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Quality through the lens of Astrophysics


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First their was geo-centrism and then helio-centrism. I propose that we re-orient the software development universe around the idea of quality-centrism. Quality provides the gravity and controls the physics of how projects function.

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Quality through the lens of Astrophysics

  1. 1. Quality through the lens of Astrophysics Adam Goucher
  2. 2. Astrophysics The branch of astronomy that deals with the physics of the universe, including the physical properties of celestial objects as well as their interactions.
  3. 3. Quality Value to some person that matters through their relationship with our software or service
  4. 4. The Celestial Bodies
  5. 5. Quality-centrism The object at the centre of the solar system controls everything around it •Geo •Helio •Quality Everything revolves around Quality
  6. 6. The Golden Copy •Everything of Value is version controlled •If it is not of Value, why is it produced? •Email is a not a document management solution
  7. 7. Developer Tests •Test Driven Development (TDD) •Evolutionary design •Ensure testability •Regression security blanket •Fast! No disk, no database
  8. 8. Continuous Integration •Thou shalt not break the build •Dynamic Tests •Unit •Functional •Static Tests •Bug patterns •Conventions •System of Record
  9. 9. Functional Testing •Manual •Mindmaps •Checklists •Exploration •Automated •Selenium •Integration •Performance
  10. 10. Monitoring •Intelligent log monitoring •System heartbeat •Host environment
  11. 11. Support Client relationships do not end at launch Be: •Proactive •Ongoing •Timely
  12. 12. Small Solar System Bodies
  13. 13. Awesome Organizations... •Do one thing really well •Care •Are trustworthy •Are joyful
  14. 14. People... •Have the right skills •That are kept up to date •Are doing the right things
  15. 15. The Physics (or the glue that holds everything together)
  16. 16. Communication •Honest •Open •External •Internal
  17. 17. Timeboxes •Deliver Quickly •Deliver Often •Short(ish) since we can’t predict the future •Have a clear definition of Done •Constant stream of Value
  18. 18. Technical Debt •Debt is a tool •Use it wisely •Eventually it needs to be paid back
  19. 19. Realistic Expectations •Bug free software is a myth •Just because all the tests pass, doesn’t mean all the bugs have been found •100% coverage does not mean 100% tested
  20. 20. Data That Is •Accurate •Timely •Relevant Background photo by anastaza1a (