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Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame

Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame Digital Exhibit

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Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame

  2. 2. T. J. Carter, Sr. 1919 - 1968 Outstanding Agriculturist 1967 •Cattleman •Conservationist •President, Manatee County Farm Bureau •Supervisor, Manatee River Soil and Water Conservation District, 8 years •Boys Club •American Legion
  3. 3. Edgar Hilleary Price, Jr. 1918 - 2012 Outstanding Agriculturist 1968 •Agri-business •Commercial Flower Grower •Vice-President, Tropicana Products •Florida Gladiolus Growers Association •Florida Citrus Commission •Florida Horticultural Society •State Senator •Manatee County Distinguished Citizen Award, 1971 •Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame, 1992
  4. 4. Robert Blake Whisenant 1929- Outstanding Agriculturist 1969 •Farmer and Banker •Conservationist •Production Credit Association •Farm Bureau Leader in Progressive Agricultural Practices •Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor, 16 years •Innovative Resource Manager •Manatee County Distinguished Citizen Award, 1995
  5. 5. Robert Billingsley Whisenant 1903 - 1978 Outstanding Agriculturist 1969 •Farmer •Engineer •Inventor •Started “Wide-Row” Farming System •Invented Many Implements for Vegetable Production •Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame, 1997
  6. 6. T.P. “Tip” Winter 1900 - 1983 Outstanding Agriculturist 1970 •“Mr. FFA” •Vocational AgricultureTeacher for 40 years •Future Farmers of America •Order of the Owl
  7. 7. John N. McClure 1900 - 1977 Outstanding Agriculturist 1971 •Vegetable Grower •Cattleman •Banker •Charter Member, Manatee River Soil and Water Conservation District •Founder, West CoastTomato •Manatee Agriculture Distinguished Service Award
  8. 8. H. Shelton Moody 1890 - 1980 Outstanding Agriculturist 1972 •Banker •Philanthropist •Manatee County Distinguished Citizen Award, 1962
  9. 9. Irving Harris Stewart 1922 - 1998 Outstanding Agriculturist 1973 •“Mister Conservation” •Farm Bureau Friend of Agriculture Award •Manatee River Soil and Water Conservation District Conservationist of theYear Award, 1998 •Florida Wildlife Conservationist Award •Manatee County Distinguished Citizen Award, 1983 •Charter Member, Manatee County Agricultural Museum •Deacon
  10. 10. Donald Stafford Burgis 1913 - 2004 Outstanding Agriculturist 1974 •Horticulturist •Research •Gulf Coast Research & Education Center 1946-1980 •Helped make dramatic changes in the Florida Vegetable Industry
  11. 11. Ed Lee Ayers 1892 - 1989 Outstanding Agriculturist 1975 •Entomologist •Manatee County Agricultural Agent, 18 years •State Plant Board Commissioner •Manatee County Distinguished Citizen Award, 1972 •Palmetto Historical Commission
  12. 12. Lynn Harrison 1917 - 2003 Outstanding Agriculturist 1976 •Cattleman •Conservationist •Range Man of theYear, 1973 •Manasota Basin Board •President, Southwest Florida PCA •Chairman, Manatee River Soil and Water Conservation District, 20 years •Chairman, Peace River Electric Cooperative
  13. 13. E.J. “Jack” Beazley 1902 - 1984 Outstanding Agriculturist 1977 •Vegetable Grower •Conservationist •“Outstanding Conservationist,” Manatee River Soil and Water Conservation District, 1968
  14. 14. Peter Stuart Harllee 1913 - 2003 Outstanding Agriculturist 1978 •Vegetable Grower •Financier •Conservationist •Agri-business •Introduced Drip Irrigation •Pioneered Integrated Pest Management •Manatee County Distinguished Citizen Award, 1990 •Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame, 1989
  15. 15. Thurmond L. Smith 1914 - 1977 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1978 •Rancher •Manatee County Cattlemen’s Association •Manatee County Historical Society •Manatee County Horsemen’s Association
  16. 16. Anthony T. Rossi 1900-1993 Outstanding Agriculturist 1979 •Founder,Tropicana, Inc. •Inventor •Citrus Marketing •Manatee County Distinguished Citizen, 1958 •Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame, 1987
