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Visual facilitation for agile BAs


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Have you ever facilitated a workshop or meeting, but felt like something was missing? Do you find your workshop notes or meeting minutes are a long list of action points, with little to remind you about the conversations you had? Have you ever wanted to be more creative in your facilitation style?
A core skill of any Business Analyst, whether in a traditional or agile environment, is the ability to effectively facilitate meetings and workshops. Often, we rely on a scribe (or our memory) to record the details of the workshop or meeting, placing emphasis on written word rather than on the conversation that took place. Why not use something everyone can understand? Pictures!
Luckily, you don’t have to be an artist to make your meetings and workshops more stimulating and engaging. Join me as we create a visual vocabulary to use during facilitation sessions. We will also learn new ways to put your flip chart to good use – it’s not just for parking lots anymore!

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