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  1. 1. The Holocaust
  2. 2. Genocide people murder The systematic* and planned extermination of an ENTIRE group of people based on nationality, race, religion, or ethnicity. * orderly, step-by-step process
  3. 3. How does genocide happen? Under what conditions is it possible for one group of people to willingly attempt to annihilate an ENTIRE group of others?
  4. 4. What kinds of feelings is this meant to provoke? Describe how Spain is portrayed.
  5. 5. Who is the giant ape supposed to represent? What is this poster encouraging people to do? By joining the military during wartime, what is expected of the soldiers?
  6. 6. What is going on in these pictures? What is the intended result of firing heavy artillery? Do the men realize they’re killing people? Do they actually see the people they’re firing at?
  7. 7. Pretend this is a radar used to locate and bomb targets. How are people portrayed on a radar screen? Would it be easier for this man to do his job, or the men in the previous picture? Why?
  8. 8. This is what people would look like on a radar screen.
  9. 9. What is going on here? How do these men do this job every day? Splitting up families Sending some family members to instant death, and others to slave labor. Crying Pleading Begging
  10. 10. How does this happen?
  11. 11. Make a “T” chart in your notes. On one side of the chart, make a list of the items human beings physically need in order to live. On the other side list things that you personally need in order to live a happy life.
  12. 12. Dehumanization (DHZ) The process of taking away all human qualities of the victim and reducing the victim to sub - human levels in the eyes of the perpetrator and the victim.
  13. 13. process Hitler to power “Final Solution”
  14. 14. Why DHZ? Perpetrator (Nazi) Victim (Jews & others) Makes their “job” easier They don’t think they’re doing anything wrong Justifies their actions in their own eyes
  15. 15. Jan. 1933 Hitler to power Feb. 1933 Ger. lose freedom of speech, press, etc. People can be put in jail w/out a trial March 1933 Hitler becomes dictator 1st concentration camp for political opponents April 1933 - Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses - Jews & political opponents lose jobs as teachers, lawyers, doctors, etc. May 1933 Nazis burn books by Jews & Pol. opponents July 1933 Jews who move to Ger. can’t be citizens Sept 1935 Nuremberg Laws make Jews 2nd class citizens ** Aug 1936 Olympics - antisemetic signs taken down **Nov. 1938 Kristallnacht State organized riots against Jews ** Sept. 1939 WWII starts things get worse for the Jews
  16. 16. Nov. 1939 Forced removal of Jews from defeated countries to new locations. Jews in new Ger. territories forced to wear ID tags June 1940 Lodz Ghetto sealed off Jews can’t leave June 1941 1st mass murder of Russian & Polish Jews (Einsatzgruppen) July 1941 1st talk of the “Final Solution” to the Jewish Question Sept. 1941 German Jews forced to wear yellow Star of David Oct. 1941 German Jews removed from homes to Ghettos Nov. 1941 1st killing center opens Jan. 1942 Wannsee Conference “Final Solution” is all set and ready March 1942 1st gas chambers used to kill Jews
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  34. 34. Babi Yar Massacre – 33,771 Jews killed in 48 hours back
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  39. 39. Pretend Kat was Jewish and Paul was not. Was their bond strong enough for Paul to still like Kat after Hitler’s rise to power?
  40. 40. How does this happen?
  41. 41. Abraham Maslow Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (1942) A well respected theory about what humans needs in order to survive and thrive A theory of what makes us human
  42. 42. Physiological Safety Love & Belonging Esteem Growth self-respect respect of others Make yourself better + relationships friends & family acceptance into clubs, groups, etc. employment, resources ($), health, family, morals physical security (no violence) oxygen, food, sleep, water, hygiene, homeostasis, disposal of waste
  43. 43. How did the Nazis take away the humanity of the Jews “brick by brick?”