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What Is Graphene?


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The 'wonder material' known as graphene can revolutionize technology of the world.

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Published in: Technology, Business
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What Is Graphene?

  1. 1. In 2004, two Russian scientists used Scotch tape and a graphite rock to discover…
  2. 2. A layer of atoms arranged in a honeycomb structure.
  3. 3. Graphene is… Here’s why…
  4. 4. Graphene is the thinnest known material, only 1 atom thick.
  5. 5. It would take 3 million stacked sheets of it to equal the width…
  6. 6. Of a pencil tip.
  7. 7. Despite being the lightest known material… It’s also the strongest.
  8. 8. Harder than diamond. And 200x stronger than steel.
  9. 9. And 200x stronger than steel. It conducts electricity and heatbetter than any other material.
  10. 10. And allows nothing to pass through it except water.
  11. 11. Imagine flexible cell phones. TVs, thin as wallpaper, that you could roll up and take with you.
  12. 12. Standard-sized batteries that hold a longer charge. Smaller computer chips, leading to faster electronics. Stronger but lighter aircraft that uses less fuel.
  13. 13. With its super conductivity, graphene couldplay a huge part in the future of solar power. And in revolutionizing electric cars by enhancing their batteries – making them more efficient and eventually more affordable.
  14. 14. Graphene has proven to be an anti-corrosion coating for metal that is transparent, thinner, and longer lasting than anything that currently exists.
  15. 15. Graphene’s ability to let nothing pass through itexcept water makes it the world’s greatest filter.
  16. 16. Graphene could cheaply and easily remove salt from seawater, potentially turning the oceans into a vast drinking supply for thirsty populations.