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Accessible home living


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Accessible home living

  1. 1. Who We Are …• Accessibility remodeling designers andbuilders• CAPS Certified• Team of independent living experts• Caregivers/Disabled/Multi-generationalhouseholds
  2. 2. Multigenerational homes are on the rise• Number of people living inmultigenerational householdsis growing dramatically.• 67% increase from 2000 to2007 in the number of olderadults living with their adultchildren.• Growth of ethnic populationswhere multigenerational livingis the cultural norm hasspurred increase.50M49M35M26M1970 1990 2008 2010Number of people living inmulti-generational homesSource: U.S. Census
  3. 3. Multi-generational living isn’t just aboutfinances..
  4. 4. Challenges to multi-generational living• Loss of independence (stigma)• Lack of privacy• Concern about “being a burden”• Generational differences• Unresolved family issuesHomes aren’t accessible - “Peter Pan Homes”
  5. 5. Planning for success• Establish the “house rules”• Allow for family time and private time• Accept that there will be tension and disagreements at times• Discuss money issues up front• Create a home that provides Safety, Privacy, Accessibility, Closeness,Engagement
  6. 6. CONTACT: Greg
  7. 7. Creating Universal-Designed Homes• Ramps instead of steps to the entry• Larger garages to accommodate ramps• First floor bedrooms and fully accessible bathrooms• Lever handles or motion-sensored sinks and tubs• Flat rocker switches vs. toggle switches• Closets with poles that can be adjusted• Appliances that have easier access (drawers vs. doors)• Motion-sensored lights• Wider hallways/entryways• Zero threshold doorways
  8. 8. When A Family Needs More Room ToMake It Work, We Have The Answer!
  9. 9. • The family’s vision of the future• Any illnesses, diseases, or disabilities• Understanding the caregiver’s considerations• Safety analysis of the main home• The family’s independence level• Financial restrictions.Our Process – It’s a Family Affair