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about tourism industry

  1. 1. Group member:Puja AgrawalPema Tamang PakhrinSneha AgrawalTashi Lama DhundupSunil ManadharMadhav Chaulagain
  2. 2. Agenda. Background of tourism industry Theme and Slogan Objectives Activities focus by government Background of Hyatt regency Mission of Hyatt regency Services Rate of Hyatt regency SWOT analysis PEST analysis Porter‟s five model Value chain of Hyatt Limitation of Hyatt Conclusion
  3. 3. Background of Tourism Nation as a nation has resolved by tourism industry. Tourism in Nepal, is the most important sector of theeconomy after agriculture. It contributes significantly to uplifting the quality of life ofthe people, it‟s a socioeconomic activity, tourismtouches the life of every Nepali citizen in one way oranother. “Visit Nepal 2011” is today a policy priority for Nepal, touplift the quality of products and services offered to ourvisitors. Through this effort, Nepal achieve higher yields fromtourism, improve its infrastructure, address issues ofenvironmental degradation & seeks to have more qualityvisitors.
  4. 4. Conti Background Sensitive or preserving the destination‟s natural &cultural heritage will pay the right price for the rightvalue. It is just not a year when Nepal will havefacilities, invite you to visit us &have new productand offer. We deliver quality in our products, excellance insevice, fully involve all our citizens in tourism andobtain the most yield from it to benefit our counntry& our visitors.
  5. 5. Theme and Slogan Theme“Visit Nepal 2011”• A sustainable habitat through sustainable tourismMarketing Slogan• “Visit Nepal 2011”- A WORLD OF ITS OWN• There is a world in Nepal that you need to discover orfurther explore for your self. We remind you that ournatural resource are unique and that our is a livingheritage. We remind you that our people perform arefriendly & hospitable & our products range is diverse.We invite you to visit us to discover or explore theunique „World‟ out here
  6. 6. Objectives Increase the number of visitor arrivals and lengthenthe number of their stay. Enhance the image of Nepal by repositioning it as aunique visitor destination. Improve and develop diverse eco-friendly and valuebased tourism product. Create intense awareness of the benefits of tourism. A lot of work is already being done in Nepal by thegovernment, the tourism industry and all otherrelated sectors to achieve these objectives. A lotsnore will be done between new & 2011. the successof our efforts, will depend greatly on your support toour efforts.
  7. 7. Global Tourism Scenario in Nepal Its not only Nepal that saw a healthy growth in tourist arrivals, thisyear, the global tourism trends also witnessed with sustainedgrowth rate of the past 10 years. The global tourism trend continued to thrive with an estimated 5.7per cent average growth during 2007. Growth will be driven by theemerging markets and the developing markets and the developingcountries, according to 2007 preliminary results of the UnitedNations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). It confirms resilience regarding external factors such as turbulencein financial markets increasing interest rates, tighter creditconditions, rising fuel prices and security and health issues.
  8. 8. Conti.. In 2007, the tourist arrivals to Nepal crossed a halfmillion mark and arrivals via air route only stood at360,350 visitors. If the tourists arriving via land routewhich as of November 2007 stands at 153000 isadded, the total figure crosses the half million mark, ahighest so far. The peace process has fuelled the tourismarrivals last year.
  9. 9. Activities focus The three major activity areas of “Visit Nepal year2011” are:Infrastructure improvement / development andcommunity involvement initiatives.Product enhancement, new product and stagingspecial events and activitiesInternational publicity and promotion.
  10. 10. Background of HyattRegency Hyatt Regency Kathmandu is a luxury 5 star city resort hotelsituated 10 Km from the city centre of Kathmandu, Nepal, onthe road to Boudhanath Stupa - the most holy of TibetanBuddhist shrines outside Tibet. Hyatt was founded by Jay Pritzker in 1957.
  11. 11. Mission of Hyatt Our mission is to provide authentic hospitality bymaking a difference in the lives of the people wetouch every day. We focus on this mission in pursuit of our goal ofbecoming the most preferred brand in eachsegment that we serve for ourassociates, guests, and owners.
  12. 12. SERVICESRooms & Amenities•280 Rooms & Suites•High-Speed Internet Access•Minibar•In-room SafeGuest Services•Business Centre•Tour Desk•Complime
  13. 13. SERVICESOutdoor swimming pool Outdoor Jacuzzi,3 tennis courts, Jogging trackAyurvedic massage and acomplete Health and BeautySpaMountain biking,jungle safari and trekking, Hot-air balloon rides, mountain flights and white-water river rafting can bearranged on request
  14. 14. Rates of HyattNORMAL ROOMRoom Type Single & DoubleGuest Rooms USD 185 + TaxRegency Club Room USD 215 + TaxExtra Bed USD 35 + TaxSUITES ROOMRoom Type Single & DoubleJunior suite USD 400 + TaxExecutive Suite USD 600 + TaxMEAL RATESBreakfast USD 10 + TaxLunch USD 16 + TaxDinner USD 18 + Tax
  15. 15. Swot AnalysisStrengthsPremium offeringBrand imageHyatt casinoWeaknessesHigh-level exposure to thepremium marketDiluted brand nameFinancial pressuresOppourtunitiesSpecialist businessesHyatt business servicesRoad tripsThreatsLow cost travel/leisureMarket heavily influenced bycompetitorsInternet threat to gamingSWOT
  17. 17. Porter’s Model.
  18. 18. Conti…1. Bargaining power of Suppliers The high class hotels are operating by few hotel chains There are no substitutes for five star hotel The hotel customer are fragmented, so they have to reducetheir bargaining to attract the customer It having various rates & tariff because they are having theirown brand image2. Bargaining power of customer Hyatt is five star hotel so, most invested in its fixed assets The supplier are providing better information about them toattract the customer There is a moderate price for visitors3. Threats of new entrants The foreign hotel chains are field up with Nepalese hotel toreduce the initial cost Brand loyalty of customer affects the new entrants
  19. 19. Conti..4. Threats of substitute product Brand loyalty of customer is dominatingthe substitutes The price variation of same class hotelservices from various brand affect it For ex-Annapurna hotel, soltee hoteland so on5. Competitive rivalry The top competitors areAnnapurna, soltee etc.
  20. 20. Strategic Group MappingHyattRegencyShangrilaHotelEverestHotelAnnapurnaYak&YetiMyHotelSolteeCrownPlaza
  21. 21. Strategic group mappingservicespriceHighLowlow HighAnnapurna hotelSoltee hotelHyatt regency
  22. 22. Value Chain of Hyatt
  23. 23. Conti……. Primary activities Inbound logistics Operation Outbound logistics Marketing and sales Service Support activities Procurement Human resource management Technology development Firm infrastructure
  24. 24. Limitations of Value chain of Hyatt It describes an industrial organization whichessentially buys raw materials and transformsthese into physical products. „value‟ for the final customer is the value only in itstheoretical context not practical terms
  25. 25. Conclusion. “Visit Nepal 2011” is today a policy priority for Nepal, touplift the quality of products and services offered to ourvisitors. Nepal Tourism Year 2011 has begun with a slogan“Together for Tourism”. Through this effort, Nepal achieve higher yields fromtourism, improve its infrastructure, address issues ofenvironmental degradation & seeks to have morequality visitors. Hyatt regency is one of the five star hotel which providebetter services to visitors, people The government support towards the tourism industryand the development is appreciable The market share & expansion of tourism industry inNepal economy is raising day by day.
  26. 26. Thank You