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Communication Management for Startups


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The main steps to communicate a new brand: from market reserach to social media plan.

Communication Management for Startups

  1. 1. COMMUNICATION FOR STARTUPS by Agnese Vellar - Social Media Consultant I3P Picture: Flickr/ jdhancock
  2. 2. Business model canvas Communication is not art or pure creativity. When you plan the communication you should have your business goals in mind. Let’s start with a business model.
  3. 3. Business model How an organization creates, delivers, and captures value. A Business Model Canvas describe the building block of an innovative project starting from the Value Proposition or CVP (customer value proposition): the benefits each market segment get when buying a particular product or service. Market segment 1  need  benefit Market segment 2  need  benefit Needs: - economics (the product is cheaper then competitor) - social: the product is a status symbol… Osterwalder 2010:
  4. 4. You can *not* sell to everyone! • list your customer segments; • quantitative analysis: measure how big they are; • qualitative analysis: choose your early adopters and analyze them: • direct observation: to describe their habits; • informal interviews: to understand their needs, their information channels; • survey: to generalize the observation. • describe personas. Chose 1 or 2 customer segments to start from, based on how big is the market and how easy is to reach: STUDY THE CONTEXT CUSTOMER SEGMENTS
  5. 5. 3 pillars of communication 1. CUSTOMER SEGMENTS: 1. how big are they?  market research 2. who they are?  define personas 2. COMPETITORS: 1. identify brand advantages from competitor 2. identify best practice 3. MARKETING GOAL (KPI): 1. awarness, 2. engagement, 3. conversion. PLAN THE COMMUNICATION 1. TONE OF VOICE 2. BRAND IDENTITY ◦ Logo ◦ Name ◦ Claim 3. CHANNELS 4. EDITORIAL PLAN STUDY THE CONTEXT MONITOR/MEASURE 1. QUANTITATIVE 1. KPI 2. QUALITATIVE 1. people feedbacks 2. people conversations Template:
  7. 7. From mass market (and niche) Consumer behaviour Segment market from a sociodemographic perspective
  8. 8. … to communities Bernard Cova (2003, 2007) A social space with an identity and a common ethos. Understand cultures to create authentic messages
  9. 9. • Markets consist of human beings, not demographic sectors. • Hyperlinks subvert hierarchy. • There are no secrets. The networked market knows more than companies do about their own products. And whether the news is good or bad, they tell everyone. • Companies need to realize their markets are often laughing. At them. Cluetrain Manifesto (1999)
  10. 10. Channels Metodologie Goal Market research Conventional PAID MEDIA mass media Low credibility Invasive Quantitative 1. Brand awarness 2. Selling Focus group Audience measurement (eg: Nielsen ratings ) Web marketing PAID MEDIA new media customization Web analytics Non conventional EARNED MEDIA social spaces Low control Difficult to measure Qualitative 1. Brand reputation 2. Engagement 3. Co-creation Social Media Monitoring Coolhunting - Ethnography The marketing evolution
  11. 11. GOAL WHAT HOW KPI Pro/cons SEND TARGETED MESSAGES Display ADV Banner Retargeting GoogleDisplay Network - PV (page view) - CTR (click through) LEAD, BRANDING (-) paid SM Ads FB, Twitter, LinkedIn YouTube Ad (expansive) E-mail marketing Direct Email Marketing  ADV Newsletter  info FIDALIZE, LEAD, CRM (+) high ROI (-) spam BEING FOUND Search Engine Marketing (SEM) o keywork ADV Google AdWords Adsense PPC = Pay Per Click NUOVI CONTATTI (+) tracking (+) short term results (+) brand awarness (-) visibilità pagata Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Web site Blogging NUOVI CONTATTI (+) earned (-) 3/6 months PARTICIPATION Social Media + Non Conventional Fuel word of mouth - guerrilla (es: flash mob) - street(es: street art) - viral (es: video virale) ROI?! NUOVI CONTATTI, BRANDING, FIDELIZZAZIONE, CRM (+) low cost (-) long term result Web marketing & non conventional
  12. 12. WEB ANALYTICS Google Trend • Is my industry trending up or down? • Where is my target market located?
