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Tri Net Pharma


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Tri Net Pharma

  1. 1. what we do TriNet Pharma is an equitable talent sourcing company that provides both permanent and contract solutions as well as professional consulting for Medical, Clinical and Regulatory Affairs. We are dedicated to the development of long-term ethical relationships within the pharmaceutical industry. This practice allows us to be a part of a relevant exchange that in turn enables us to give our clients valuable insights into trends of pharmaceutical sourcing unavailable through traditional sourcing avenues. We think it’s about time staffing agencies took responsibilty for the service they provide. But admitting the problem isn’t solving it. Let us show you how we plan to do just that.
  2. 2. our approach “Thanks for the sale.” It’s often the last sentiment issued by a recruiter after a placement is made. Many times it’s also the last time you ever hear their voice. At TriNet Pharma we believe very simply that what comes around goes around. And since we plan to be around a long time we know that treating you and our talent the way we’d like to be treated is not only the right thing to do but the right way to do business. We know what it’s like to get burned. We also know that while this practice is unethical, it’s also commonplace in the world of pharmaceutical recruiting. Turning the term “recruiter” into someone you run and hide from. Our response to this is simple: We offer you a one-stop solution for all of your pharmaceutical staffing needs, a hard-earned expertise in the field and treat you with honesty and respect. Period. We know that if we keep you and our candidate’s best interest at heart, you will both appreciate it and will be more likely to keep us in mind the next time you need help.
  3. 3. our focus medical affairs We can help you with the permanent or contract placement of positions ranging from Medical Information to Chief Medical Officer and offer consulting services to assist you in the development of your Medical Affairs team. Determining the right mix of talent for your project is just one way we can help you to get started.
  4. 4. clinical affairs regulatory affairs We can help you fill permanent or We c a n h a n d l e t h e p e r m a n e n t o r contract placements in positions from contract placement of various regulatory CRA’s to VP of Clinical Affairs. We can positions including: Regulatory Affairs also provide benchmark data regarding Associates, DDMAC, CMC Directors salaries by geographic region or by and VP of Regulatory Affairs. Our specialty. networ k of consultant s c an cover anything within the regulatory process.
  5. 5. consulting We have an extensive background in consulting within Medical Affairs. We are able to provide you with MSL benchmark data, salaries and can help you determine the optimum size, structure and geographic makeup of your team. We’re also able to direct you in the timing of recruitment based on launches of similar timing and structure. One of our most effective tools is the development of MSL retention strategies to help you retain top talent in a highly competitive market.
  6. 6. testimonials Over the last six years our team led by founder Bryan Vaughan has had the opportunity to cultivate many lasting relationships within the pharmaceutical industry. We feel honored t o h a v e b e e n g i v e n recommendations from professionals such as these. “I have had the pleasure of working with Bryan over the past few months. He is extremely knowledgeable about the MSL "world" and is well-connected. Bryan is able to provide very good insight about both candidates and employers. This is invaluable as an individual would be looking to hire an employee or join a company. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future.” June 5, 2009 Stacey Benefiel
  7. 7. testimonials (cont.) “I have had the pleasure of working with Bryan over the last three years both utilizing his services to help me recruit great MSL's and also as a client. I have been in the MSL business for a long time and Bryan is unquestionably the BEST recruiter I have ever worked with. He is knowledgeable, professional and has an excellent grasp of the MSL world and its unique needs. Bryan comes to many of the MSL trade meetings and interacts effectively with everyone. He has been invited to our meetings on a number of occasions to present his database on MSL hiring trends, which has been both interesting as well as informative. Best of all, he keeps up with the trends for our industry, sincerely cares about the MSL profession and has become an integral part of the MSL team.” May 22, 2009 David Cram
  8. 8. “Bryan is one of the best recruiters that I have worked with in the industry. In fact, if I am ever in the position to relocate, Bryan will be my go-to person as he is adept at using his industry knowledge and contacts to generate desired results for his clients and candidates. I highly recommend Bryan to MSL’s who are looking and companies that are hiring because he always goes the extra mile with his clients.” June 17, 2009 Angela Kicklighter “Bryan has helped with filling many positions for our expanding field medical team that have proven somewhat difficult to fill in the past. He has continued to bring high level professional candidates to us that have developed into some of our most successful employees.” June 11, 2009 Todd Hobbs
  9. 9. contact We’ve taken the time to listen to and develop relationships with industry leaders, hiring managers, and consultants within pharma across the country and would love to put our experience and unique position to work for you. To get in touch, contact us at: 888.610.1061 or online at: 530 e. corporate drive suite 100 lewisville, tx 75057