  17. 17. W. Harper Kendrick 1913 - 1968 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1979 •County Agent 1952-1967 •USDA Superior Service Award, 1962 •Distinguished Service Award •Bradenton Kiwanis Club
  18. 18. William P. Mixon, Jr. 1928 - 2016 Outstanding Agriculturist 1980 •Citrus Producer and Shipper of Fresh Fruit •President, Mixon Fruit Farms •Director, Florida Citrus Mutual •Pioneered use of Micro-Jet Irrigation •Manatee County Farm Bureau
  19. 19. Will E. Waters 1931 - 2013 Outstanding Agriculturist 1981 •Horticulture •Director of Gulf Coast Research and Education Center •Published 240 Scientific, Technical Papers •Winner of many research awards
  20. 20. Eleanor Hill McKay 1920- Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1982 •Secretary •Manatee County Extension Service, 30 years •Manatee Fair Association, 35 year Service Award
  21. 21. Lawrence Reagan 1932 - 2015 Outstanding Agriculturist 1982 •Agri-business •Dairyman •Manatee Dairies, Inc. •President, Suncoast Milk Producers and Dairy Farmers, Inc. •OutstandingYoung Farmer, 1968
  22. 22. R. Earle Lucas, Jr. 1918 - 2014 Outstanding Agriculturist 1983 •Agri-business •CEO, Producer Fertilizer Company •Kiwanis Club •4-H Foundation •Farm CityWeek •Agriculture Advisory Council •Charter Member, Manatee County Agricultural Museum •2002 Florida 4-H Hall of Fame •2009 Outstanding Citizen of Manatee County
  23. 23. Norma G. Gill 1930 - 2000 Outstanding Agriculturist 1984 •Agricultural Reporter •Manatee River Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor •Cattlewoman • Florida Association of County Agents Outstanding Agriculturist Award, 1980 •Palmetto Historical Commission
  24. 24. J. Randolph Snell 1923 - 2014 Outstanding Agriculturist1985 •Dairyman •Chairman of Pollution Control Board when Local Air and Water Pollution Act adopted •Co-Organizer of theTampa Independent Dairy Farmers Association •Author
  25. 25. Walter L. Preston 1928- Outstanding Agriculturist 1986 •Horticulturist •Citrus and Flowers •President, Manatee Fruit Company •Governor’s Task Force, Future of Florida Agriculture •“Outstanding Agriculturist”, Florida Association of County Agents, 1980
  26. 26. Victor C. “Vick” Blackstone 1912 - 1987 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1987 •Cattleman •National Cowboy Hall of Fame, 1982 •Manatee County Distinguished Citizen, 1980 •Named “Outstanding Man in Agriculture” by Florida County Agents Association, 1978
  27. 27. A.B. “Archie” Powell 1912 - 2005 Outstanding Agriculturist 1987 •Cattleman •Manatee River Fair Association •4-H Foundation •Kiwanis Club of Bradenton •Salvation Army •Boy’s Club •Army Major •Manatee County Distinguished Citizen, 1996 •Manatee CountyTax Assessor , 1961-1974
  28. 28. Henry Wildes Harrison 1880 - 1951 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1987 •Cattleman •Meat Packer •Conservationist •Pioneer in using Brahman Cattle and improved pasture grasses
  29. 29. Pliny Ward Reasoner 1863 - 1888 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1987 •Horticulture •Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame, 1981 •Co-Founder of Florida’s Oldest Continually Operated Nursery
  30. 30. Egbert Norman Reasoner 1869 - 1926 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1987 •Horticulture •Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame, 1980 •Co-Founder of Florida’s Oldest Continually Operated Nursery
  31. 31. Henry Clifford Webb 1865 - 1917 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1987 •Inventor •General Contractor •Built “Webb” Plow for land clearing •WardTemple AME church •Master Mason
  32. 32. Kimball Chase Atwood 1853 - 1934 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1988 •Citrus Pioneer •Seaboard Railroad Director •Atwood Grapefruit Company •World’s largest grapefruit grove, 1895 •Banker
  33. 33. Robert Johnson “Jack” Taylor 1911-1996 Outstanding Agriculturist 1988 •Agri-business •Vegetable Grower •Banker •Conservationist •Promoted Drip Irrigation •Packinghouse Owner •Improved Migrant Housing and Labor
  34. 34. John Pope Harllee, Jr. 1909 - 1961 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1988 •Vegetable Grower •Banker •Manatee County School Board •President, Bradenton Production Credit Association •Florida Fruit andVegetable Association •Cattlemen’s Association •Rotary
