e-Zest Solutions Inc. - Testing (Healthcare Domain) Competency


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Testing competency in the Healthcare Domain.

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e-Zest Solutions Inc. - Testing (Healthcare Domain) Competency

  1. 1. Testing + Healthcare Competency
  2. 2. We are a world-class software testing team of innovative, passionate and committed technology professionals who thrive on delivering superior quality products meeting ultimate customer satisfaction and shared business objectives. Who we are ! Code Breakers They succeed where others fail Professional Test Leads A good tester with a heart of a developer Strategic Planners Master test planner with project management background Subject Matter Experts Writing codes for humans first and computers next & IS TQB Certified Engineers We don’t make software, we make software better We are a team of…
  3. 3. We strive to improve user experiences with technology and end products through our full- spectrum well managed Testing Services. We are especially passionate about creating innovative change within healthcare space. Whether helping insurers deliver better service to members, or creating experiences to guide users through the system. Our offerings in cross- platform testing solutions for healthcare domain bring out clients’ vision to life. What we do...
  4. 4. Myths of Testing Testing is an expensive overhead (Cost) We don’t need testing, we have good developers Testing is inconsistent and doesn’t have standards and maturity models (Quality) Testing is time consuming (Time)
  5. 5. “Testing is an integral part of software development necessary to mange and reduce software development and maintenance costs. Our User-Centric design and test processes put the user at ease instantly. A robust information architecture and efficient task flow enables the users in their goal seamlessly.” First, solve the problem. Then, write the code. John Johnson Our Belief “
  6. 6. Unit Testing White Box Testing Investigation of internal logic and structure of the code. e-Zest Testing Services Verification & Validation Services Black Box Testing External perspective of the system based on analysis of requirement. Functional Testing Sanity Narrow and a deep approach with detailed testing of some limited features. Acceptance Validating that the system is built as intended by the user in the real world, and is based on real world business scenarios, not system requirements. Integration Concentrates on interfaces and interactions
  7. 7. E2E Testing Decompose and analyze the requirements specification to test business functions and performance goals of the application as a whole, from the perspective of the end user. e-Zest Testing Services Verification & Validation Services Mobile Testing Software developed for hand held mobile devices is tested for its functionality, usability and consistency Compliance Testing Validates the application in accordance with information technology standards, procedures, and guidelines to evaluate the completeness of application
  8. 8. e-Zest Testing Services Verification & Validation Services Usability Testing Focuses on the UI of the software from the end user’s perspective Performance Testing Validating performance in terms of responsiveness and stability under particular workload. Also helps to investigate, measure, validate or verify scalability, reliability and resource usage
  9. 9. Approach Understand the requirement Identify the key areas Focus on vulnerable areas to avoid fire fighting Strategy Planning Planning the approach & designing the roadmap to achieve high quality software, test driven development Requirement Mapping converting the requirement into test cases to ensure 90% coverage Execution Finding loop holes Regression To ensure on going quality assurance Hand offs Deploy, user acceptance test, release “With a depth of experience in technology & product development, organized with a young enthusiastic testing team, we deliver high end products & experiences with a broad level approach in testing.”
  10. 10. Testing Tools Performance Load Runner Win Runner Visual VM Perf Monitor Test Management MTM JIRA SharePoint Whizible Quality Centre Function QTP Selenium Rational Robot Unit Testing J Unit J Meter N Unit Phpoint
  11. 11. Onsite - Offshore Service Delivery Maximum overlapping of working hours for facilitating communication of clients directly with the offshore team if required Deployment of key team members onsite if required on a short notice Onsite-Offshore Delivery model which includes deployment of onsite coordinators for communicating with offshore development teams Global distribution of our offices at various locations including, Colorado, Detroit, London, South Africa and India Optimized strategy for onsite deployment of resources for providing fully integrated teams, maximum productivity with minimum cost ODC Testing Center of Excellence designed to bring structure, process and governance for most optimum quality and cost driven testing to RMHP. In the process of setting up offices in Hannover and Bruno
