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Personal branding - tips to keep mind


Published on is an online portal wherein users can upload and maintain their personal webpage. It also have features wherein the recruiters can post for jobs in their organization. There are other different sections about startups and emerging technologies for the tech savvy people.

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Personal branding - tips to keep mind

  1. 1. Personal Branding (MyHomePage) Founded By: Prakhar Abhishek, Email id: Contact Number: +91 9913 672 648 Web Address:
  2. 2. Overview • Once you have started your journey in corporate world, you will see that the personal branding is what will be needed for the rest of your life. • Creating your name as a brand in your organisation will help you in every nook and corner of your career. • Listed below are the few tips that will help you focus your branding efforts and help you allocate your time to the strategies that will pay off the most. Disclaimer: The views express are the personal opinion of author and is not endorsed by any industry/organisation. The images used are solely for explanatory purpose and we declare no conflict of interest with any individual/organisation. MyHomePage
  3. 3. Find your extremes/find your niche: • Find the work which you love most and you are best suited for. Invest all your time to become the best in what you do. • Identify your limitations, stick to your strengths. • Be in touch of all the other things but never try to be everything or else you will end up in being nothing. MyHomePage
  4. 4. Communication: • Once you find your niche and you have some one-two year of working experience with it, join your professional community. • Share your knowledge by re contributing to your community daily with fresh perspectives and resources. • By doing this, people will begin to notice you, follow you and share your content. MyHomePage
  5. 5. Establish yourself: • Internet is one of the most gifted technology of 21st century. Social networking sites are the babies of this technology. • In today’s world, anyone can visit you within fraction of minutes. • Have your own virtual world here. Have your own online assets where people can find information about you. • Establish yourself here, regularly visit and update your profile, provide a consistent information at all places. MyHomePage
  6. 6. Brand Association: • Always try to work with the leading brands in your field. Effective and successful completion of your projects will earn you recognition from your clients and managers. • Share your article with some media outlet or collaborate with some one in your project. • Once you have worked with some famous organisation/personalities of the field, it would be much easier to get a reference which you can use in your future endeavour. MyHomePage
  7. 7. Speak Up: • Speak to your audience in person. Organize a visit to your alma mater or a local association chapter and publicly speak up about the subject related to the type of audience. • Remember a good orator is always good at winning the heart of other people. In this way you will gain personal attention of lot of people of other fields too. MyHomePage
  8. 8. Concluding Remarks • One last point, whatever you do, either by going through the textbook or other person’s experience, never stop experimenting and your learning as you grow. • These tips may help you level-up your own brand in long run. Read more at.. • MyHomePage
  9. 9. Thank you for your interest; Mail us for any query/suggestions.