  35. 35. Dan P. McClure 1926 - 2006 Outstanding Agriculturist 1989 •Farmer and Rancher •County Commissioner for 16 years •Inducted into the Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame 2010 •West Coast Inland Navigation District •StateTomato Committee •Sarasota-Manatee Airport Authority •Kiwanis Club of Bradenton •Salvation Army •Charter Member Manatee County Agricultural Museum •Sunday SchoolTeacher
  36. 36. Eugene Abe Mixon 1935- Outstanding Agriculturist 1989 •Citrus •Pioneered local use of Jet Spray Irrigation •President, Florida Gift Fruit Shippers Association •Co-owner, Mixon Fruit Company •Manatee River Soil and Water Conservation District
  37. 37. Cecil Ray Burnett 1909 - 1987 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1989 •Family Farmer •Vegetable & Citrus •Conservationist •Outstanding Conservationist, Manatee River Soil and Water Conservation District, 1960 •Florida Banker’s Association Conservation Award, 1962 •Deacon
  38. 38. John Agostini Blaser, Sr. 1902 - 1966 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1989 •Horticulturist •Pioneer in House Plants •Innovator of Nursery Productions & Marketing Techniques •Premiered Interior Foliage Industry •Patented Dracaena “Baby Doll”
  39. 39. Lawrence Lundy Dirr 1883 - 1963 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1990 •Father of Commercial Gladiolus Industry in Florida •Organizer and First President, Florida Gladiolus Growers Association •Florida Flower Association
  40. 40. Carl Campbell Fraser 1881 - 1962 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1990 •Ornamental Plant Grower •Nurseryman •American Florist Award •Three Syngonium Varieties •Developed Steam Sterilization for Media and Containers •One of the first in area to use elevated benches for growing plants which produced nematode-free plants •Member Florida Nurserymen & Growers Association
  41. 41. Amegda Jack Overman 1920 - 2011 Outstanding Agriculturist 1990 •Developed fumigation practices to permit repeat use of old agriculture land for vegetables and ornamentals •Internationally known expert on Nematodes •1982 Society of Nematology Award for Excellence •1985 Presidential Award from the Organization ofTropicAmerican Nematologists •Extensive research on efficient irrigation, control of soil diseases and insects •Author of 217 publications •IFAS Professor, 40 years •Master Gardner Volunteer, in retirement
  42. 42. Emmett Alexander McCray 1914 - 2004 Outstanding Agriculturist 1991 •Teacher •Farmer •Agri-business •NFA Advisor, Lincoln High School, 25 years •Farm Co-op Organizer •Order of the Owl •President, Manatee Teacher Association •Deacon
  43. 43. Sylvester John Lynch 1910 - 1976 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1991 •Horticulturist •Nurseryman •Researcher •Florida State Horticultural Society •Florida Nursery Growers Association •Founding Member Mango Forum •Lychee Growers Association President
  44. 44. Grover Cleveland Vowell 1885 - 1971 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1991 •Farmer •Peach broker •Inventor •Developed and built mechanical tomato sprayer •First Horse-drawn sprayer •Gamble Mansion Restoration •Pioneer in staked tomatoes and sub-tile irrigation
  45. 45. Edward Cooper McLean 1871 - 1937 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1992 •Pioneer Vegetable Grower •Known as “E.C.” – Mr. Agriculture •Commission Merchant and Produce Shipper •Early user of Sub-Irrigation •Packing House Operator •Bank Director and Philanthropist
  46. 46. Robert Ogden Magie 1906 - 1997 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1992 •Plant Pathologist •Horticulturist •Gulf Coast Research Center 1945- 1977 •World-renowned Authority on Gladiolus •Published 200 research papers •Editor “Gladiograms” Newsletter •North American Gladiolus Council •Boy Scout Leader
  47. 47. Cecil L. Reagan 1921-2000 Outstanding Agriculturist 1992 •Dairy Farmer •Leader in Dairy Waste Pollution abatement •Promoted efficient Dairy Management •Shriner •Florida Bankers Association Conservation Award, 1964 •Supporter, Crippled Children’s Hospital
