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Beautyterm - Beautélogie What Makes Us Different


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Beautyterm is a full-service multilingual communications and translation consulting boutique specializing exclusively in the personal care and cosmetics industry. With a solid activity base in Paris and New York, the world’s undisputed beauty capitals, we use a unique approach to international marketing communications founded on two decades of experience in your markets. Our accumulated knowledge and expertise ensure accurate translated communication solutions that cater to specific language management needs.

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Beautyterm - Beautélogie What Makes Us Different

  2. 2. You have a choice when you look for a language service partner. We hope you will choose us. We think we are different from others. Here's how and why our difference will make a difference to you.
  3. 3. We Live To Help Producing localized beauty copy that is as compelling as its source is our mission! Committed to helping our clients achieve their goals, we work hard to understand their needs and challenges. Because we want them to love the results and the experience. We do this by being honest, direct, responsive and efficient.
  4. 4. We Lead With Knowledge We bring multifunctional expertise based on experience in business and the beauty industry – and as language professionals, writers, linguists and cultural consultants! So the people managing your projects are not one-dimensional "vendors" solely interested in inflating sales. Our project managers are as proficient in translating your message of beauty as our translators.
  5. 5. We Are A Quality Team We promise high quality and we deliver on our promise by working with language experts who share our values and passion. We believe in paying them well for their work because we know that a bargain translation is not a bargain. We value our team members as much as we value our clients.
  6. 6. We Love Language When you are passionate about something like we are, it's bound to show in your work! In addition to knowledge and insight, we also bring to the table a whole lot of inutition and imagination. Why? Because we are inspired by what we do and we think of ourselves as wordsmiths.
  7. 7. We Innovate Loving language means understanding that it is fluid and elastic, growing and changing as society does. We think outside the box to give our clients customized, tailor-made solutions that reflect how language - in any part of the world - is constantly mutating and adapting to the needs of the beauty market.
  8. 8. We Are Global For us, being global doesn't mean sacrificing close local relationships; it just means that our family is much bigger. We work with international companies all over the globe. And our network of language experts around the world ensures the cross-cultural insight and global perspective that are necessary to carry your brand messages across language barriers without a hitch.
  9. 9. BEAUTYTERM BEAUTELOGIE +1 203 550 6548 +33 6 07 75 73 61