  13. 13. WEB ANALYTICS SEMRush • What hot topics are related in my industry? • What are people searching for?
  14. 14. WEB ANALYTICS Similarweb Which are my competitor strategies and results?
  15. 15. WEB ANALYTICS SEMRush • What hot topics are related in my industry? • What are people searching for?
  16. 16. WEB ANALYTICS SEMRush • What hot topics are related in my industry? • What are people searching for?
  17. 17. Social Media Analytics Socialbakers • Identify best/worst practice • communication strategies
  18. 18. STUDY THE CONTEXT Explore topic users
  19. 19. STUDY THE CONTEXT Explore influencer
  20. 20. Early adopter
  21. 21. STUDY THE CONTEXT Listening
  22. 22. How can I understang customers? Observing people in the natural environment rather than in a formal research setting. It helps designers create more compelling solutions. “If you want to understand what motivates a guy to pick up skateboarding, you could bring him into a sterile laboratory and interrogate him… or you could spend a week in a skatepark observing him interacting with his friends, practicing new skills and having fun. Ethnography is observing people’s behavior in their own environments so you can get a holistic understanding of their world—one that you can intuit on a deeply personal level.” Li Anne Yu, Cultural Anthropologist. Source:‘’ STUDY THE CONTEXT Ethnography
  23. 23.  Discover new meanings  Understand the norms  Understanding cultural difference and communicate globally  Identify barriers  Communicate effectively: • Where the customers are gathering (on and offline) • Most sharable content • Question asked • interest in the conversation STUDY THE CONTEXT Ethnography What etnography is about?
  25. 25. #2 PLAN THE COMMUNICATION I: create the brand
  26. 26. A company create a brand identity to bring its value to the market and to appeal to its customers. Brand identity HOW TO Branding Definition Tips Brand name words used to identify a company, product or a service. Not formatting required Unique in the same category. Contain relevant kewords for SEO Owning a name: • Trademark • Buy the domain (verify availability in GoDaddy): don’t use special Special characters • Register account in Social Media Logo visual element that helps customers discover, share and remember a brand. Visible and recognisable in the social media profile Payoff synthesize the brand’ mission Less than 8 words Tone of voice Writing style that communicate brand identity Change in different channel Other scents, tastes, sound, …
  27. 27. How advertisers call them: endline, strapline, tagline, baseline, signature, payoff, rip-offs, slogan. BRAND IDENTITY Payoff Whare are they:
  28. 28. • Logo: the visual element that helps customers discover, share and remember a company's brand. It's in the form of an icon (mark or symbol), logotype, or combination of the two. • Color palette: • • • check the color contrast • Typography: • • Supporting graphics. BRAND IDENTITY Identity system
  29. 29. Adapt it for the web and social media. BRAND IDENTITY Visual identity It should be • visible; • easy to appropriate.
