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A Smarter Approach to Search Marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is more complex every                 ...
“Our specialists are 30 to 40 percent
SearchForce Smart Technology

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PPC Management Software | SearchForce


Published on visit the official homepage Paid Search Software

SearchForce's PPC Management software allows SEM agencies and advertisers to effectively manage large-scale, paid search marketing campaigns across multiple search engines.

By employing sophisticated financial modeling techniques to optimize the paid search marketing process, SearchForce helps advertisers to maximize click-through traffic and profits.

PPC Management

Bigger budgets. Aggressive competitors. Sophisticated strategies. Managing Google, Yahoo! and MSN pay per click (PPC) campaigns is a growing challenge.

SearchForce's PPC management software helps SEM agencies and advertisers manage their, PPC campaigns across multiple search engines.

SearchForce's smarter approach to PPC management helps you to easily reach your goals.

A Smarter Approach to Search Marketing

SearchForce's bid management and algorithmic framework applies a highly sophisticated and quantitative approach to help you get the most from your PPC advertising.

Sound complex? It is. We've invested heavily in our technology, and it shows in performance.

* - Increase your PPC returns by 30 to 50%
- Automate keyword bidding
- Manage multiple accounts and millions of keywords
- Manage complex, global campaigns
* - Achieve a variety of campaign goals

PPC Management Made Easy

While the algorithms that improve your campaign's profitability are complex, SearchForce is easy to use.-

- Get all your accounts and campaigns running in less than an hour
- An intuitive portfolio and bid management interface
- Flexible conversion tracking capabilities
- Advanced reporting and SEM analytics
- Centralized campaign management
- Integrated keyword generation

Here's the Inside Scoop on Our Key Features

Comparing PPC management software can be a bit tricky. Feature lists for most vendors seem to be a big secret. We have nothing to hide. We've got the features you need, and we're adding more all the time. Click here for the latest 3.0 features.
Bid Management & Optimization

- Flexible and transparent portfolio & rule-based optimization
- Strategies include cost per acquisition, cost per lead, cost per sign-up, cost per transaction, cost per page view, return on ad spend & traffic strategies
- Respond to seasonality in the search market space
- Control your spend
- Control the aggressiveness & frequency of bid updates
- Automated actions on poorly performing keywords
- Optimize bids on placements to a CPA or ROAS goal
- Support for CPM & CPC based bidding
- Apply manual actions to placements
- Portfolio charts and graphs let you identify trends and monitor performance relative to your goal

Flexible Portfolio Framework

- Create portfolios of keywords at search engine, campaign or ad group level
- Quickly filter keywords by performance, match type, status or keyword term
- Apply mass manual actions to a portfolio of keywords

Conversion Tracking

- Multiple conversion tracking options to suit your needs (JavaScript, session & re-direction tracking)
- Track conversions across multiple search engines
- Use a conversion contributor to track all keywords or ads that contribute to a conversion
- Track multiple conversion events on the same website
- Track revenue associated with a conversion
- Specify the tracking window by configuring the cookie expiration time
- Conversion tracking tests let you verify whether your set up works correctly
- Detailed conversion tracking reports available in real time
- Support for placements
- Get a detailed cross engine report of keywords or placements that assisted a conversion
- Additional placeholders within the script can be used to pass more information about the conversion event
- Ability to revise and upload conversions or sales post event

About SearchForce:
SearchForce provides a scalable web-based PPC technology to effectively manage complex global paid sear

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  • About SearchForce:
    SearchForce provides a scalable web-based PPC technology to effectively manage complex global paid search marketing campaigns across multiple search engines. Through sophisticated algorithms based on proven financial modeling techniques, SearchForce optimizes bidding to maximize click-through traffic, conversion performance, and profits.

    A privately held company, SearchForce is headquartered in San Mateo and has a sales office in New York City. For more information, visit or call 650-235-8777.

