Shipyard layout improvement


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This is a presentation suggesting improvements in the layout of Chowgule & Co. Ltd., a private shipyard in Goa, India.

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Shipyard layout improvement

  1. 1. Improvements for Chowgule & Co. Ltd. – Shipbuilding DivisionAmbattuparambil Gopi Nikhil – 09NA1008
  2. 2. • Located on River Zuari at Loutulim• Builders, owners & repairers of river – Iron Ore Barges fleets since 1951 – Deep Sea Refrigerated Fishing Trawlers• Developing – Grab & Cutter Section waterways economy Dredgers – Tugs• Built over 100 vessels – Twin-Hull Catamarans including – Floating Restaurants
  3. 3. GOA River Zuari
  4. 4. • Construction Bays on either side of Slipway• Main yard near Outfitting Jetty• Ample amount of Skids for module assembly but scattered• Distance between Stockyard & Main yard• Space between Gate & Main Yard unutilized (trees?)
  5. 5. Production Grit Blasting/Design Room Department Scheduling painting
  6. 6. Assembly CNC ModularLofting of Cutting Construction Modules
  7. 7. Survey Movement Launching Sea Trials
  8. 8. • Slipway – 220m x 20m• 2 Construction bays – either side of slipway – 90m x 30m open space – 90m x 40m open space• Outfitting Jetty 7m x 10m x 15m• Sufficient skids for pre-fabrication of modules/panels• Well equipped workshop
  9. 9. • Shipyard specializes in smaller vessels especially those used in waterways and for fishing• Capacity is limited• Delivery time is of utmost importance – Being a private yard (no Govt support) – To get more orders – Maintain credibility• Will need more facilities if it wants to extend its product catalogue• Best way to improve layout maybe to induct a production flow line model that allows easy flow of materials without bottlenecks
  10. 10. • Set up Stockyard near Checkpoint to reduce travel time of plates coming in and to be nearer to Main yard. Shift Sand blasting unit accordingly• Use the unutilized area to set up Grit blasting/painting & CNC Cutting units – Reduces travel time of modules/plates• Add more (or shift existing) skids nearer to Main yard to reduce travel time of modules• Shift Main office building to give direct access of main yard to construction bays• May shift store to north of Main yard if space permits
  11. 11. • Faster production line• Lesser delivery time  more orders• Lower man-time requirement• Use of lifting equipment freed for better purposes (due to lower amount of shifting of modules & panels)
  12. 12. • Cannot increase production too much due to space constraints• Lack of dry dock reduces capability for advanced outfitting
  13. 13. 09NA1008 Presentation on Improvement of Shipyard Layout in Chowgule & Co. Ltd. – Shipbuilding DivisionAmbattuparambil Gopi Nikhil – 09NA1008