  30. 30. BRAND IDENTITY Create a logo with Tailorbrand
  31. 31. BRAND IDENTITY Brand guidelines
  32. 32. The writing style that we use to communicate the brand identity. A company have different ToV for different brand. Each brand has its own personality and shoul be consistent with it. Tone of voice allow to: • differentiate from competitors; • showing personality; • helping gain and retain costumers. PLAN THE COMMUNICATION Tone of voice
  33. 33. The brand value shoul translate into: register, vocabulary and grammar. Ask yourselves: • Should we use jargon? • Can we use humor? • How informal can we be? • What punctuation should we use? • What do our competitors sound like? PLAN THE COMMUNICATION Tone of voice
  34. 34. PLAN THE COMMUNICATION Tone of voice
  35. 35. Decide where your tone of voice sits between these extremes: PLAN THE COMMUNICATION Tone of voice FORMAL CHATTING DETACHED WARM PROFESSIONAL WACKY SERIOUS HUMOROUS LAID BACK LIVELY
  36. 36. The tone of voice depends on the audience: PLAN THE COMMUNICATION Tone of voice Purchasingpower Toneofvoice Useof high sensual mix science and seduction medium-high bombastic adverbs medium crisp humour low colloquial jargon … and channels…
  37. 37. PLAN THE COMMUNICATION Brand guidelines 1. Company ◦ Who are we ◦ Vision/ Mission 2. Logo ◦ Logo negativo ◦ Web logo ◦ Social logo ◦ How to use ◦ How not to use 3. Colors ◦ Palette primaria ◦ Palette secondaria 4. Font ◦ Naming ◦ Payoff ◦ Text 6. Copywriting ◦ Tone of voce (ToV) ◦ Word to use / not to use ◦ Editorial ruoles ◦ Examples of ToV
  38. 38. MONITORING Alerts
  39. 39. # 3 PLAN THE COMMUNICATION II: Online channels
  40. 40. Purchase funnel - Customer journey Awarness Traffic Lead Deal Engagement
  41. 41. Interruption marketing
  42. 42. Interruption  Inbound
  43. 43. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Web site Inbound marketing ATTRACT CONVERT ACT SATISFY INTERNET USERS VIEWER (VIEW) CONTACT (LEAD) CONSUMER (DEAL) INFLUENCER Keyword SEO Where an audience want to find you. Call to Action Feed Social Media Social Media/Blog When you want to find an audience Landing Page Email Marketing Events
  44. 44. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Web site 1. Value Proposition 2. Call to Action: 1. stickness: feed, newsletter, social … 2. conversion to users or customers 3. Testimonials Reassure surfers and searchers that they’ve found what they’re looking for and inform them.
  45. 45. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Web site 1. Valute Proposition 2. Call to Action: 1. stickness: feed, newsletter, social … 2. conversion to users or customers 3. Testimonials Tone of voice: concise, direct, informational
  46. 46. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Web site Start with a landing page
  47. 47. WEB ANALYTICS Alexa
  48. 48. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Analytics 1. Register your website on Google Analytics 2. Tracking code in each page 3. Filter (bot, spam, company staff, …) 4. Goal: tracking conversions (max 20) • Time • URL (destination) • Events (video view, download, link, …) • Pages/visit 5. Monitor • Daily pageview • Bouce Rate • Aquisition • E-commerce reporting 6. Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tool): keyword • Search traffic • Google index  keywords
  49. 49. MONITORING Google Analytics Where does the website traffic come from? Howtoimproveit Weakness Organic search • Content marketing • Onpage SEO • Responsive Design You depend on Google algoritm Direct • Write the url • Url saved • DEM • Brand awarness • Fidelization • DEM Social • Social Media Marketing Referral • other website links • DEM webmail • Link building • Banner adv Expensive
  50. 50. WHAT:  Press release (with quotation)  Style Guide  Pictures  Contact: press / PR  Video  Press review  MEDIA KIT: target / reach WHERE: A. WEB: website (eg: B. MAIL with zip or cloud folder COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Press kit
  51. 51. • Create a news • Link to media agenda • Beware the day • 1 page • Identify uncovered niche • Redemption: 15%  recall • The effectivness of mass media depend on the channel COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Press release
  52. 52. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Blog Leverage your industry knowledge: authoritative, knowledgeable, human. Write: • guides, • subject overviews, • in-depth focus pieces • comment on industry developments.