  48. 48. Carroll M. Geraldson 1918 - 2007 Outstanding Agriculturist 1993 •Soil Chemist •Horticulture •Ag Research •Gulf Coast Research and Education Center, 1951-1990 •Researched Black Heart in Celery and Blossom End Rot inTomato •Innovative in development of full bed plastic mulch •Containerized production •Intensity and Balance (I&B) Soil testing •Recognized research author •Collaborated in the incorporation of gradient system in invention of Earthbox
  49. 49. Herman Gates Burnett 1903 - 1972 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1993 •Dairyman •Conservationist •County Commissioner •Manatee & Florida Dairy Association •Florida Land Bank, Farm Bureau, Island Bank •Charter Supervisor of Manatee River Soil & Water Conservation District •Initiated Pasture Irrigation and “Calf Hotel” •Artificial breeding for herd improvement
  50. 50. Eric Vernon Golby 1908 - 2004 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1993 •“Mr. Hibiscus” •Horticulturalist •Nurseryman •Author •Teacher •Consultant •Lecturer •Outstanding Horticulturalist, Florida Nursery Growers Association 1979 •Rare Fruit Council •Palm Society International •Cycad Society •Hibiscus Educator and Judge
  51. 51. John Pope Harllee, Sr. 1882 - 1962 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1994 •Grower •Packer •Public Servant •Manatee County Commissioner 1928- 1940 •Palmetto City Council 1922-1926, Mayor 1926-1928 •Farm Bureau •Cattlemen’s Association •Kiwanis Club •Distinguished Citizen, 1956 •Promoted “Tomato Disease Laboratory” University of Florida Experimental Station and Manatee Agriculture Center
  52. 52. Herbert E. Cook 1928 - 2003 Outstanding Agriculturist1994 •Dairy Farmer •Production Credit Association, 1958- 1963 •Southwest Florida PCA, 1963-1986 •4-H Club Foundation •Manatee County Extension Advisory Committee •Florida Council Farm Cooperative, Service Award •Conservationist •Supporter of Proper Land Use
  53. 53. Raymond F. Lee, Jr. 1924 - 2009 Outstanding Agriculturist 1995 •Educator •Teacher, Agriculture, Manatee County High School, 10 years •Adult andVocational Director of Community Program 1961-1992 •Developed program from site to completion of FirstVo-Tech Center in Florida •Executive Director of Manatee County Farm Bureau •Charter Member, Manatee County Agricultural Museum
  54. 54. Walton “Tink” Fulford 1903 - 1965 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1995 •Commercial Fisherman •Philanthropist •Cortez Leader and Supporter •An example of life committed to Fishing Resources, his community (Cortez) and his family
  55. 55. Bryon M. Smith, Sr. 1910 - 1990 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1996 •Kilgore Seed •Asgrow Kilgore Co. •Seeds and Farm Chemicals •“Smitty” •Store Manager 1933-1975 •Farmers’ Friend and Advisor •Manatee County Fair Director •Farm Bureau •Charter Member, Palmetto Kiwanis •Methodist •Mason •Shriner
  56. 56. John Peachey 1935- Outstanding Agriculturist 1996 •Dairy Farmer •Industry Promoter •Dairy Farmers, Inc. •National Dairy Production and Research Board •Dairy Herd Improvement Association •Tampa Independent Dairy Farmers •National Milk Producers, Inc. •United Dairy Association Delegate
  57. 57. John A. Blaser II 1932 - 2007 Outstanding Agriculturist 1997 •Nurseryman •Former President, Florida Nursery Growers Association •Outstanding Florida Nurseryman of theYear •State Landscape Architects Board •Established State FNGATrade Show •“Lay Extension Leader”
  58. 58. Hiram Thomas “Tom” Reeder 1896 - 1949 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1997 •Innovative Farmer and Rancher •Churchman •Humanitarian •Manatee County Growers Association •Director, Ruskin Growers Co-op •Navy, World War I
  59. 59. David G.A. Kelbert 1894 - 1971 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1998 •Tomato Breeder and Researcher •Florida Fruit andVegetable Association Research Award, 1965 •Gulf Coast Research and Education Center •Southwest Florida Research and Education Center
  60. 60. Richard M. Aalberg 1939- Outstanding Agriculturist 1998 •County Extension Director, 1975- 2000 •Originated Extension Water School •Gave leadership to New (2003) Extension Building •Initiated 1st Public Meeting (1979) to establish Agricultural Museum •Chairman of Museum Capital Fund Drive (1998-99) •Two terms as Museum President 2000-2002 •Twenty FiveYear Museum Board Member
