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Wikitouch Overview


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Watch our new WikiTouch Overview presentation. You'll learn a lot about our complete feature set, our internal product architecture and how WikiTouch can help you in your day to day business life, as the best note-taking and personal wiki app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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Wikitouch Overview

  1. 1. Overview May 2010 p e r s o n a l w i k i f o r i p h o n e
  2. 2. WikiTouch motto Taking Notes, the Mobile Way! Collect your thoughts. Get organized with your own WikiTouch personal wiki notebook.
  3. 3. WikiTouch is a mobile notes-taking and personal wiki for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. WikiTouch helps users to create, organize and share Multimedia Notes on the go in order to manage their business and personal digital lives WikiTouch at a glance
  4. 4. WikiTouch UI
  5. 5. WikiTouch Web UI WikiTouch from a web browser looks like WikiTouch app on iPhone
  6. 6. Synchronization Network Services Enabler Database File System Local Storage Manager Notes Wiki Engine Friends Buddy List Manager Files Media File Manager UI Native iPhone UI Web UI Registration User Authentication Presence Location Notes Buddies Remote Storage Live Publish Watch Inter wiki Links Widget Manager Web Photo Album Edit Slide WikiTouch architecture
  7. 7. Key Features Audio Recorder Documents Photos Multimedia UI Notes Unlimited Stored on iPhone Link to local Notes Link to Friend Notes Always On Online 3G Online Wifi Offline Files Videos Audio Native iPhone UI Web UI Share Office computer Friend’s iPhone Home computer Friend’s computer Online Storage Service Up to 100 Mb online storage Camera (Photos) Camcorder (Videos) Local Storage Live Publish Watch Email Post Share UserGeo Note Geo Synchronization
  8. 8. Sync notes Tracker Server <ul><li>Sync over Internet cloud </li></ul><ul><li>Sync using 3G </li></ul><ul><li>Sync using Wifi </li></ul><ul><li>Computers don’t have to be always on </li></ul><ul><li>No software to install on computers, sync works from standard web browsers </li></ul>Includes Online File Storage Service Internet Cloud
  9. 9. The magic about WikiTouch is that you can share some of your Notes, or documents, or photos, with your friends, co-workers, customers or business partners. You can even publish live information and create live presentations with trusted people, whether they have WikiTouch or not, as they can use their web browser to watch live sessions. internet WikiTouch has been designed to improve your collaborative experience with people you trust. It’s simple, fast, and works great to share important content from your digital life. Share Content T r a c k e r Internet Cloud
  10. 10. no 3G no internet access WikiTouch stores all important information such as Notes, documents, files, images, and even videos on the iPhone’s local hard drive so that users can work with their notes and attached documents with or without Internet access internet or It doesn’t matter Online or Offline
  11. 11. WikiTouch Objects Notes Files Friends Create, Edit, Save, Delete Work offline or online Add Text Attach Photo from library or camera Attach local or remote file Record and attach audio Record and attach video Add Link to Notes & web Reference files from Note Save photo or document Browse iPhone files Browse Network files Email local & remote files Manage buddy list Share with trusted people Share Notes, Photo, Documents, Audio & Video Add link to Friend’s wiki Publish live content Attend live presentation
  12. 12. Packaging Wiki Touch app Available from App Store only $4.99 Wiki Touch Web Service part of WikiTouch Enables computer access Manage Notes remotely Synchronize Notes & Files over Internet No software to install, works with standard web browsers Mimic native iPhone UI Manage Notes anywhere anytime Use iPhone photo, video, audio functions Attach, Save or Link files to your notes Synchronize Notes & Files with computers Improve efficiency in your business Critical information is now always on!
  13. 13. WikiTouch Tags personal wiki notebook digital life iPhone app cms organizer todo notes multimedia text photo file audio video share document personal content collaborative private secure online offline friends family co-workers business student teacher consultant mobile
  14. 14. Features Map iPhone app Web WikiTouch Notes : create, edit, view, link notes WikiTouch Always on: offline and online access to notes WikiTouch Sync: Synchronize notes across platforms and friends WikiTouch Multimedia: Add links to document, photo, audio & video WikiTouch Share: Share notes, photos, files & links with friends WikiTouch Photo: Attach library & camera photo to your notes WikiTouch AudioRecorder: Record audio message and attach to note WikiTouch Storage: Upload local files to our remote storage service WikiTouch Live: Publish live content & Host live presentation WikiTouch Email: Post notes via email using your wikitouch address