  53. 53. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Blog 1) Use a Content Management System (WordPress, tumblr, Medium…) 2) Identity: define the core business ◦ About ◦ Header and graphics ◦ Blogroll (max 30) 3) Post regulary 4) Subscription: feed syndication and email 5) Participate in the blog community  drive traffic
  54. 54. Quick: 20% not read Writing: ◦ Short sentences ◦ Underline with bold Text design (space, symbol, …) ◦ Sans serif font ◦ Link, Image (cc), Video Title: ◦ Colons ◦ Quotation mark SEO COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Blog
  55. 55. MONITORING CMS: WordPress 1) suggested for blog ◦ use third level domain ◦ no access to the code 2) suggeste for website, ecommerce ◦ buy a domain and hosting service ◦ install WordPress ◦ choose many different layout ◦ need to update it
  56. 56. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS SEM Search Engine Marketing: - Paid Search: Ads (eg: AdWords) CTR 2% - Organic Search: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) CTR more than 30% Ranking Factor: • SEO off-site: website, link interni, link social (G+, Tumbrl, Wordpress) … • SEO on-site: backlink, authority, … • SEO on-page: SEO Copywriting, URL, … CTR = View/ Clic
  57. 57. 1. Keyword  6 – 8 kw per page 1. Google Trend 2. SEMRush 3. (queries long tail)  target the niche 4. Google Keyword Planner  30 – 100 kw 2. Title with Keyword 1. Keywoord prominenge: at the beginning 2. Keyword proximity: near each other 3. URL (use minus between words) 4. Description: 155 character (usefull for the reader not for SEO) 5. H1, H2, … (6-10 words) 6. Content: kw 3 times, 1 in <strong> 7. IMG: ALT (1 kw). Don’t use underscore. Resize before uploading. 8. <A> anchor text </A> 9. URL: use keyword (2) COMMUNICATION CHANNELS SEO ON-PAGE: copy
  58. 58. 1. Short urls 2. 2 keywords per url 3. readable: higher clic-through-rate 4. https 5. .com is the most trusted option 6. no more that 2 directories 7. no stop words (conjunctions, prepositions, articles …) 8. If change url: Redirect 301 /old-url COMMUNICATION CHANNELS SEO ON-PAGE: URL
  59. 59. A. TOP LEVEL DOMAIN, ◦ clear geotargeting but expensive B. SUBDOMAIN:, http:// ◦ simple to set up but URL doesn’t signal geotargeting to users C. SUBDIRECTORIES: ◦ less manteinance but harder to separate sites COMMUNICATION CHANNELS SEO ON-PAGE: language
  61. 61. Local SEO  Google Places page optimization (category and website ) Reviews in Yelp and Trip Advisor SMO (Social Media Optmization): Real time results from Twitter and G+ DAO (Digital asset optimization): sharing digital content to boost traffic COMMUNICATION CHANNELS SEO and more
  62. 62. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS ASO (App store optimization) Raking factors:  title: insert keyword  Keywords  Category (chose the one with less competitor)  Description  Download (and in the last 48 hours)  Review (add a CTA in the app to ask the review)  answers  Backlinks (google play)  Use  New trend (es: iwatch) Icon: convertion  respect store guideline
  63. 63. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Mobile Burst Campaign
  64. 64. 1. Create account (eg: MailChimp) 2. Create a list 3. Import contact of create a form 4. Creare a template for the newsletter 5. Create the newsletter  CTA: button  Link disiscrizione  A/B Test 6. Check the report  Opening  Click  Unsubscription COMMUNICATION CHANNELS EMAIL MARKETING
  65. 65. KPI DRIVER Tips Open rate sender name Avoid «no-reply» subject Test symbol simboli ☀ ☺ ♥ ✉ pre-header Add a CTA hour test Click-through-rate layout CTA button Contact growth Subject, content, layout Unsubscription Content, frequency Spam complain rate frequency COMMUNICATION CHANNELS EMAIL MARKETING: KPI
  66. 66. EMAIL MARKETING PROFILING Why? 1. Optimize results 2. Automatic email (eg: birthday) How? 1. Direct profiling: explicitly asking the user to fill a form with information. 2. Indirect profiling: creating a link category for each link within the email and using click category information to indicate interest. PAY ATTENTION TO: privacy! • Opt-out: option to request to be taken out of the list. • Single opt-in • Double opt-in (DOI): confirmation email  closed-loop opt-in