  61. 61. William H. Gillett 1846 - 1916 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 1999 •First CommercialTomato Grower •Founder Parrish Baptist Church •Pioneer Cattleman •Fruit Grower
  62. 62. Arlin Taylor 1930- Outstanding Agriculturist 1999 •Conservationist •Cattleman •Diversified Rancher: citrus, hay, sod •Rodeo Rider •U.S. Army •Baptist Deacon
  63. 63. Joel Hendrix 1811 - 1892 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 2000 •First Citrus Shipper •First in GreenVegetable Shipping •First General Store in Palmetto •First Palmetto Postmaster
  64. 64. James C. Nanney 1926 - 2014 Outstanding Agriculturalist 2000 •Florida State Horticulture Society •Florida Flower Association Research Committee •Florida Strawberry Growers Association •Gladiolus, Chrysanthemums, Strawberries •Ag Consultant for Agency for International Development •Scout Master
  65. 65. Kathryn Vassel Kermode 1914 - 2011 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 2001 •First Female Commercial Vegetable Grower in Manatee County •Author •Manatee County Historical Commission •Palmetto Historical Commission •Distinguished Service Award •Eastern Star
  66. 66. John Jacob Diem 1919 - 2016 Outstanding Agriculturist 2001 •Chairman of Board, Southern Ag •Entrepreneur •Ag Advisor •Rotarian •Deacon •Community Leader
  67. 67. Franklin Clifford Armstrong 1858 - 1930 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 2002 •EarlyTerra Ceia grower, shipper and landowner •Grower of “Terra Ceia” brand grapefruit •Director of Independent Line of Steamships •Seaboard Air Line Railroad Director •Founder, Gillette Cemetery
  68. 68. Travis E. Seawright 1939 - 2016 Outstanding Agriculturist 2002 •Cattleman •Conservationist •President, Manatee County Farm Bureau •Supervisor Manatee River Soil and Water Conservation District, 8 years •Manatee County Extension Livestock Agent, 30 years •Boys Club •American Legion
  69. 69. Ralph C. Garrison 1953- Outstanding Agriculturist 2003 •Founder of Suncoast Nursery, Inc. •Leader in developing acclimatized plants for interiors •Active in Manasota Chapter and Florida FNGA •Manatee County Extension Agriculture Advisory Committee •National Foliage Foundation •Farm Bureau Member •Farm CityWeek Committee
  70. 70. James Munday Walter 1906 - 1967 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 2003 •Globally honored tomato breeder and pathologist •USDA researcher •Developed numerous tomato and pole bean varieties at Gulf Coast Research and Education Center •Introduced in-the-row fumigation for nematode control •Author of over 70 publications
  71. 71. Royce C. Williams 1938 - 2015 Outstanding Agriculturist 2004 •Native of Palmetto •Graduate of University of Florida •4-H Agent, Citrus County •County Agent, Lake County •Agriculture Instructor atVo-Tech •Developed Nursery Operations Program atVo-Tech •Established first certification program in Florida for Nursery and Lawn Maintenance Professionals •Supervisor ofVocational and Technical Education for Manatee County Schools
  72. 72. Thomas Jefferson Russell 1902 - 1953 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 2005 •Founded Russell’s Farm Supply Store in Palmetto •Innovative Adapter of Farm Equipment for Local use •Pioneer of Non-Traditional Financing for Farmers •Elder in the Church of Christ •Mason •Rotarian
  73. 73. Thomas “Blue” Fulford 1931 - 2015 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 2004 •Third Generation Cortez Fisherman •President, Executive Director, Organized Fishermen of Florida •Pioneered Harvesting of Bait Fish •Charter member of F.I.S.H., the Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritiage
  74. 74. James Edward “Jim” Parks 1944- Outstanding Agriculturist 2005 •Served on Manatee River Fair Association since 19971 •State Beef Advisory Committee •Director and Board Member of both Manatee County and Florida Farm Bureaus •Chairman of Manatee County and Florida Cattlemen’s Association •Long-time 4-H Leader •Member, Florida 4-H Hall of Fame •Vietnam Veteran •Manatee County Native •Graduate Manatee High School
