blog “We against Us” ( ) I wrote a texttitled: “The story of the Masses and the Weirdos”. As I continued to analyze theconsistency of the message I wanted to convey through that post, I noticed that the contentoffers an interesting analogy that can be useful for us the marketers and for everyone elsethat follows the principle of differentiation as guideline. That post has actually establishedthe found for the writing this white paper. In The story of the Masses and the Weirdos, I have described the time in the pastwhen Masses appeared. Here it is not certainly a place to jump into serious philosophicaldebates about what is mediocrity and what are the characteristics of the mediocrity. We allwant to feel and to be treated as unique, different and to be separated a bit from the crowdwhich is characterized with pragmatism and status quo. I mentioned that the Masseshistorically appeared during the industrial revolution and bit later in the 1930s. Whyexactly at that time? Because the first technological processes at that time which enabledthe birth of the first massive labor intense production processes which engaged vastamount of workers who according to the principle of production line had to wokprogrammed tasks in identical way, through programmed behavior and zero deviation.Classical examples for that system were the production facilities of the “King” Henry Ford.In order for that artificial system (I say artificial because any system where a human beingis treated as programmed entity cannot be sustained for long) to continue its secureexistence, the first universities got opened. Why universities? Because their goal was toeducate and produce new layer of workers that will take the place of the old and wastedones, to teach them how to produce the same, to behave same, and to buy the sameproducts that were advertised the same way by the same mass media. In other words, the system has established its 3 pillars that were supposed toguarantee its survival: 1. Mass production 2. Mass education 3. Mass media This system was functioning smoothly until two decades ago. What happened twodecades ago? Weirdos appeared, individuals who instead of working hard to fit into theMasses, they stepped out of it and embraced their individuality; they started using it asShare this on: 4
  6. 6. weapon against the assimilators. They were out of the 3 pillars and they havechallenged the whole system. You must be asking yourself already – What is the analogy between thisdevelopment and the world of business? You just cannot stop asking good questions doyou? Hold on, here we go!! In the war of business, the Weirdos are small entrepreneurial entities which seem tosprout out of the soil, which only require morning dew to survive and start developing.Weirdos to some extent existed also during the governance of the Masses but at that time,they were doing a crucial mistake. What was their mistake? The biggest one. They wereseeing themselves as mini production version of the large enterprises. They were trying toimitate them and their products, but in meantime they realized that they are battling a lostwar. Why? Because the Big ones have better marketing, better products, more funds forresearch and development, better layers, advisors, bankers, bank accounts etc. What happened afterwards? The small ones realized this and they became Weirdos.Why as Weirdos they would represent any threat for the Big ones? Because the Big oneshate Weirdos, they hate their unacceptable behavior, their rudeness, their individuality,they hate them being out. They cannot understand why someone would make a productwhich is targeted only for few people. This doesn’t fit into the The Law of the Economy ofScale, into their econometrical market models. For the first time in history, this offers theWeirdos an amazing opportunity for innovation and revolution, a chance to shift marketparadigms. Precisely! The small ones have become Weirdos and they started challenging the Bigones in the middle of their playground, the niches, buyers who have also recognized theirindividuality and started asking for something different than the default one that is offeredto everyone. Weirdos started making products for small market groups, which wereneglected so far. They connected to them, they became their good friends, and they gainedtheir loyalty. Weirdos also ignored mass media, because they simply weren’t workinganymore. The old rigid approach of investing in commercials, generating revenue and usinga part of that revenue to invest in even more commercials seized functioning. Do you think that in the world of business, behaving like a Weirdo would be suicidal? Think again! Owner of a small tourist agency in the USA called Thomas N. noticed the greatattachment that the owners of Harley Davidson motorcycles have towards their 3000Share this on: 5
