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Owd 09 Universal Broadband


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A speech I will give on September 19th at One Web Day\'s universal broadband workshop at NYU

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Owd 09 Universal Broadband

  1. 1. One Web Day speech What Broadband Is And Why It Is Important Alex Goldman, Broadband consultant, speaker, and journalist
  2. 2. What is Broadband? Faster (compare telegraph to telephone)‏ Low latency (phone call at home vs. phone call to the space shuttle)‏ Further reading: What Is Broadband? FCC Doesn't Know What-Is-Broadband-FCC-Doesnt-Know-241331/
  3. 3. Why is broadband important? As quality of broadband increases, comparable offline services decline in value Many websites now built for broadband, including government and other critical services e-government Critical for business Further reading: Broadband's Impact on Citizen Engagement 25--Broadbands-Impact-on-Citizen-Engagement.aspx The Internet and the Recession
  4. 4. Who has broadband? 63 percent of adult Americans have broadband at home Average price up from $34.50 in 2008 to $39 in 2009 Source: Home Broadband Adoption 2009 Further reading: Recession could lengthen the twilight of dial-up Recession-could-lengthen-the-twilight-of-dialup.aspx
  5. 5. Universal Broadband in the U.S.: A problem and a proposed solution 19 companies now have 93 percent of the market FCC has allocated $7.2 billion to broadband stimulus, aimed at poor and rural areas Source: U.S. Broadband Growth Slowest in Eight Years Further reading: US broadband speeds 15 years behind South Korea FCC Hires Industry Shill to Develop US National Broadband Plan fcc-hires-industry-shill-to-develop-us-national-broadband-plan
  6. 6. Universal Broadband: What other countries are doing Canadian Regulators Send Another Love Letter To Bell Canada Australia biggest ISP admits to lying australia_biggest_isp_admits_t.html BT Heavily Throttling BBC, All Video Broadband speeds around the world
  7. 7. Conclusion: Broadband is Not a Luxury DMCA Finding a job Telework Interacting with government Everyday things: finding a bus schedule, reading the news
  8. 8. If There's Time: Broadband Pricing Local, regional, national, and international pipes are supported by a certain number of users -- less users, higher price. Densely populated and rich areas get served first. Poor and rural areas get served last The price at the edge can be 1000x the price at the core Table 1. Value of bits: $ per megabyte of various services. wireless texting 1000.00 wireless voice 1.00 wireline voice 0.10 residential Internet 0.01 backbone Internet 0.0001 Source:
  9. 9. If There's Time: Regulation Define structural separation Define net neutrality Define ILEC and CLEC Contrast FCC after 2000 with FCC before 2000 Hopes and fears for the present day in U.S. regulation