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9 points you should take care of before starting a startup


Published on is an online portal wherein users can upload and maintain their personal webpage. It also have features wherein the recruiters can post for jobs in their organisation. There are other different sections about startups and emerging technologies for the tech savvy people.

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9 points you should take care of before starting a startup

  1. 1. Before Starting a Startup Founded By: Prakhar Abhishek, Email id: Contact Number: +91 9913 672 648 Web Address: There is always a need to have social connection of like minded people. Mind set of individual is best reflected in the activities which he/she carries out. is one such platform which conceptualizes the idea to bring together similar minded people at one place.
  2. 2. Background • Things to know about before going after your startups. • Your business model and the co-founders with whom you will be working are your initial assets. • Now in order to take your startup to next level you need to go out to seek further funding whether that’s from an angel investor, a venture capitalist or through a crowdfunding platform. • But before you do that make sure you’ve satisfied all the requirements of this checklist The views express are the personal opinion of author and is not endorsed by any industry/organisation.
  3. 3. Business Model • Your first asset, it will contain all the business related information as mentioned below, a). what is business all about. b). The product and services you will work for. c). The infrastructure you requires. d). Any other specific detail you want to share about your model.
  4. 4. Financial Aspect • This is the natural part of your proposal. Be ready with the full spreadsheets covering following point: a). your projected costs, b). sales and revenue, c). profit margin, d). growth rates, e). break even points, f). acquisitions g). whatever you think will affect your business financially.
  5. 5. Growth Model: • Don’t stick only to the starting of your business. • The investors look into the long term perspective of their investment. • Have a detailed break ups of following years, a). first year, b). first three year c). first five year.
  6. 6. Market availability • Your model may or may not be unique in the real world. Your model may be good in theory but you need to prove that its practical. • Do some research and show some number between the need and viability of your product/service. • If your model is already well established in the field, tell about what you are going to do different.
  7. 7. Past Experience: • Tie up with people who are experienced in the field. Their maturity and understanding of business will help in your business growth. • At the same time, it will help in increasing the confidence of investors in your business. • Show that you already have some initial funding from your friends and family. Make an excel sheet showing the things you have achieved till date.
  8. 8. Potential Customers: • The end user of your product/service drives your business. • In the very initial days try to get at least a few customer testimonials added to your model. • This will boost the investor believe in you and your business model.
  9. 9. Funds Requirement • You must be clear with the amount of money you require. • Here you must give a break ups of all your initial expenses. • This is essential because it gives an idea of where the money will be utilized. • Make sure you have a specific payoff in mind for your investors.
  10. 10. Conclusion • Be sure to list out more than 90% of items in this list before you look out for investors. • If every thing goes fine and you are able to ring the investor ear drums you will have no trouble in getting the money you needed. • For latest startup funding.. visit the link below.. •
  11. 11. Thank you for your interest; Mail us for any query/suggestions.