  68. 68. MONITORING Email Analytics Mailchimp ContactLab
  69. 69. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS A/B TESTING 1. At least 5,000 subscribers 2. Choose the variable you want to test: ◦ Subject line ◦ From name ◦ Content ◦ Send time 3. Choose a sample size (eg. 20% of your list) 4. Write different combination (2 -3) 5. Use a tool to send the campaign to the sample and watch the performance. 6. The winning campaign will then be sent to the remaining portion of your list automatically, or when you manually end the test period. 7. Better open and click rates (3%)
  70. 70. MONITORING Email + landing
  71. 71. 1. Social Media Audit  ottimization 2. Editorial plan: o where o when o how much o tone of voice 3. Create profile 4. Create content: A. BRAND POST (Content Creation) = Branding B. EMOTIONAL POST (Content Curation): engagement and spreading C. PROMOTIONAL POST 5. Monitor results COMMUNICATION CHANNELS SOCIAL MEDIA
  72. 72. BUSINESS GOALS SM GOALS JANUARY FENRUARY MARCH… Vanity metrics Follower Brand Awarness Reach Brand perception Social Engagement Word of Mouth (WOM) Social Shares Lead Generation Actions Deal Conversion COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Social media goals
  73. 73. User base: 1.440 Million MAU Tone of voice: lively and friendly, but measured. Professional and personal social circles may overlap, so think carefully about what you post (particularly images). Industry: media, sport User practice: maintaining relationships Channels for brands: fanpages, groups When: 2 /day, 7/7, 10:08 a.m. -3:04 p.m. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Facebook
  74. 74. Social Media Analytics Facebook Insight • Identify best/worst practice • Study competitor’s results
  75. 75. 1. Fan page: customize URL  verify 2. Assign roles: admin, editor, … 3. Schedule + analytics 4. Format • Album • Video • Customer interview • Answer a question • Asking questions • Tip 5. Post: 1. 70 -140 characters more effective 2. Mention other fanpages FACEBOOK Fanpage
  76. 76. Altimeter React to real event on online channel CONTENT STRATEGY Real Time Marketing
  77. 77. CONTENT STRATEGY Real Time Marketing Planned/Unplanned event
  78. 78. Guido Barilla, AD Barilla: Barilla family is not a gay family. CRISIS MANAGEMENT User generated content
  79. 79. • Ask sorry • Thank who chi segnala errore • Admit your own fault • Go on Source: pennamontata CRISIS MANAGEMENT Ask sorry
  80. 80. CONTENT STRATEGY Retro Marketing
  81. 81. Goal: • Remind the brand • Sharability (6-7 visit to convert user into a costumer) Channels: • Blog • Tutorial • Ebook • Infografics • Email marketing  cross e up selling COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES Content marketing
  82. 82. CONTENT STRATEGY Content curation • Create a list • Check once a day • Share content
  83. 83. FACEBOOK Post visibility Reach: 6% Reason: Facebook algorithm Edge Rank  visibility Interest: like, comments, share. More score for new friends.
  84. 84. FACEBOOK New’s feed ranking • Engagement rate = (Likes + Comments)/Total of Fans NEW: • Time Spent on Stories without opening it • Spend Time Reading NO click baiting (T click / T back) • Diversity of Page Posts
  85. 85. Engage an existing community • Identify groups / conversation  Facebook Graph Search (english only) • Lurk and *than* communicate • Use original contents to build relationships  seeding • Ask for feedbacks • Be onest on your own aim COMMUNICATION STRATEGY Engagement
  86. 86. Create your own community (eg: forum, pagina Facebook) 1. Give a goal  call to action 2. Define an identity that allow to feel part of it 3. Create “spreadable” media: • meaningfull for a niche • stimulate users to create UGC COMMUNICATION STRATEGY Community building
  87. 87. COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES Involve fan Needs to share their passion. Needs a collective identity to identify with. Needs to be appreciated by the brand.
