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Mantras of Being successfull


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Mantras of Being successfull

  1. 1. Being Successful (MyHomePage) Founded By: Prakhar Abhishek, Email id: Contact Number: +91 9913 672 648 Web Address:
  2. 2. Overview • The best’s traits of the master of any profession, whether it is sports, business, artist, academia, scientist to name a few, follow similar characteristics and behaviour. • There work, there lifestyle may be opposite to all the other but there are few habitual feature that boils down to similar behaviour. • Passion, perseverance and a positive attitude are the three keywords that keep the odd ones out from the crowd. Subscribing to these attributes require inherent skill set in addition of some tips or guidelines as mentioned in this post. Disclaimer: The views express are the personal opinion of author and is not endorsed by any industry/organisation. The images used are solely for explanatory purpose and we declare no conflict of interest with any individual/organisation. MyHomePage
  3. 3. Love your work: • Either love what you do or leave what you do. Half-heartedness in any profession will never pay off in long run. • As the great saying is "love your work and don't love your company as you never know when your company will stop loving you". • Perseverance is the one thing that’s guaranteed to move anything over time, whether it’s a person, a job or an entire company. MyHomePage
  4. 4. Step by Step: • Jumping everywhere does not pay off. Take small, calculated steps. The famous goes like Rome was not built in a day, and it is applicable for us also. Neither should we be in hurry nor should we accept our results within days. • Bells of frequent success at first go, may not ring for long time. These are the signs that everything is not fine and well. Set your goals in pieces then go for it. • Let me quote an example, legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar never thought that he would be making 20,000 runs in cricket, He just played his normal game, set small targets, enjoyed it and it took him 22 years for achieving this landmark MyHomePage
  5. 5. Be Follower: • To be a leader you have to be a follower at some stage of your life. It is the best time to learn from your leader. • If success in achieved in 100th attempt then it doesn’t mean that a person has failed 99 time rather it is the 99 methods person has discovered in which the work cannot be done. • So one should set an inspirational model, follow them follow their path, their view and attitude towards work, for being successful. And once you achieve success people will start following you. MyHomePage
  6. 6. Attitude towards work: • Develop an attitude towards your work. First of all know your objective and then set up your task following it. • Proper planning should be done prior to carry out any work. One should develop a healthy relationship with his co-worker, seniors as well as its subordinate. Every time be happy, be healthy, be enthusiastic, and be strong in doing any work. • Successful person manages himself to have a structured, daily routine of rising early, exercising, having foods on hand for fuel and socializing many evenings of the week with his associates for fun. MyHomePage
  7. 7. Be Creative: • Successful people never do different things they do things differently. • One must have the ability to analyse any situation in most unique way and handle it as it is just a yet another easy task for them. • Don’t panic and update your knowledge in recent advances in science, technology, business, R & D. MyHomePage
  8. 8. Practice acceptance: • Don't be reactive or get hooked. Don't expend energy fighting or resisting what you cannot change (other people, their feelings, their behaviours, etc.). • Instead, empower yourself to change what you can (your thinking, your behaviours, your boundaries, etc.) cockroach theory of Google CEO best suits this. One mustn’t be reactive rather be responsive. MyHomePage
  9. 9. Have a Team and Integrity: • Act as per your saying. If things have changed and you are moving in a different direction, be honest and clear with others. Be reliable and consistent. Admit when you are wrong. Apologize and make amends as needed. • Try to team up with people of similar mindset, goals. Work together; assign different roles to each other as per skill set. Also include others from different work in your team whom you can trust on. MyHomePage
  10. 10. Conclusion: • It’s better to be late than never, whenever idea strikes, see its feasibility and work on it. Who knows it’s just a right time to work on that idea. • Never wait for someone to initiate rather take the first step and the other will join you soon. MyHomePage
  11. 11. Thank you for your interest; Mail us for any query/suggestions.