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Pros and cons of working at a spa on a cruise ship


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Pros and cons of working at a spa on a cruise ship

  1. 1. By: Pros and cons of working at a spa on a cruise ship
  2. 2. Most modern cruise ships offer onboard spas and salons as guest amenities. Guests aren't the only ones who enjoy onboard salons; many personal-service professionals relish the opportunity to work at sea. Those who know a few key strategies have smoother sailing when trying to land cruise-ship spa jobs.
  3. 3. Cruise Ship Pros • The biggest pro to cruise ships is the travel. • You are not allowed to select your destination when you are under your first contract, but after that you have more pull so that the next time you can choose your next destination. • You can have some amazing friendships working on cruise ships and build strong relationship with them.
  4. 4. Cruise Ship Pros • The opportunity to work with people from different walks of life and from all over the world can help you open your eyes and learn a lot as a human being. • Not having to worry about paying for food or rent!
  5. 5. Cruise Ship Cons • Being away from friends and family • There is a lot expected from you on board and you have to have a great personality and ability to adapt and learn quickly. • There is high sales pressure from management to sell retail products, so if you’re not good at sales, it can be stressful.
  6. 6. Cruise Ship Cons • You will work everyday with usually only blocks of time off here and there. • A hundred hour work week is not uncommon and even if all those hours aren’t spent performing spa treatments, they are filled with cleaning spa areas, participating in safety drills and work meetings.