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PPC Management Software | SearchForce

  1. 1. SearchForce A Smarter Approach to Search Marketing Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is more complex every Work Smarter, Not Harder With SearchForce, one person can manage day. The stakes are higher, with bigger budgets, and multiple accounts and millions of key- greater sales expectations. words, all in less than 30 minutes a day. If you are an advertising agency, this With more riding on your PPC advertising Many of our clients find that our software means you can easily handle more clients programs than ever before, you need the delivers 30% to 50% higher returns over without having to find and hire skilled best tools to deliver optimal results. their previous PPC campaign management search marketers. And, corporate cam- methods. While results vary from custom- paign managers can grow their campaigns SearchForce’s bid management and er to customer, the reasons why they save without adding a lot of extra work, or algorithmic framework applies a highly are consistent. paying large agency fees. sophisticated and quantitative approach, to help you determine how best to spend We designed our software with your Reach Your Goals your advertising dollars. profitability in mind. SearchForce’s Our smart search marketing technology smarter search technology uses highly takes the unique business objectives sophisticated statistical and machine of each advertiser into consideration. Maximize Your Returns What could you do with a 30% increase learning techniques that give our clients SearchForce automatically helps you: in your PPC marketing budget? the best possible return on their PPC investment. • Reduce your conversion costs. You’ll spend less to acquire new customers. • Improve your return on investment. Maximize the profitability of all your PPC campaigns. • Get more traffic. Optimize your campaigns to attract the greatest number of qualified visitors. • Put your brand on top. Increase your brand exposure by appearing at the top of paid search results. • Support your local offices. Set and achieve different goals for each region. From a centralized dashboard you can evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns on a real-time basis.
  2. 2. “Our specialists are 30 to 40 percent SearchForce Smart Technology • SearchForce’s state-of-the-art more productive since we’ve imple- algorithmic-based bidding approach determines the ideal bid prices for each keyword or keyword group, mented the SearchForce system.” and automatically bids on them. This allows you to boost keyword -- Miles Olson, Director of Marketing, conversion volumes, save on poor Apogee Search performers, and successfully reduce your cost per acquisition across all customize the metrics that matter Search Marketing Made Easy your campaigns. the most to you and your clients. Setting up SearchForce is fast and simple. We’ll give your team an hour of • Our search technology identifies training, point them in the right direction, We Leave the Creative to You inefficiencies in the search market- Since our first product release in 2004, and get your campaign up and running in ing space, and automatically exploits we’ve continued to add functionality to one business day. them to your benefit. SearchForce support the growing complexity of search helps you identify and cut your losses marketing. Search technology is what we on bleeding keywords, and improves Additionally, we’ve built our system your conversions by exploring the focus on. Not search engine marketing ser- to work the way you do. Our unique bid landscape of your most vices, search engine optimization, or Web portfolio management interface, central- profitable ones. analytics. We take care of the technology, ized dashboard, and automated keyword so you can spend your time on strategy, bidding take the complexity out of • Smart synch technology creative and investing your newly found PPC management. synchronizes only changed data marketing dollars. with your target search engines, From our centralized Web application, so you can modify your accounts you can manage multiple online cam- Forecasting Your Success without spending a lot of API dollars. Founded in 2004, SearchForce is a paigns across Yahoo, Google, and MSN. privately-held company based in San For easy management and control, you can • The keyword research tool helps you Mateo, CA. mix-and-match keywords from different discover new keywords that will drive search engines and campaigns into one more traffic at a lower cost. SearchForce’s smart search marketing portfolio or sub-portfolio, where you solutions manage millions of dollar in ad can optimize bidding to fit your goals. • Predictive algorithms adapt and campaign spending. We work with some react to your unique market dynam- of the largest online advertisers, includ- ics, adjusting your bids based on Automated keyword bidding allows ing advertising agencies and corporations quality, seasonality, and day of the you to effortlessly bid on hundreds of week patterns. So, you don’t waste around the globe. Using SearchForce, thousands of keywords. We also help add advertising dollars on prospects that these clients have saved at least 30% new keywords, making automatic recom- don’t buy. on their PPC advertising. mendations based on your objectives. • Our unique portfolio approach allows Let us show you how our smart Reporting Intelligence you to quickly identify, manage, and SearchForce’s reports measure what you technology can improve your track keywords of interest. You can want, when you want it, the way you want PPC advertising. Give us a call optimize the performance of not just it. With centralized reporting you can and request a demo today. individual keywords, but your entire portfolio as a whole. Copyright © 2007 SearchForce, Inc. All rights reserved. SearchForce and the SearchForce, Inc. SearchForce Logo are either trademarks, registered trademarks or service Tel 650-235-8800 marks of SearchForce, Inc. All other company and product names are trade- marks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.