  88. 88. Socialbakers COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES VIRALITY 8 weeks + generate buzz + launch or pre-campaign + focus the people interest - Geographic segmentation - Explain
  89. 89. Reach • video 8.71% • Text 5.77% • link 5.29% • pictures 3.37% Fonte: Socialbakers COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES VIRALITY
  92. 92. COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES Virality Why people share: 1. Reputation 2. Access to something exclusive 3. Co-creation 4. Competition and winning 5. Altruism
  93. 93. COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES Virality Refer-a-Friend: compelling offer for both the “referrers” and the “referees”. Social Sweepstakes: contest  spread the word on your behalf. Polls and Voting: share their opinions  build relationships & valuable information about your target audience’s likes and dislikes. Flash Deals  time-sensitive deal (Groupon model). Marketo – Definite Guide To Social media
  94. 94. Advertising / Promoted Post o Reach 89% of the userbase (traditional adv reach 38%) o Targeting: at least 5.000 – 10.000 users • Web site custom audience • Lookalike: retargeting  target group (minimum 20 emails) o Objective: • Promote post • Click • Conversion: create pixel on the thank you page Facebook Fan page Ads
  95. 95. FACEBOOK Advertising: formats WHERE CTR CPC Best for Newsfeed very high high engagement Right column low low retargeting and custom audience Mobile high app mobile Instagram
  96. 96. FACEBOOK Advertising tools  Sponsored post: max 7 days  Ads editor  Power editor  Ads scheduling  Promote post not published  Facebook exchange – other external tools
  97. 97. FACEBOOK Advertising tools Power editor: 3 levels 1. Campaign: define objective 2. Ad set:  budget  schedule  audience 3. Ads: creative  Image  Text  CTA button
  98. 98. User base: 316 Million MAU Tone of voice: topical, immediate, irreverent. It’s the place to mix the personal and professional, with a strong emphasis on the present moment and humour. Industry: media, politics, tv, sport, travel, auto, mum. User practice: news sharing, social tv COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Twitter
  99. 99. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Twitter Basics FEATURE DEFINITION TIPS TWEET expression of a moment or idea. It can contain text, photos, and videos. • use clear CTA • highlights the behind-the-scenes access to exclusive content as it unfolds • asking people to participate by sharing photos • add pictures and videos: drive a 3x higher engagement rate than Tweets with copy only. • use less than 100 characters. PROFILE PICTURE personal picture uploaded on your profile ACCOUNT NAME @USERNAME the way your name appears on Twitter and @username is used to call out an individual in a Tweet. HASHTAG used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. allow people to join a conversation about a specific topic on Twitter. join existing conversations when users generate a hashtag. generate a hashtag to kick start a conversation and build an audience unique to their brand. RETWEET Share a Tweet with your followers. You can even add your own thoughts before you share it. REPLY Comment on a Tweet and join the conversation. LIKE let the author know you like it. FOLLOW their Tweets appear in your timeline.
  100. 100. Followers are your social capital. Where to start: from your contact list Clean up: • • Do's: create lists  content curation Don'ts: use automatic messages COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Following
  101. 101. What: a string of characters prefixed with the # symbol that used on a social media becomes a clickable link. Why: connect messages on a common subject  connect people with common interests: How: • Events or conferences: #Oscars2016 #MWC2016 listen in on an industry event without being there • Disasters or emergencies: #JeSuisCharlie #PrayForHaiti • Holidays or celebrations: #WorldNutellaDay #OneHaleOfAWedding • General interest topics: #IloveLondon #ChocolateLovers  joining discussions • Popular hashtags: #tbt #MotivationMonday • Branded: #ExpediaChat #furlafeeling  promote a campaign • Unbranded can be hijacked deliberately or accidentally. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Twitter hashtag
