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Steps To Find The Agora URL And Safety Tips


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Check out this slideshare on how to find the Agora Market URL safely.

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Steps To Find The Agora URL And Safety Tips

  1. 1. Steps To Find The Agora URL And Safety Tips
  2. 2. Agora URL is one of the most sought black market sites especially after Silk Road became defunct. Many people find this site reliable and trustworthy besides housing all the activities, services and goods needed. It has however been a daunting task finding the Agora URL and using it safely. This is because there are various measures put in place to allow safe and anonymous registrations.
  3. 3. It is important to acknowledge that black market sites like Agora offer platforms that favor activities of an illegal nature and therefore face constant threat. The two major risks are from legal governmental authorities and the other from hackers. Legal authorities have been trying to break into such sites and track down users for prosecution and possible conviction.
  4. 4. Hackers on the other hand thrive in malicious activities including identity theft since suing them is literally impossible considering the illegal context that characterizes black market sites. For these reasons, one must have certain infrastructure and go through comprehensive verification processes to safely find and join Agora community. However, it is an easy task provided you are informed.
  5. 5. Finding Agora URL safely The Agora URL is only accessible through a special browser called Tor. Other browsers like chrome or explorer cannot access the site. One can download Tor from the internet although precaution has to be taken. As already said, legal bodies are on the trail of persons engaging in black market activities.
  6. 6. They also recognize that Tor browsers are used to access such sites and will therefore be monitoring any download. Before downloading the browser, it is important to obscure your identity by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This provides you with a virtual IP address that cannot be traced to any server. Once you have subscribed to the VPN services, activate and download the Tor browser. You can of course test to assert that the VPN changes your location. Agora usually allows new registrations through referrals from already existing members. These members will provide a registration link through which you can create an account and also receive a link to refer others.
  7. 7. Another security measure you need to use is a USB flash drive. This is where the Tor browser (from which you will have to extract necessary files before launching) and other online information will be stored. Storing information in the USB drive prevents chances of being caught with incriminating evidence on your PC just in case there is a crackdown. Avoid online drives since they are just as easy to hack as other sites. The Tor browser is generally slow in loading and the Agora URL similarly requires several attempts before you’re accepted especially if it is not through a referral link. At the moment, Agora URL is http://agorahooawayyfoe.onion.
  8. 8. Conclusion The use of black market sites and participation in related activities harbors potential risks of prosecution and conviction including jail terms. It is therefore important to ensure maximum security measures by using the above mentioned procedures. A VPN and USB flash drive are effective in providing anonymity and keeping you on the safe side in case of a crackdown. Avoid any activities that may jeopardize your privacy and anonymity. Use a Tor browser and never store any information related to your black market activities on your PC. For more information, visit here at