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Take your language tests now to be able to study in the best US universities

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Toef li bt_howto_ibs_ah

  1. 1. Welcometo our test center !Welcome to IBS Global Services! The staff here is dedicated toproviding you with an environment that is friendly and suitable fortesting.All you need to do is follow the center’s regulations and focus ondemonstrating your skills: when it comes to everything else, we’rethe ones in charge! 2
  2. 2. TOEFL?What’s that?I am going to the USA next year to study. So I hear I need to takethe TOEFL iBT…If you’re going to study abroad and attend courses delivered inEnglish, chances are that you do. The TOEFL iBT is a test designedto assess a person’s ability to use English in an academic setting.TOEFL iBTUh, so, what was that about a « high beat » ?iBT stands for Internet Based Test: you will indeed usea computer connected to the Internet to take the test.Isn’t technology awesome? 3
  3. 3. RegistrationAlright, let’s do this! How do I register?1) Go to Create a profile3) Follow the instructions, and you’re good to go!How much is it going to cost?The registration fee is US$225.Did you know that you could have your results sent free of charge toup to four recipients if you select them at the time of registration?If you choose to do so after the test, you will be charged anadditional US$17 for each recipient. 4
  4. 4. TOEFL iBTsession calendarDo you know when the TOEFL iBT sessions will take place?Of course, you can check the date of the sessions on our calendaras well as the availability of seats in each of them. 5
  5. 5. RescheduleWhat if something comes up and I can’t take the test when I wassupposed to?• Up until 3 days before the initially scheduled test date, you canstill log in to the ETS website and register for a TOEFL sessionat another time. However, be aware that you will need to pay anadditional US$60 fee for doing so.• Make sure to register early (three to four months before when youplan to take the test) so you can schedule your TOEFL session at aconvenient time. 6
  6. 6. CancelWhat about cancelling my registration altogether?Will I get a refund?You can cancel a scheduled TOEFL session if you need to.Refunds are for half the test fee, and you are only entitled to themif you cancelled your registration by the deadline (three days beforethe test date). 7
  7. 7. Candidateswith disabilitiesCan you make special arrangements for candidates with disabilities?What if I need help with the registration process?• Of course. However, since each candidate may require specificaccommodations, the test center must be informed beforehandof their particular needs. That is why candidates with disabilitiesmay not register online; rather, they need to contact ETSDisability Services and let them know which accommodationsthey are requesting.• If you’re not quite sure what to do, you can always call us and we’llpoint you towards the services you need to contact.• Phone: +33 1 42 80 38 39• Link to contact form: 8
  8. 8. PreparationI guess one does not just walk into an exam room and breezethrough the test… How can I prepare for it ?There’s more than one way to go about it, but you could go to IBSGlobal Services, check their books, use their computers, and evenmeet people who are preparing for the test just like you! 9
  9. 9. On test dayWhat do I need to bring on test day?• You will have to bring a piece of government-issued, validID (passport, driver’s license, national ID) with your name,signature and a photograph on it, as well as a printed copy ofyour confirmation ticket. No documents are allowed during thetest. Please note that only the aforementioned pieces of ID areconsidered valid. Other types of ID such as health insurance cards,student identity cards or professional cards are not admitted.• Food, as well as heavy, cumbersome or expensive items are notallowed within the test center. The test center is not responsible foryour personal belongings. 10
  10. 10. On test dayHow long is the test?The test lasts about four to four hours and a half. You may of courseleave earlier if you’re done.Wait, what? Four hours? That’s... pretty long.Can I take a break at some point?• The test is divided into four parts: Reading, Listening, Speaking,Writing. A 10-minute mandatory break is scheduled after the firsthalf of the test, that is to say after the Listening part. During thebreak, you may leave the test room, but you are still required tofollow the test center’s regulations, meaning that you may not useyour cell phone, PDA or any other electronic equipment.• You may eat during the break, and we even provide the snacks, butnot while taking the test. Taking the whole first half of the test onan empty belly can be pretty harsh, so make sure you eat breakfastbeforehand! 11
  11. 11. After the testI’m pretty sure I’ve failed the I think I did pretty good. I wouldtest I’ve just taken. How long do like to add some institutions toI have to wait before registering the list of recipients so that theyfor another session? know about my results. How doYou may register for another I go about this?TOEFL iBT session seven You may add institutions to yourdays after the last time you list of recipients by logging intook the test. to your TOEFL iBT account on the ETS website. For each institution you add to the list, you will be charged an additional US$17 fee. 12
  12. 12. Results:getting themHey, any idea when I’m supposed to get my scores?I can hardly wait!No worries there. You’ll be able to view your TOEFL scores aboutthree weeks after the test by logging in to your TOEFL iBT accounton the ETS website. Alternatively, ETS will mail a hard copy of yourscores to you four or six weeks after the test.There is no way to speed up the rating process, even for an addi-tional fee. There are no intermediate or temporary scores either.Scores are confidential data between candidates and ETS only. As aresult, the test center is not responsible for handling them. 13
  13. 13. Results: reading them Okay, so I have my results here… Not sure I actually get what they mean though.It’s pretty simple. Remember the four parts of the test? Each isworth 30 points. Add up your scores for each of them, and you’ll getyour grade out of 120!Err… I was asking about the significance. Like, what is consideredgood, what does it mean about my command of English, that kind ofstuff. Is there a scale I can refer to?You can refer to the Common European Framework of Reference(CEFR). It lets you match your scores to a certain level of proficien-cy, so you can know where you stand.I was asked to reach a specific score range for an older version of theTOEFL test. How do I match it to the current TOEFL iBT scale?You can view ETS’s Comparison Table in order to know what yourTOEFL iBT scores amount to on older scales. 14
  14. 14. Closing words You should now know everything you need before taking the TOEFL iBT test. We hope that this guide has been helpful and wish you all the best for your TOEFL iBT experience at our test center. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us! Good Luck! Удача! Buona Fortuna! Bonne Chance!グッドラック! 15
  15. 15. Adresse 200 Rue La Fayette, 75010 Paris, FranceFinding 48.881343,2.366395the test centerIBS Consulting206, rue La Fayette - 75010 ParisBat H 3ème EtageTel : 01 42 80 38 39 - e-mail : Having trouble finding your way to us? This little map should help. ©2011 Google - Données cartographiques ©2011 Tele Atlas - 16
  16. 16. See you again. Illustrations : Kyoko Dufaux Copyrights : iBS Consulting 17