  102. 102. • Short: broad enough to get traffic, yet specific enough to be targeted. Are you writing about travel in London? Ditch the #London hashtag and replace it with something like #Londontravel • Seamlessly integrated: seamlessly into your sentence (rather than bunging them in at the end) then you can keep your copy flowing smoothly. • Unique • Limited to one or two per Tweet • Disambiguous: #Powergenitalia  #Powergen_italia COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Twitter hashtag how to
  103. 103. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Twitter hashtag how to
  104. 104. STUDY THE CONTEXT Identify opinion leader
  105. 105. When: 5–20 /day, 18’ persistency of a tweet Plan • third-party links, • personal links (e.g. to your blog) • personal observations. Strategies: • Real time marketing; • Online PR; • Social TV; • Real time video: Promoted Video, Twitter Amplify, SnappyTV, mobile video uploads, Vine, and Periscope. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Twitter
  106. 106. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Social media management
  107. 107. TWITTER WOM  Referral Marketing
  108. 108. TWITTER WOM  Referral Marketing Crowdspeaking:
  109. 109. Follower campaign: Promoted Accounts appear in the Home timeline or the “Who to follow” widget. - CPFollower Website clicks or conversions campaign: Promoted Tweet with a Website Card. Website Cards are visible in the search results and timeline. Tweet engagements campaign: Promoted Tweets appear in the timeline and search results. App installs or engagements campaign: App installs or engagements campaigns use Promoted Tweets with a media-forward App Card. The Promoted Tweet with Mobile App Card appears on a person’s timeline (on mobile only). Leads on Twitter campaign: seamlessly exchange their email address with your brand so you can capture more leads. This campaign type incorporates a Promoted Tweet and Lead Generation Card. Video views campaign: Once Promoted Videos start playing in the timeline in 100% view, you will get charged on a cost-per-view (CPV) basis when 3 cumulative seconds of video have been viewed, or if the user clicks to unmute/expand – whichever comes first. Native video on Twitter drives more overall engagement than third party videos shared on Twitter. Build Brand Awareness: Promoted Trends can drive mass awareness and kickstart a conversation and have long term impact. With a 73% lift in brand mentions, had their greatest impact the day they ran. Promoted Trends appear at the top of the list of trending topics and in a user’s timeline. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Twitter - Ads
  110. 110. Geo-location a variety of real-time signals based on where someone is located. Gender : gender is determined by public signals that people share on Twitter. This can include things like the accounts they follow. Language Device Interest category: person’s interests from categories like sports and beauty to sub-topics like college baseball or skin care. There are over 350 categories to choose from. Follower Keyword Television Tailored Audiences  remarketing to groups defined based on things like website visits, email addresses, mobile phone numbers, mobile advertising IDs and Twitter IDs. Behaviors and partner audience COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Twitter - Targeting
  113. 113. TWITTER Analytics
  114. 114. User base: 400 Million MAU Tone of voice: topical, immediate, irreverent. It’s the place to mix the personal and professional, with a strong emphasis on the present moment and humour. Conten • backstage pictures (eg: Pictures ofthe workspace) • “Throwback Thursday” #TBT • Inspirational - quote • Statistics Strategies: Hashtag Influencer marketing; Instagramathon COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Instagram
  115. 115. INSTAGRAM Hashtag Writing: when you write a new post and start typing in a hashtag using the # symbol, Instagram will actually suggest hashtags to you based on their popularity. Search: clicking the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen, which brings you to the "Explore" tab. From there, type the hashtag name into the search box at the top of your screen, and toggle your results by "Tags":
  116. 116. User base: 100 Million MAU Tone of voice: urbane, friendly, professional, concise. Keep your profile updated, connect with members of relevant groups and consider what your interests say about you. Answer questions in your area if you can add value. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS LinkedIn
