Metal protector


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Metal protector

  1. 1. Product Information Specialty Coatings Dow Corning ® Metal Protective CoatingFEATURES Coating prevents corrosion on metal parts in storage, overseas• Good corrosion protection in shipments and other high-humidity, long-term exposure thin film• Colorless USES• Non-oily Dow Corning ® Metal Protective Coating is typically used to protect high-value- added metal parts during production, storage and shipment – especiallyCOMPOSITION components exposed to high humidity, salty conditions or corrosive• Corrosion-protective coating industrial environments. Typical uses for Dow Corning Metal Protective Coating include: • Manufacturing – machined surfaces, stampings, raw stock, work-in- progress parts and finished products • Aircraft – corrosion protection • Machine shop and tool room – dies, fixtures, jigs, tools, molds, guides and ways, and raw ground stock • Maintenance – machine tools, pneumatic tools, spare parts, storage and product equipment temporarily out of service • Finished products – machined and painted surface protection during domestic and foreign shipments DESCRIPTION HOW TO USE Dow Corning Metal Protective Coating Dow Corning Metal Protective is a transparent, dry, wax-like coating Coating is ready to use as supplied. that protects metal parts from corro- However, for uniform solids sion. The coating has good inherent distribution and coating thickness, lubricating properties and usually the bulk material should be gently does not require removal prior to mixed before and during use. any subsequent machining, assem- Dipping will provide a uniform bly or start-up of equipment. If coating; however, spraying is often necessary, Dow Corning Metal Pro- the preferred method of tective Coating may be removed by application. For best results, three most common solvents such as light applications are better than mineral spirits or Dow Corning ® OS one heavier application. For smaller Fluids. jobs and touch-up work, Dow Corning Metal Protective Coating may be Parts protected with Dow Corning applied from an aerosol container. Metal Protective Coating may be Brushing may also be used. For best examined through the transparent protection, scratching of the coating coating. Additionally, the parts will after application should be avoided. remain relatively clean since the dry coating will not readily pick up dirt, Surface Preparation dust and grit under normal Surfaces to be protected with handling and storage. Dow Corning Metal Protective Coating must be clean and dry.
  2. 2. TYPICAL PROPERTIES Although the coating will notThese values are not intended for use in preparing specifications. permit moisture to penetrate, it does not displace moisture alreadyTest Unit Result on the metal surface.As SuppliedAppearance1 Opaque, yellow liquidDensity1 lb/gal 6.8 Film ThicknessBoiling Point1 °F (°C) 240 (115) A film thickness suitable for mostFlash Point1 °F (°C) 82 (28) requirements (0.40 mil) can beSurface Coverage, film thickness of obtained by dipping at normal room 0.0001 inch sq ft/gal 2100 temperature. For a thicker film and 0.0002 inch sq ft/gal 1100 increased metal protection, 0.0003 inch sq ft/gal 700 additional dip coatings may beDrying Time, repeated after allowing the first coat bulk, thin film, one dip minutes 10 to 30 to dry. Similar buildup of the aerosol spray, thin film, one pass minutes 10 to 20 protective film may be achieved bySolvent, bulk Mineral spirits repeated spray or brush aerosol spray Mineral spirits plus applications, with intervals for nonchlorofluorohydro- drying between coats. A thick film, carbon propellant however, may cause the wax to pull away from corners and metal edges,As Applied leaving metal exposed for corrosion.Appearance Transparent, If a thinner film is desired, the non-oily wax liquid material may be diluted bySoftening Point °F (°C) 150 (65)Service Temperature Range, estimated °F (°C) -40 to 150 (-40 to 65) using a suitable chlorinated solventSingle Dip Film Thickness such as Chlorothene ®1, which also at 68°F (19.9°C) mils 0.4 reduces drying time, or by usingCorrosion Resistance, mild steel mineral spirits. 5 percent salt spray, dipped from bulk hours 200+ 5 percent salt spray, aerosol spray hours 72+ Removal of Film humidity room cycles 50 In most cases, Dow Corning MetalLubrication2 Pass, no stick-slip Protective Coating does not have toCoefficient of Friction 0.121 be removed from coated parts before Properties for bulk form. Aerosol contains bulk plus nonchlorofluorohydrocarbon propellant.2 they are machined, assembled or Faville-LeValley Corp., LFW-4 Press Fit Machine.Specification Writers: Please obtain a copy of the Dow Corning Sales Specification for this started up. However, if removal isproduct and use it as a basis for your specifications. It may be obtained from any Dow Corning desired, degreasing with commonSales Office, or from Dow Corning Customer Service in Midland, MI. Call (517) 496-6000. solvents such as mineral spirits or Dow Corning OS Fluids will normally remove the coating as will steam cleaning or alkali cleaners. 1 Registered trademark of The Dow Chemical Company.