  75. 75. Otto M. Bundy 1926 - 2009 Outstanding Agriculturist 2006 •Pioneered cultivation of sea oats to restore Florida’s beaches and use of micro propagation of plants used to restore coastal and wetland habitats •Manatee County Friends of Extension 2005-2009 •Manatee CountyAgricultural Museum Board of Directors 2005-2009 •Manatee County Marine Extension Advisory Committee 1979-2009 •Manatee CountyCommercial Horticulture ExtensionAdvisory Committee , 1972-2009 •Manatee County ExtensionAdvisory Committee ,1987-2005 •Manatee CountyChamber of Commerce, Environmental Committee 1983-86 •Manatee County Land Development Code CitizenAdvisory Committee, 1978 •Manatee River Soil andWater Conservation District Supervisor 1982-1984 •Veteran served in U.S. Navy duringWorld War II in the PacificTheatre
  76. 76. Betty Keen Glassburn 1945- Outstanding Agriculturist 2007 •Born Keentown (Duette), Fl •Member Century Pioneer Farm Family •Florida 4-H Hall of Fame, inducted 2002 •Lifetime Member Dry Prairie Baptist Church •Manatee CountyAgricultural Member Board of Directors •Manatee County Farm CityWeek Committee, Originator of Farm CityWeek AgTour •Manatee County 4-H Foundation over 30 Years •Leader Mighty 4-H’ers of Duette over 30 years •Manatee River Soil andWater Conservation District, Supervisor 6 years •Manatee County Extension Service Employee 15 years
  77. 77. John Taylor 1943- Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 2006 •Taylor & Fulton, Inc. •FloridaTomato Committee Board of Directors •FloridaTomato Growers Exchange •BradentonYacht Club Board of Directors •Southwest FloridaWater Management District Agriculture Advisory Committee •Active inTomato Production in Florida, Georgia, andVirginia for over 40 years •Graduate Manatee High School and Auburn University •United States Army 1961-62, stationed in Germany during Berlin Crisis •Member First Baptist Church of Palmetto
  78. 78. Robert Jay Taylor 1955- Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 2006 •Taylor & Fulton, Inc. •Gulf Coast Research & Education Center Advisory Committee •GREC Site Selection Committee 2001 •Florida Fruit andVegetable Association Board of Directors •FloridaTomato Committee Board of Directors •FloridaTomato Growers Exchange •Founding Member QuincyTomato Exchange •Appointed by the Governor as Chairman of the Board, Florida Housing Finance Committee •Graduate of Manatee High School and University of Miami •Manatee River Fair Association Board of Directors
  79. 79. Earl Walter “Nick” Baden, Jr 1939- Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 2008 •Farm CityWeek Committee Past Treasurer •Manatee CountyAgricultural Museum Inaugural Board Member andArtifacts Chairman •Palma Sola Botanical Park Board of Directors •Geraldson Community Farm Organizational Committee Member •Manatee County 4-H Foundation •Manatee Sarasota Fish and Game Association •Audubon Society •Manatee River Fair Association Member and DepartmentVolunteer •Kiwanis Club of Bradenton •Manatee County Bar Association •Home is “theOld Felts Homestead” •Helped preserve farm equipment, machinery, the Harrison Bunkhouse, the Fogarty Boathouse, and helped preserve the replica of the Harllee Barn
  80. 80. James P. Gilreath 1947- Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 2007 •University of Florida IFAS, Gulf Coast Research and Education Center, Professor, HorticulturistWeed Science, 1981-2006 •EPAs Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award for Leadership in Researching Methyl Bromide Alternatives in 2002- 2007 •UF Superior Accomplishment Award •Published over 290 articles •Research resulted in over 19 herbicide registrations for vegetable and ornamental crops •Research focused on the integration of herbicides with soil fumigants to provide effective broad spectrum soil borne pest control
  81. 81. Phyllis R. Gilreath 1952- Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 2007 •Manatee County Extension Vegetable Agent 1982-2008 •Nationally recognized for expertise in pest management, water conservation, water quality and fertilizer management as they relate to growing vegetables in Florida •Jim AppTeam Award for Outstanding Design TeamVegetable Production, Harvesting, Handling Efficiencies and Integrated Pest Management in Florida, 2002 •IFAS Interdisciplinary Research and Extension Team Award, 2001 •T.J. Carter Outstanding Conservationist Award, 1998
