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All about me


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Published in: Education
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All about me

  1. 1. All about Me By: Abel
  2. 2. My Childhood My name is Abel Gonzalez I am 11 years old My birthday is June 28,1999 I was born in Brownsville, Texas
  3. 3. My Favorite Colors My favorite colors are: Red Yellow Green Orange Blue
  4. 4. My Favorite Foods My favorite foods are: Tacos Hamburgers Fajita Pizza Barbacoa
  5. 5. My Favorite Sports My favorite sports are: Baseball Soccer Dodgeball Basketball Football
  6. 6. My Favorite Movies My favorite movies are: Toy Story 3 2012 Deep Impact Tornados Karate kid
  7. 7. My Favorite Books My favorite books are: Diary of a Wimpy Kid (The Last Straw) Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Dog Days) Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Rodrick Rules) Diary of a Wimpy Kid (The Ugly Truth) Diary of a Wimpy Kid (The Movie)
  8. 8. My Favorite Songs My favorite songs are: Dynomite Satisfaction Boom Boom Pow Right Round The Sky is Falling Down
  9. 9. My Favorite Places To Eat My favorite places to eat is: Coyote Canyon El Pato Churches Kentucky Mcdonalds
  10. 10. Things for Fun Things I do for fun: Play outside Go to my friend’s house Draw Watch a movie Go to Harlingen
  11. 11. My Favorite Games Black Ops Halo Reach Lego Universe Territory War Racing
  12. 12. Things I don’t like about School Reading Preathletics Social Studies Waking up early Harder Work
  13. 13. My Favorite Places
  14. 14. The End