  12. 12. We hope you’ll enjoy a glimpse of our ODC & Testing capabilities in Healthcare Industry. Our client list includes world-renowned healthcare solution providers, top health insurance solution providers and healthcare companies.
  13. 13. ODC for Europe’s leading Healthcare & Pharma software provider Client a leading vendor of Healthcare and Pharma software in Western Europe Has existing desktop application for managing pharmacy operations and sync with central server for owners Supported functions such as Delivery, Order Management, Invoicing/Cash Checkout, Inventory Management, Patient and Provider Management, Article/Product, Pharmacy, Institution, User and Supplier Management e-Zest helped in migration of the whole central server application from desktop to web based platform in Microsoft technologies Also establishing an independent test lab for 11000 test scenarios only for Pharma Point of Sale application Also adding new features and performed enhancements on several fronts in the application from regulatory perspective Industry: Healthcare and Pharma Solution ISV Client Overview: Leading Healthcare Solution Provider Technology: ASP.NET MVC, C#, Nhibernate, SQL Server Team Size: 14 Member team during the peak period Delivery Model: Onsite – Offshore
  14. 14. Health Insurance Exchange Solution Key Requirements & Challenges Current System was outdated Need to Sort and Search Health Plans based on customer needs Need to perform Side-by-side comparison of Healthcare plans Need of a Real time multi-carrier quoting and rating engine Easy Enrollment and Switching of plans Education material for various benefits and plans Broker fees and Agent commission tracking Billing, Accounting and Payment Processing BI and Analytics Integration with external systems Industry: Insurance Solution ISV Client Overview: Leading Health Insurance Exchange Solution Provider based in USA Technology: Java , Oracle Team Size: 12 Member team during the peak period Delivery Model: Onsite – Offshore
  15. 15. Health Insurance Exchange Solution Providing Product Engineering services for existing platform Extending features based on client’s requirement Building component for managing customer information Building complete lifecycle of quote engines Integration capability with Inspehere CRM, Building interfaces for Brokers and Agents, Creating eApp web Interfaces for managing applicant information like coverage information, medical details and billing Providing BI capabilities and dashboards Integration with payment merchants Industry: Insurance Solution ISV Client Overview: Leading Health Insurance Exchange Solution Provider based in USA Technology: Java , Oracle Team Size: 12 Member team during the peak period Delivery Model: Onsite – Offshore Project Overview
  16. 16. ODC for Europe’s leading EHR provider Developed centralized clinical document manager with time stamping with support for multiple clinical document formats like HL7 CDA, KMEHR Built Electronic Health Record (EHR), EDR with Clinical Decision Support for providers across country Centralized Cancer Registry for Bio Banks Developed Unified Messaging between Primary and Secondary Care over Secured channel for Communications A team size of 40 was attained during the peak period Industry: Healthcare Solution ISV Client Overview: Leading Healthcare Solution Provider based out of western Europe Technology: Java FX, My SQL Team Size: 14 Member team during the peak period Delivery Model: Onsite – Offshore
  17. 17. End to end product conceptualization in behavioral health domain Benchmarking the client’s PMS Solution and its business drivers. Architecting practice management solution with rich client interface Functioning in online and offline mode with always connected and occasionally connected models HIPAA compliant system for Practice Management with HL7 Support Encryption of confidential data in storage and transmission Practice Management System Industry: Healthcare Solution ISV Client Overview: Leading Healthcare Solution Provider based out USA Technology: Winform, C#, SQL Server Team Size: 25 Member team Delivery Model: Onsite - Offshore Compliant with CCHIT and MU
  18. 18. Our Key Differentiators Leverage IT our services experience Ability to scale teams on short notice Onshore Offshore Model with overlap time zones Cost benefits with offshore model for global solutions Technology and business process best practices All team members hired specifically as per your needs Hiring from top 50 engineering schools in India IP protection using Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreements We will take care of IT solutions and IT infrastructure Customers can focus on their core business Freedom to start small, prove concept, and then scale up Flexible business models Reduced Risk : Reduced Cost : A+ Team: IPR Retention: Business Focus: Contract Flexibility: “Young and Passionate Team working with you towards your goal because we believe - We will only be successful when our clients are successful”
  19. 19. Lets take a journey together e-Zest Solutions Inc. | www.e-zest.net