  82. 82. Ronald Gary Reeder 1953- Outstanding Agriculturist 2008 •5th Generation Floridian •4th Generation Manatee CountyTomatoGrower •T.J. CarterAward for OutstandingConservation Practices •Manatee County Extension Exceptional Service Award 1997 •Manatee River Soil &Water Conservation District •Manatee County Farm Bureau Board of Directors •Manatee County Friends of Extension and Extension AdvisoryCommittee •Florida Farm BureauVegetableAdvisory Committee •Appointed byGovernor Jeb Bush to Florida Pesticide Review Council •Palmetto High School FFA Alumni Association •Graduated Palmetto High School and attended Manatee Junior College
  83. 83. Henry Brown Parrish 1911 - 1993 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 2009 •Manatee County Cattlemen’s Association •Florida Cattlemen’s Association •Manatee County Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Committee Director •T.J. Carter Award for Outstanding Conservation Practices, 1974 •Supported and Funded the Myakka City “Teen” center •Assisted with 4-H and FFAYouth Programs •Sponsored Manatee County Cattlemen’s “Sweetheart Contest”
  84. 84. Brenda Gay Rogers 1958- Outstanding Agriculturist 2009 •Director Manatee County Community Services •Manatee County Extension Director •Manatee County Extension Agent, Family Consumer Services •Kiwanis Club of Bradenton President & Agriculture Committee •Leadership Manatee Board of Governors •Manatee County 4-H Foundation •Manatee County Farm CityWeek Committee
  85. 85. Francis “Frank” Connor 1893 - 1953 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 2010 •Seaboard Airline Railroad Agricultural Agent •Worked with growers and land owners to match land needs and negotiate land use, sale, or lease •Authored articles forTampa Tribune, Progressive Farmer and Agricultural Journals •Graduate of Clemson University, SC •U.S. ArmyVeteran
  86. 86. James Arthur “Jim” Strickland 1955- Outstanding Agriculturist 2010 •President Florida Cattlemen’s Association •President/State Director Manatee Cattlemen’s Association •Manatee County Fair Board Director •Manatee County Farm Bureau Board of Directors •Manatee County Agricultural Museum Board of Directors •SPCA Disaster Preparedness for Livestock on a Range •Cattle Research & Education Center Advisory Committee •Florida Farm Bureau Board of Directors •FFB Federation’s InternationalTrade Task Force Committee •Member Manatee County Friends of Extension •University of FL IFASVice President’s Agriculture Council.
  87. 87. John James O’Connor Jr. 1942- Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 2010 •Manatee River Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor •Florida Association of Conservation Districts President •Established the Ellis Putnal Memorial Fund •Leader in Development of Manatee County Sludge Ordinance •Obtained grants for Lake Manatee Non-Point Source Pollution Project •Assisted in developing Manatee Agriculture Reuse System (MARS) •Co-founder Manatee County Comprehensive Planning Committee •Supporter of FFA & 4-HYouth Programs
  88. 88. Faye Blackstone 1915 - 2011 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 2011 •RodeoTrick Rider on Cracker Ponies •Inducted into National Cowgirl Hall of Fame, 1982 •Blackstone Park, Palmetto-Named in Honor of Faye &Vick Blackstone •Inducted into Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame, 2004 •Manatee County Horseman Association Riding Club •Co-Manager of Quarter Circle Cattle Ranch, Parrish
  89. 89. William Lee “Buck” Strickland 1938- Outstanding Agriculturist 2011 •Vegetable & Citrus Grower •C.R. Burnett & Sons •Early User of Low-Volume Irrigation for CitrusTomato Farming •Owner, Shiloh Farms •Manatee County Farm Bureau •Palmetto High School Football Boosters
  90. 90. Callon Carnelious Keen, Sr. 1911 - 1995 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 2012 •Old Pioneer Family •Citrus Grove Superintendent •Cattleman •Holtsinger & Keen Cattle Company, Partner •Charter Member Florida Citrus Mutual Member Manatee County Farm Bureau •Founding Member Manatee County Horseman’s Association •Founding Member Manatee County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse •Manatee River Soil &Water Conservation District, Supervisor, 10 years •ASCS Director, now Farm Service Agency, 10 years •FFAVolunteer •4-H Leader