  117. 117. • Professional headshot • Summery with keywords and add a bit of your own personality • Vanity url: unique URL  it into email signatures • Include keywords in job position title • Link: Websites + Twitter handle • Under “Specialties”, include a line list all skills one on top of the other to make your profile easy to read • Plenty of skills in the “Skills” section • Reach 500+ COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Profile
  118. 118. IMAGE Canva: social media graphic content (web, freemium) Notegraphy: graphic notes for social media (web, app) Social Image Resizer: resize image for social media BeFunky: foto editing Infogram: to create infographics Freepik: vector images (free) COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Visual resourches PICTURES Pexels: micro-stock pictures Shutterstock: pictures (pay) FONT download font Whatafont: find font MULTIMEDIA: Showbox: web video editing (freemium)
  120. 120. A. PRODUCT: whic feature boost conversions? B. MARKETING: which channel work best for each target canale (based on volume, cost and convertion)? C. BUSINESS: 5-10 step di conversione per descrivere il ciclo di vita dell’utente MONITORING/MEAURE Goals
  121. 121. Qualitative: Usability Testing / Session Monitoring: what users do. Which problems face. Quantitative: Traffic Analysis / User Engagement Comparative: A/B, Multivariate Testing: which copy/UI works better Competitive: monitoring competitor COMMUNICATION CHANNELS Web site testing
  122. 122. Measure: ◦ Target ◦ Channel (social, SEM, organic, PR, …) ◦ Campaign goal (“buy”, “download”) ◦ Landing Page & CTA ◦ Copy & Graphics Conversion: ◦ best-performing (%) channel /campaign / copy ◦ largest-volume (#) channel /campaign / copy ◦ lowest-cost ($) channel /campaign / copy MONITORING/MEAURE Quantitative and comparative
  123. 123. Onsite metrics Website Landing page Blog Deal Closed leads Time, page view, comment, subscription Offsite metrics Twitter Follower, mentions, retweets Facebook page Fan, like e comments Linkedin Follower YouTube View, comments MONITORING/MEAURE Quantitative KPI
  124. 124. - monitoring a word, a keyword or a brand  identify sintoms; - listening: identify causes.; - analytics: measure KPI (mention, tweet, …). MONITORING/MEAURE Social media
  125. 125. MONITORING/MEAURE Customer lifecycle CATEGORY ACTIVITY MARKETING CHANNELS Acquisition view Direct, Tv commercial , business development, PR, SEO, SEM, Blog, Email , … Activation Enjoy 1° visit Feature Activation criteria • 10-30+ sec • 2-3+ page view • 3-5 + clicks • Use key features Retention Come back • Email (weekly/monthly) • Alert • Blog • Content marketing Referral Suggest to other • Campagne Adv • Contest • Email • Widget Revenue Monetization Source: Dave McClure, Startup Metrics for Pirates
  126. 126. MONITORING/MEAURE Conversion metrics Source: Dave McClure, Startup Metrics for Pirates STEP User activity Conv. % Value (example, not real) Acquisition View From different channels • SEM, SEO, Affiliates (es: TradeDouble) • Blog (Recensioni, Post a pagamento) • DEM (conv. 0,1%), • Social 100% $.01 Browse the website (2+ page, 10+ sec, 2+ click) 70% $.05 Activation Use (X page, Y sec, Z click) 30% $.25 Lead (Email/Blog/RSS) 5% $1 Profile (fill the form with data) 2% $3 Retention Open, update status Clickthru Rate (CTR) 3% $2 Repeated view (3+ view in 1 month) 2% $5 Referral Suggest 1 view 2% $3 Suggest 1 subscription 1% $10 Revenue minimum revenue 2% $5 break-even revenue 1% $25
  127. 127. MONITORING KPI KPI DAU Daily active user MAU Montly active user CPM Cost per mi CTR Click-through rate CPC Cost per click CPL acquisizione dei contatti (prospect) 5-10 euro CPA/CPE Cost per action /engagement (es: retweet) CPI/CPD per istallazione o dowload 1.000 euro es: 2000 dowload 0,50 CPLU loyal users (es: 3 sessione al mese per alcuni mesi) 2 euro a utente LTV long time value ARPU everage per user
  128. 128.  Social media: monitor the information flow  Identify topics  Identify power users  Launch and manage the interaction campaign  live content  Forecast contest’ winners MONITORING Conversation
  129. 129.  Awareness  Roi  Relationship with influencers  Crisis management  Dialogue  generate innovation  Advocacy à WOM  Supporting in the community MEAURE SOCIAL CAMPAIGN Goal
  130. 130. -- HOW TO -- DATA -- CASE HISTORY RESOURCES -- YOUTUBE Dellimellow -- SOCIAL MEDIA Davide Licordari Julius design
  131. 131. Agnese Vellar - @agneseh Picture: Flickr/ jdhancock