  7. 7. cubes heavy monsters. For them Harley Davidson is more than just a big two wheeledmachine, its thunderous sound and provocative look was part of them, part of theiridentity, it is a way to show the world their rebellion, energy, power of the uniqueness andto say: “Do not mess with us.” Thomas N decided to organize a special event exclusivelyfor Harley D. owners – a luxurious cruising through a famous American cruising company.What was so special about that event? The special part was the opportunity for the toughguys to bring their thunderous machines, board them on the cruiser and start their dreamcrusade. This means that the only place the world where owners of Harley D. were able tobring their machines on a relaxing water trip was precisely that cruiser. Fares were soldwithin 24 hours and Thomas N has managed to satisfy a need of a segment of users thatwas neglected by the Big guys. Is Thomas N a Weirdo? You can bet He is. The time comes when all market nerds will finally have to wake up and pick a side. Neutrality is no longer an option. The number of Weirdos, especially on the demand side of the line, keeps growingand that is good news for all marketers and entrepreneurs. Big guys have capital and layersof fat but that is precisely what prevents them from being able to bend down and aroundand see what is happening around them. That is precisely what Weirdos can use in order tomaneuver and to pass between their legs without being noticed.Share this on: 6
  8. 8. TO BE OR NOT TO BE A WEIRDO Leaders are visionaries with a poorly developed sense of fear and no concept of the odds against them. --Robert JarvikShare this on: 7
  9. 9. I Believe that you have managed to realize that being a Weirdo is not such a bad think, especially if you manage to sell your weirdness to the World. I mean, you don’t have to go to India for a spiritual journey just to understand this. Hey, I amhere to explain you that come on… More and more people are awakening and they want tofeel and be treated as special, so don’t be surprised if someone soon calls you in order tobenefit the Weirdo inside you, that same Weirdo who knows how to produce what thatperson wants even if you have never met each other before. That person would love to seeyour deviation, instead of seeing a flattery tuxedo guy who even acts his Welcomeexpression from his conservative behavioral script. In the previous chapter I specified that Weirdos do not use mass media featuring TVas the Top representative. That is because they simply don’t work anymore. The averageconsumer is not an average anymore. He has realized his value, his dignity, and he asks: Who do you think you are to interrupt the TV content with commercials duringthe most interesting moments? Their dignity has grown so much that they even completely ignore those shows,revolted by the treatment of manipulation and disrespect that receive by those whoseproducts they buy. They have understood that seemingly interesting TV soaps are beingbroadcasted to keep the lower class calm and distracted by the problems of the everydaylife at least a few hours during the day, using that period of vulnerability to imposesomething to them against their will. Well, consumers have become Weirdos and they say NOT ANYMORE!! What does this mean? This means that prime times don’t work anymore. Thecoefficient of effectiveness of the TV campaigns measured as the relation between the salesrevenue and the cost per unit of advertisement is lower and lower. Consumers avoidTelevision and they find alternative modes to utilize their time, the most valuable resourceeach one of us possesses. As expected, most businesses have figured this out and they turned towards theInternet and social media as the latest alternative, to impose themselves and their offer. ButWeirdos don’t do this either. When I said most of the businesses, I exclude Weirdos fromthis category. How can this be? Why Weirdos would not embrace and mass utilize socialmedia which are considered to be the New revolution in the world of marketing today? Because again most businesses do that the wrong way. They think that they can make consumers Re-Tweet their posts or Like themon Facebook the same way they were able to make them watch their commercials.Share this on: 8
  10. 10. Perhaps this worked in the world of TV advertising for some time, because TVcompanies have an owner who decides about the content of the media and consumersdecide whether they will follow that media or not. However this is not the case with theInternet. Internet is free and global media which does not have an owner and is availableto everyone. Who are you to utilize something that is not yours for imposing yourself andyour offer and to bombard the users with your automatized campaigns? Most ofentrepreneurs who still have not yet embraced the Weirdo inside them, are astonishedwhen they run into free advertising space on Youtybe, without thinking of the saturation ofthis media. Their mindset is the following: “ Internet is free and global so let’s be present everywhere possible andaccording to the Law of Probability, someone will run into us. “ No one will run because You are not the only one and because the user does notcare. Presence is equal to zero if it is not reinforced with value proposition, something thatthe other side fells that gets because of his/hers communication with you during the firstfew second of the interaction. That is the whole time you have, no matter that you maydevoted lots of hardworking hours to enable your online presence. It is your punishmentfor being average and for misusing