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Magazine design


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Published in: Education, Design, Sports
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Magazine design

  1. 1. Magazine DesignStyle Models
  2. 2. Front Cover Style ModelI wanted to use this style modelbecause of the awkwardpositioning of the model and theway the masthead and title ofthe main article are easy toidentify by the reader. However, Iwanted to adapt mine to thegenre I chosen for my targetaudience. To do this, I have takenmy punk/rock genre anddesigned the cover in a way thatpresents style and appeal, alongwith the music conventions ofmy chosen genre.
  3. 3. Contents Page Style ModelThis is my style model forthe contents page, withsimilar layout of the textand image presented forthe main article. In thiscase, I have stuck to theconventions of existingcontents pages because Ihave only adapted thegenre of my magazine intothe design and kept most ofthe layout the same.
  4. 4. Article Style ModelI have definitely broken conventions when designing my main magazinearticle because the design of this article is largely in the genre ofalternative/rock, which is clear from the physical setting of the mainimage. I have focused the article entirely on the article content, whereasthe style model incorporates other bands and small snippets ofinformation on them. The article I have designed is adapted to my targetaudience and the colour scheme.