Wind Energy Available for Sale in Tamil Nadu


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Agneya has wind energy available for sale in Tamil Nadu. More than 2 crores units are available for sale at cost lower than grid price.

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  • one of my client needs wind mill for their electricity consumption, let me know do u have any second hand wind mill for sale, drop mali to
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  • We are having buyers in Tamil Nadu . Kindly mail the details at
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Wind Energy Available for Sale in Tamil Nadu

  1. 1. Saving on Energy Cost by Sourcing ofWind Energy through Group CaptiveSchemeDiscussion Document !June 2013!agneya
  2. 2. Agenda!I 21234Group Captive Scheme - IntroductionGroup Captive Scheme – Key BenefitsEnergy Cost Saving through GCSAbout Agneya
  3. 3. Open Access Mechanism!I 31.  Under Electricity Act 2003, any consumer can buy electricity from any 3rd party usingexisting transmission and distribution network of government by paying appropriatefees2.  In Tamil Nadu, open access is granted under Group Captive SchemeUser
  4. 4. Wind Energy Sale – Group Captive Scheme!•  Any energy consumer (manufacturing plant) can source electricity fromcaptive power plant, under Group Captive Scheme (GCS), as specified inThe Electricity Rules, 2005, published by Ministry of Power and approvedby TNERC!•  Under GCS, consumer is required to hold minimum 26% equity in theWind project and should consume minimum 51% of power generatedfrom the Wind project!•  Many consumers in TN are sourcing energy from Wind project throughGCS!•  The landed cost of such energy is lower than cost of electricity fromTANGEDCO!•  Electricity is wheeled to consumption point through existing TANGEDCOgrid network. No infrastructure change is required in existing set up!!I 4
  5. 5. Advantages of using Wind Energy!5•  Energy shortage, high cost power, Renewable PurchaseObligation encouraging consumption of Wind Energy•  Rising cost of conventional fuels like coal, gas, diesel etc. isleading to escalating Electricity Tariffs•  Trend to continue•  Wind provides Electricity at predictable rates over the courseof Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)•  Innovative Commercial Models provides long term EnergySecurity•  Very minimal upfront investment (less than 10% of annualsavings)•  Just Pay for Power ConsumedCost EffectiveLong Term CostForecastGrowing MarketBenefit withoutInvesting
  6. 6. Saving in Energy Bill through GCS!I 6Inputs Sheet!Number of operation shifts! 3!Average energy requirement per month! 20,00,000 !Allowed energy quote during peak! 5%!Industrial tariff per unit! 5.5!Peak hour tariff charge per unit! 1.1!Off peak hour rebate @ 5% of tariff! -0.275!Proposed wind energy tariff! 5.7!Electricity Tax on sale of units! 5%!Annual consumption of plant (KWh)! 2,40,00,000 !Demand of the plant in MW! 3 !Particulars!Unit Cost(TANGEDCO)!Unit Cost(Wind)!Diff!Assumed energyrequirement permonth!Units replacedfrom Wind!Saving!Peak hr cost of electricity! 6.930! 5.70! 1.23! 4,37,500 ! 3,00,000! 3,69,000!Normal hr cost of electricity! 5.775! 5.70! 0.08! 6,25,000 ! 6,00,000! 45,000!Off peak hr cost of electricity! 5.225! 5.70! -0.48! 4,37,500 ! 2,50,000! -1,18,750!MonthlySaving!2,95,250!Annual Saving! 35,43,000 !Assumptions!1. 3 shift operations considered!2. Actual savings may vary depending upon actual data and consumption pattern!Energy Slot! Hours!Evening peak slots (6 pm-10 pm)! 4!Morning peak slot (6 am - 9 am)! 3!Off peak slot (10 pm - 5 am)! 7!Normal slot (5 am-6 am, 9 am-6pm)! 10!
  7. 7. About us!I 7Team!Services offered!Experience!Key Clients!Achievements!•  Established by graduates of IIM Ahmedabad with engineering background!•  Experience across Auto, Chemical, Telecom and Retail sectors!•  Experienced and professional team !•  Business Sustainability!•  Carbon Management!•  Renewable Energy Project Management !•  Executed 21 projects and assignments for 16 organizations successfully!•  Project experience of over 110 MW of wind and solar technologies!•  Facilitated capitalization of 30,000 Renewable Energy Certificates!•  Loreal. GVK. Tata Power. MERC. Atlas Copco. Hindustan AeronauticsLtd. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Rajiv Gandhi InternationalAirport. Mahindra. KEC International. Surana Industries. BMM. DNV. !!•  Helped Electricity Regulator with policy research, tariff order drafting!•  Our work on CDP resulted in our client being ranked 2nd in the CarbonDisclosure Leadership Index among top 200 Indian organizations!•  Turned around 20 MW of renewable energy assets!
  8. 8. THANK YOU!CONTACTS!!Indrajeet Dudile!+91-9028788430!!!Rahul Dasari!+91-8806070783!!I 8