Pitch: VidaPost @ Aging2.0 | SF (22Jan2013)


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Pitch: VidaPost @ Aging2.0 | SF (22Jan2013)

  1. 1. optimizing your health by connecting your medical, professional & family care providers with actionable metricsJen Pleimann | Founder | @vidapost | Jen@vidapost.com Confidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012
  2. 2. $2.7 Problem Trillion spent on Healthcare 133 Million Americans managing a Chronic Condition account for 2/3rds of our healthcare cost. 800,000 Physician Manage the everyday care of 133 Million American’s. s NOTE: 800,000 physicians also care for the elderly, the baby boomers and YOU) 44,000,000 Manage updates from 15 – 20 providers on a daily, weekly & Caregivers monthly basis regarding the ongoing care of a loved one. Updates are miscommunicated, lost and over-looked.MILLIONS Provide ongoing, everyday care and are completelyof Providers disconnected from the patient/physician relationship. Results = Disconnected providers, miscommunication and unnecessary mistakes, Confidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012 time & money spent on long term care.
  3. 3. We all have a role to play PROVIDER. We Believe An organization or individual providing Every provider has a pertinent role to play in professional services to help manage or helping to improving a individual’s health. By Wellness Coach/ improve the ongoing health of individual. This connecting all the providers, both medical and Personal Trainer includes, but is not limited to, medical, non-medical, we can improve care educational and assistive services facilitating coordination and reduce unnecessary costs. one’s care. We Believe Caregiver. We can improve the complex job of the A family member or paid helper who regularly caregiver by connecting every provider takes care of a child or sick, elderly or disabled involved based on their comfort level of person. privacy. Our goal is for the caregiver to focusParents of son w/ Down on improving and preventing rather than Syndrome simply managing. Patient. We Believe Any individual managing a condition, focused Improving health is not only about helping the on improving health and preventing further care sick, disabled or elderly, it is about Adult with Muscular tomorrow. We are all patients understanding how they can help others. Spinal Atrophy Confidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012
  4. 4. VidapostIs acommunicationplatformconnecting everyprovider involvedin an individual’scare based offvarious levels ofprivacy controlledby the patient orprimary caregiver.Connect Confidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012
  5. 5. VidapostWe provide daily,action – orientedinformationcombining inputfrom providersand thenintegrating in withdevices trackingreal time data.Measure Confidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012
  6. 6. Vidapost Doctor PT Specialist OT Behavioral Nutritionist Specialist Our goal is to not Therapist only improve the care, Electronic Health Records collaboration and management of long term care but to consistently focus on improving care. Grandma PATIENT with Autism Caregiver Nanny Mother Sibling child #2 Caregiver Aunt Father Teacher G-Pa Adapted Friend Recreation G-Ma NeighborImprove Confidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012
  7. 7. The Wisdom & Wellness AmbassadorPatient’s ProgramRole How it works: 1. Apply to be an Ambassador 3. Individualized Training 2. Initial Screening 4. Partnered with a PalAre redeemable fordiscounted health & 5. Share advice, a tip or bit of wisdom and earn pointswellness services towards discounted Health & Wellness services(gym, nutrition Confidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012services, etc)
  8. 8. Our Role The Vidapost Team Jen Pleimann, Founder Founded BuddiesinACTION 2011, Health & Wellness Coach, Autism Therapist, Patient Advocate Management: • Dan Cradler – Chief Architect • Trish Phillip – Operations • Tracy Richardson – Lead Design Advisors: • Glenn Luinenburg (Wilmerhale) – Legal • Lynn Mcleod – Marketing • Scott Pleimann (CFO) - Financials@vidapost Partner: Aetna’s CarePass – Partner Integration Workshop 1/31hello@vidapost.com Confidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012www.vidapost.com
  9. 9. What’s Join our network… Your • Investor Role? • Partner • Provider • Caregiver • Patient We all have a role to play in improving care collaboration, communication and the overall health and wellness of those managing long term care. Choose your role, join the journey. www.vidapost.com@vidaposthello@vidapost.com Confidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012www.vidapost.com
  10. 10. measurable & meaningful health status updates hello@vidapost.com | @vidapost | Facebook.com/vidapostJen Pleimann | Founder | @jenply | Jen@vidapost.com Confidential and Proprietary, VidaPost © 2012