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Iphone apps offer you instant connection with your favourite social network while on the move.

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Social Apps

  1. 1. Website: Social Apps
  2. 2. Websites: Email: LinkedIn’s App  On LinkedIn you can check updates  Update your status  View connection profile updates  Monitor discussions  Access your connections list  Check your inbox and respond to correspondence  Manage invitations  Connect instantly with other LinkedIn users
  3. 3. Websites: Email: Facebook App  To review your news feed where you can “like” or make comments;  Access your profile page,  Manage friends and friend requests;  Read or send messages;  View photos,  Events and notes;  Chat live with other FB friends Note: When using the iPhone app, any posts to a Facebook page will be made via your personal Facebook account.
  4. 4. Websites: Email: Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Seesmic  Some of the most popular cross- channel Social Media management tools have iPhone applications.  You can post to multiple places such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from a single dashboard and create multiple views or columns to monitor different aspects of your account
  5. 5. Websites: Email: iPhone App Business  To create iPhone/iPod App or Game with no programming skills and make chance to earn great commissions with it in the App Store!  The App Dev. Secrets affiliate program gives you an opportunity to earn up to 75% + bonus commission on each sale!
  6. 6. Websites: Email: Skype App  iPhone app does call conferences on the go,  You can connect by voice to another Skype contact,  Although you need to make sure you have a good and steady connection.
  7. 7. Websites: Email: Tumblr, TypePad, BlogPress, WordPress  You can create a blog post straight from your mobile device to your specific blog.  The Posterous app, PicPosterous, makes it easy to manage sets of photos or videos.
  8. 8. Websites: Email: Ning App  You can download now a special app for Network Creators with iPhones, iPads or iPod  Monitor your Ning Network's daily statistics·  View, approve, delete or add Blog posts·  View, approve, delete or add Photos·  View your members' Profiles Approve, reject or suspend members·  Add comments to a Blog post or a profile· Send a Broadcast Message
  9. 9. Websites: Email: MySpace  Is a application that allows you to stay in touch with your social network,  Send and receive messages,  View your contacts and read their statuses as well as upload photos from phone.
  10. 10. Websites: Email: YouTube  You can browse and view videos from any location on your mobile phone with the YouTube iPhone app.  You can also access account favorites and playlists,  Search for videos,  Share and comment on videos and upload videos while on the go.
  11. 11. Websites: Email: Mashable  This app allows you to keep up with the latest coverage from Mashable's Web site wherever you may be.  The Mashable app allows you to have the most current information on the Web 2.0 and social media world sent right to your mobile phone.
  12. 12. Websites: Email: StumbleUpon  The StumbleUpon app to get the best stories on the Web sent right to your phone.  Every time you click Stumble!, you will be shown sites that have been chosen just for you based on the preferences you set.  You'll also be able to see which sites millions of users recommend.
  13. 13. Websites: Email: Sprouter  The global collaboration and networking community for entrepreneurs  Is an application that promises to help any startup company grow and flourish. By connecting new business owners with experienced entrepreneurs
  14. 14. Websites: Email: Gist  This service connects your inbox to the web and feeds you important business- related information about the people and companies with whom you’re interacting.  It’s like having a personal assistant at your ear ready to feed you critical bits of info about the person you’re about to meet.
  15. 15. Websites: Email: Foursquare, GoWalla, BrightKite, Loopt, Whrrl  Are you ready to check in?  Are you willing to announce your location to your friends?  Your activity on these sites is predominantly mobile-based as you use your device’s GPS to provide location-related status updates.  Want to check into multiple services from the same place?
  16. 16. Websites: Email: Business Training Program Get our Social networking for Business training program valued at $1999 sent to you for FREE. By visiting our site: and signing up for the Free program Plus you will get a complete system and the action plan how to create YOUR own Social network, grow and develop it into your best business asset.