something that is not yours. Weirdos know all this and they force themselves to think different. They use the Internet to give more than they ask on short term because theybelieve in the power of relationship on long term. Weirdos are not afraid to send a specialized e-book which would be expensive intraditional book stores as gift. They are not afraid to educate their clients because theyhave nothing to hide from them. Weirdos are not afraid to send a gift for their loyal client’sor his child’s birthday. They do not doubt to ask their loyal clients for dinner in order todiscuss how their offer can help improve their client’s life. Weirdos pay attention to everysmall detail. They remember that the client is interested in fishing and they do not forget tosend newly published help book with advices and recommendation for equipment that willprovide unforgettable fishing experience. They remember the anniversary of theirwedding and they bravely send proper gift with handwritten greeting card expressing theiradmiration for being able to maintain their marriage community another year in theseturbulent times, with wishes for even brighter future. Weirdos are not afraid from closure and relationships. They do not look into thepocket of the clients. They look into their eyes, trying to read any possible problems and todo something about them. Closure brings value and value makes money flow withoutinterruptions.Share this on: 9
  11. 11. WELCOME TO THE CORE OF WEIRDOS! "Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school." -- Albert EinsteinShare this on: 10
  12. 12. S o far I have given my sincere efforts to introduce you with the phenomenon called Weirdos, to teach you how to recognize the Weirdos that lurks inside you and to learn to think like one. While discussing this philosophy with mycounterparts and friends, a question kept popping out which definitely must be addressed,since it might be your question as well. The question is: Is it required to be PhD in order to be and think as a Weirdo? Initially, I saw nothing special in this question and in its eventual answer. However,just a little bit later, I was thinking and I have realized that being a Weirdo is related tocertain state of mind, way of thinking, featured with bravery, and readiness to shiftparadigms, richness of knowledge. Therefore it is natural for these people who know howto embrace their individuality, who know how to brand themselves and the product theysell to be featured as highly educated. The answer is - NO! What is the problem then? The problem is that today too many PhDs are sent in the market with enthusiasm,trust and bravados. Armed heavily with theoretical knowledge associated to latest market,managerial and marketing concepts, statistical and econometrical models, but no guts. Theproblem is that the market will quickly force these PhDs to empty their cup and to getready for refilling it with something new. However, this is not a painless process. Thisdoesn’t happen in the classroom it is not related to time frame and is not being graded. It isnot painless because they are so sure in what they know and think that the world shouldalso know and accept what they know. This mindset makes the process of refillingtormenting, frustrating, depressive. Self-facing but also inevitable. What is the problem – you ask second time... No one taught them how to have guts... To be ready to lose, to face mistake andfailure. To do all this creatively. To bend when the time is right and to serve more often. I believe that now you have the answer to the previous question. Characteristicsmentioned above which are part of the mental meal of every Weirdo don’t go hand by handwith formal education. What is needed is different kind of education that will teach us howto inflame again when the world freezes the fire inside us, courage to stand firmly and facefirst with ourselves and then with the Masses even if the price of that sometimes might beour own humiliation.Share this on: 11
  13. 13. Because humiliation is only temporary condition which very often we take it farmore seriously than the rest of the world… … And the pride that comes from the knowledge that we had at least once principleand did everything we could in order to defend it will never leave us, and will be here withus during crisis of faith and will feed our own self-concept. If you have the right principles,they will always help you recognize and defend the right idea, the true vision. This isbecause the idea is something that really matters today. Especially when it reaches its viralstate and spread across territories.Share this on: 12
  14. 14. HOW WEIRDOS BUILD THEIR PERSONAL BRAND “Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” - Robert FrostShare this on: 13