  3. 3. Note: Caustic cleaners should not STORAGE AND SHELF LIFE WARRANTY INFORMATIONbe used to remove Dow Corning Metal When properly stored under – PLEASE READ CAREFULLYProtective Coating from aluminum normal warehouse conditions, The information contained hereinsurfaces. Dow Corning Metal Protective is offered in good faith and is Coating has a shelf life of 60 months believed to be accurate. However,Caution from date of manufacture. To obtain because conditions and methods ofDow Corning Metal Protective uniform mixture, slight stirring after use of our products are beyond ourCoating contains mineral spirits. It storage is recommended before use. control, this information should notshould be used in a well-ventilated be used in substitution for customer’sarea, and the precautions normally PACKAGING tests to ensure that Dow Corning’sfollowed when working with this Dow Corning Metal Protective products are safe, effective, and fullysolvent should be implemented. Coating is supplied in 30-lb (13.6- satisfactory for the intended end use.Solvents used to dilute this material, kg) pails and 375-lb (170-kg)as well as metal cleaning or alkali drums, net weight. Dow Corning Dow Corning’s sole warranty iscleaners, should only be used with Metal Protective Coating aerosol is that the product will meet theadequate ventilation. Follow hand- supplied in 10-oz (284-g) Dow Corning sales specifications inling precautions on container labels. containers, net weight. effect at the time of shipment. Your exclusive remedy for breach of suchUSE LIMITATIONS SAFE HANDLING warranty is limited to refund of pur-Painted surfaces should be well INFORMATION chase price or replacement of anycured before Dow Corning Metal product shown to be other than as PRODUCT SAFETY INFORMATIONProtective Coating is applied. If the warranted. Dow Corning specifically REQUIRED FOR SAFE USE IS NOTintent is to remove Dow Corning disclaims any other express or INCLUDED. BEFORE HANDLING,Metal Protective Coating from the implied warranty of fitness for a READ PRODUCT AND MATERIALpainted surface at a later date, only particular purpose or merchantabil- SAFETY DATA SHEETS AND CON-one light application should be ity. Unless Dow Corning provides TAINER LABELS FOR SAFE USE,made. you with a specific, duly signed PHYSICAL AND HEALTH HAZARD endorsement of fitness for use, INFORMATION. THE MATERIALThis product is neither tested nor Dow Corning disclaims liability for SAFETY DATA SHEET IS AVAILABLErepresented as suitable for medical any incidental or consequential FROM YOUR DOW CORNING REP-or pharmaceutical uses. damages. Suggestions of use shall RESENTATIVE, OR DISTRIBUTOR, not be taken as inducements to OR BY WRITING TO DOW CORNINGSHIPPING LIMITATIONS infringe any patent. CUSTOMER SERVICES, OR BYLiquid – DOT classification: CALLING (517) 496-6000.flammable liquid.Aerosol – DOT classification:flammable gas.
  4. 4. Printed in USA Dow Corning is a registered trademark of Dow Corning Corporation.Form No. 71-310K-99 AGP4903 ©1994, 1998, 1999 Dow Corning Corporation. All rights reserved.