  91. 91. Ervin Howard Shannon 1946- Outstanding Agriculturist 2012 •ManateeCountyVegetable Crops Advisory Committee •Farm CityWeekCommittee •South Central Florida Small Farm Planning Committee •Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University State CooperativeAward, ManaHill Cooperative, Inc. for betterment of black and poor farmers, 1982 •Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Service Award, 1993, 1998 •Established community vegetable gardens at local minority churches and youth organizations •4-HVolunteer •Small Farm Advisory Committee
  92. 92. Balazs “Bill” Martin Orban 1923- Outstanding Agriculturist 2013 •Horticulturalist •Manatee Fruit Company chrysanthemum grower •Largest poinsettia grower on the west coast of Florida •Worked with Gulf Coast Research Center, University of Florida, and Paul Ecke Poinsettias to trial new poinsettia varieties •Developed sub-irrigation for floricultural crops •Florida Nursery Growers and Landscaper Association, Floriculture Division Board of Directors
  93. 93. James Thomas “J.T.” Reeder 1920 - 2009 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 2013 •Reeder Farms, Founding Partner •Reeder Ranch & Dairy, Inc., President •Vegetable and Citrus Grower •Manatee County Growers Association •Manatee County Farm Bureau •Cattleman’s Association •Southwest Florida Milk Producers
  94. 94. Richard B. “Dick” Shore 1898 - 1967 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 2014 •Fruit and vegetable broker •Pioneered the use of ethylene gas to control ripening of tomatoes being shipped •Recognized as outstanding salesman by Harllee Farms •Part owner ofWhisenant-Shore Farms which pioneered new hybrid varieties such as cherry tomatoes •Founding member of the Florida Fruit andVegetable Association
  95. 95. Linda Parks 1947 - Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 2014 •Co-owner of Come See Come Sav Farm and Garden Stores •Former leader for Elwood Park 4-H club •Co-founded the first 4-H Exchange Program Assists 4-H club leaders prepare members for 4-H livestock judging competitions •Coach for 4-H meat judging team •Developer of the local 4-H Beef Ambassador Program •Member of Manatee Cattlewomen •Member of Florida Cattlewomen Association •Honorary member of several local FFA Chapters
  96. 96. Callon “Buddy” Keen, Jr. 1950- Outstanding Agriculturist 2014 •7th generation ManateeCounty Resident •Keen Farm & Grove Service, Inc Co- Founder andVice President •Keen & Keen Citrus, Inc. Co- Founder andVice President •C&S Grove Service, Inc. President •4-H Foundation Board Member •Peace RiverValley CitrusGrowers Association Board Member •Florida Citrus Mutual Member •ManateeCounty Farm Bureau Member •Manatee River Soil andWater Conservation District Supervisor •ManateeCountyAgricultural Museum Board of Directors
  97. 97. J.C. Garrison 1920 - 1975 Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 2015 •Managed and later owned Carl C. Fraser Nursery •Founding Member of Florida Nurserymen and Growers Association (FNGA) •Founded Manasota Chapter of FNGA •Pioneer Shipper of nursery plants •Employed FFA students during the summer at Fraser Nursery
  98. 98. John McCollum Stevely 1950- Manatee County Agricultural Hall of Fame 2015 •Florida Sea Grant Extension Agent, 35 years •Visiting Scientist at New Zealand National Institute forWater and Atmospheric Research •Member of Florida Institute for Saltwater Heritage (F.I.S.H.) •Farm CityWeek member and tour leader 2001-2008 •Assisted in developing and implementing the FloridaYards and Neighborhoods Program in the Tampa/Sarasota Bay area to educate Master Gardeners & Extension professionals about coexistence between residential & watersheds.
  99. 99. Priscilla Lee Whisenant Trace 1957- Outstanding Agriculturist 2015 •3rd Generation Manatee County Agriculturist •Co-owner of Ellenton Nursery Growers •Member of Florida NurseryGrowers and Landscape Association (FNGLA) •Founded the FNGLA 4-H/FFA Plant Auction and Sale •Ornamental Horticulture Degree from USF •Pioneered drip irrigation and raised bed growing at the tree farm •ManateeCountyAgricultural Museum Board Member and Past President