  15. 15. Have you met the Weirdo in you? I believe that you have. Is it worth to be a Weirdo?If the only negativity that you might attract by being Weirdo are the comments andprejudices of the Masses, I believe that you can get along with it. I believe that so far youhave noticed that Weirdos are easy for being notices and distinguished, and that is exactlywhat troubles the Masses. However Weirdos enjoy it. Why? Because being noticed todaymeans capital. In the world of business, visibility and presence are benefits for whichcompanies invest large amount of their budgets. But not all of them succeed. Weirdossucceed because they are not afraid to be radical, to be foolish and childish once in a while. They understand the meaning of Steve Jobs’ mantra: “Stay hungry, Stay foolish” Somewhere above I have spoken about the importance of being able to embrace theWeirdo inside you on organizational level and corporate culture level where anorganization will be stimulated to think different and brave, not to send newsletter to itsmost loyal clients but instead adopting an approach where the CEO amongst others standsup from his leather chair and go for lunch or dinner with his most loyal clients in attempt todiscover how his organization can help improve their lives even more. Today we will talkhow the Weirdo inside you can make miracles in the area of improving your personalbrand and brand perception. Why is the personal brand that important? We are all attached to a certain productbrand and identify ourselves with it. It is the same case with the personal brand. Have youever wondered why are you so attracted by some personalities? Because of their brand. Because they are just themselves and because they expresstheir individuality on a special way. Unlike product marketing which was mainly focusedon the product or the producer, personal marketing is exclusively and without exceptionsfocused on the other side – people. Hence, Weirdos build their personal brand everydaythrough activities that arise from the answers of one simple question: What can I do for you today? What is the first think that comes out in your mind when you think of a brandperson? Probably something like: “Hey he is so cool, despite all the crowd, he didn’t forgetto approach me and to wish me welcome. “ or “She/He is so nice, just a few days ago wewere working on an article and She/He asked me for an advice and recommendationwhether to include a certain topic in the text.’ Or “He is really great, I really enjoy hiscompany. He has just returned from his journey in Egypt and he has brought me awonderful souvenir.Share this on: 14
  16. 16. Do you notice the pattern? All people whose company and moments we enjoy arenot focused on themselves but on others. That is the secret of building an attractive andcompelling personal brand. Brands do not forget to ask or do something for others; they donot forget to express respect, to give credit to others, to involve them in their activities.Simply said, brands give, they create value without asking in return. How Weirdos do that? Below you can find some short recommendations about whatyou can start doing tomorrow (today sounds too American) in order to build your personalbrand: Give credit to your team members for the collective effort and achievement. Even if most of the results are achieved because of your talent, do not forget to mention others who made the result as it is. Include others in your activity. If you work on PowerPoint presentation forward it to another colleague and ask him/her to give an opinion and input. Trust me, the other person will appreciate your initiative. Do not start your working day without sending at least a few inspirational SMS messages to persons you seem to forget these days, or even an email with an interesting article to someone you know is interested about the subject. You use additional literature in your work/project/article? If it is web based, do not forget to enclose a link to that source, a short comment or small Thank you note. Emphasize and give credit to other’s work and creativity so that your effort can be emphasized later. Do not spare the kind words of appreciation. Do not be afraid to defend a colleague of yours at office if you think that he/she is being badly treated. It is not all about being sweet in front of the boss. Some connections last longer, even a lifetime. Do not be afraid to interrupt the meeting if the discussion is going the wrong direction, if the blame is being transferred to a colleague that is not present to defend himself. Interrupt the senior if necessary. Of course do that with arguments, not with arrogance. Do not restrain from giving compliments about the person’s good look. Do not restrain from making joke on your own expenseShare this on: 15
  17. 17. Be the first one to write LinkedIn recommendation for a colleague of yours. Do not save words and creativity while doing so. Post links, photos, videos on your Facebook friend’s Wall, Like their photos, do commenting. Today, Facebook attention is appreciated as much as offline attention. Create your own brand message, mantra and use it everywhere you can. (Business cards, email signatures, every type of formal and informal communication.) Be brave and make it sound challenging and provocative. I have used my love for the Rock music to create my brand mantra – Business development executive and Rock ‘n’ Roll innovator. This is the headline of my email signature and my LinkedIn profile. Always give. No matter if you gift for birthday, party, or simply if the motive is “Because I appreciate you”, always try to give something bigger or smaller to your first circle of people at least. When you