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TelexFree Review - Learn How Not To Fail


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Learn how about Telexfree and why 97% of people in our profession fail in this Telexfree review #telexfree

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TelexFree Review - Learn How Not To Fail

  1. 1. ATTENTION: TelexFree Professionals Do You Want To SponsorMore People? Click Here NowLaunched in Brazil over a year ago TelexFree is quickly moving up the ranks of the NetworkMarketing profession. Due to the fact that the company is only a little over a year old it remains to beseen if it will stand the test of time.If you are reading this TelexFree Review, then it’s clear that you areeither trying to find out more facts regarding the company before you even join or you have signed upwith TelexFree and you want to learn how to generate leads and how to sponsor new distributors foryour business. If it is the later and you want more leads and sales for your business click here rightnow.TelexFree Review |A Little History"TelexFree" was originally launched in Brazil January 2012. The company is now headquartered inUSA as of November 2012. Starting as Backbone Telecommunications Service Provider, in businessfor 9 years in USA 12/31/2002,and it changed names from Common Cents Communications toTelexfree.TelexFree Review |What Kind Of Products DoesOffer?TelexFree’s product, 99TelexFree, is a telephone service application which costs $49.99 monthly andprovides customers limitless calls to cell phones and landlines within Brazil, the US and Canada. It alsoallows Free video calls, conference calls, screen sharing with remote access and more. You can use theservice in 42 countriesTelexFree Review |How Do I Get Paid With TelexFree?TelexFree members earn commission on the sale of 99TelexFree subscriptions and the publishing ofads on the internet, $20 for the recruitment of each new member purchasing an AdCentral Membershipand $100 per recruitment of each new member purchasing an AdCentral Family Membership. Eachinternet ad sale will result in a 90% COMMISSION for that product.TelexFree Review |How Do I Join?If are ready to join TelexFree after reading this TelexFree Review then contact your nearest or dearestTelexFree professional and they can assist with getting you signed up.TelexFree Review |How Do I Market My Business?There are many ways to market your TelexFree business. You either market online,offline or both.Offline will mean contacting your warm market and doing business meetings or inviting potentialbusiness partner.Online you can use a system like MLSP to teach you how to market properly and effectively onFacebook, Twitter and other social media sites without spamming people. They also show othermethods learned from 6 and 7 figure earners click here to learn more about the $2 trial. This concludesmy TelexFree Review.Why Do Most People Fail?In this profession you either succeed or you quit there is no fail. Most people end quitting because thesuffer from lack of leads. After they exhausted their warm market they have no person left to talk to.You need more leads and not the kind that you buy. You have to learn how to generate your own leads.P.S. If you want cutting edge tips and tricks for more leads and sales for your TelexFree business now
  2. 2. that you have finished the TelexFree Review share it and take advantage of this free training mentionedabove.