go on vacation, fill your backpack with souvenirs and divide them among your people. They will love that. Be prepared to jump from your bed/leader chair at any time for your friends when they need you. Forget about the time and money. Relationships are more valuable than everything. These are just a few small advices that can make recognizable solid brand out of youif you implement them with consistency and focus until they become habit. Onceestablished, your brand will work for your wellbeing in every area of your life – business,private, job search etc. Every time you ask something from someone, you will be in hispriority list. I hope that further on I will be able to share few more insights regarding thistopic. I advise you to give your own views, opinion and advices about what do you do toestablish your personal brand. Comments are welcomed. Just watch out not to overinflateyour personal brand because you might get migraine.Share this on: 16
  18. 18. HOW WEIRDOS GET THE ATTENTION THEY DESERVE It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things. --Leonardo da VinciShare this on: 17
  19. 19. So far, while being in company with a friend or acquaintance, you must have heardthis: “He (whomsoever he is) always talks so little, he is so Weird”. Yes, he is weird. He is Weirdo. However Talking less doesn’t necessarily means weare antisocial freaks. Not at all. It means that we are getting ready for the moment we actually have somethingto say. Why this preparation? Because today there is one general problem with people. They talk too much. Andthe catch is – The more you talk, the less people will listen you. The more noise you make,the more people will attempt to avoid that noise. As simple as that. In the economy, this iscalled the Law of Diminishing returns. That law is described with polynomial curve. Themore you invest, or the more you talk, greater the effect will be until you reach a certainpeak. After that point, the effect is the opposite – the more we invest the lesser will be thereturns, the more we speak the less we will be given serious attention because of thesaturation effect. From that point onwards words turn into noise, and everyone wants toavoid noise. What Weirdos do in order to be listened? 1. They make their message relevant Talk less and be comfortable with your silence. Make your important messagerelevant by speaking only when you have something really good to say, something that willmake the auditorium eager for the moment you will open your mouth. Something that willmake everyone stunned and speechless. And do not get distracted by the reactions ofothers. The false ones will always have a shot of sarcasm to every word of yours, it is justwho they are. The real ones will not hide their impression (or their true feedback). 2. They establish themselves. This means one thing – you need to establish your right to talk. Build yourcredibility and be patient. As you grow, people will be more and more ready to listen towhat you really have to say. Once you reach there, do not forget one thing. Speak withenthusiasm and flare, speak with energy and conviction. Speak with power Speak as if you were to speak about your life dream, your vision. Even if you speakabout basic things do that with style and allow yourself to loose in your words. People willShare this on: 18
  20. 20. get astounded by your aura. That is because people also communicate on deeper,subconscious, level, and they can feel the real energy from the fake one. Speak the sameway you would speak when you explain about your dreams and your message will never bea noise. 3. Do not lose your humanity There is one very very very serious problem with all of us today. We lose ourhumanity. We forget to communicate from our hearts. We do that mechanically. We valuequantity more that quality. We prefer to devote 3 mechanical minutes for each one of the20 persons we want to reach rather than devoting 30 empathetic minutes to 2 people andtry to understand them from our heart and soul. The problem is that we do not really care.Instead, we prefer to remain neutral…To rush throughout the World without stopping andmeditating the gifts around us for a minute. The bad news here is that people are getting tired of mechanical and programmedcommunication; they are tired of protocols and large numbers, they are fed up from theignorance of this world. If you want to be listened, do not treat your auditorium just asauditorium. Instead, treat them as individuals as they are. That is why artist and singers areso adored. They know how to communicate with large masses at a time but with emotions.That is why politicians visit so many places during their electoral campaigns, do a lot ofhandshakes and hug babies. To persuade the masses that they actually care. To establishtheir right to talk. Weirdos know that and they actually care. They get close, and they share the joy andfurthermore the pain, they embrace it as their own. They will attempt not to losethemselves, but they will remain next to the other side until the very end. This means: Make you message relevant Establish your self Speak with power Do not lose your humanity … And I just can’t wait to see you becoming a Weirdo…Share this on: 19