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Respect in the Agile context


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Many of the Agile values are often perfect candidates for misinterpretation leading to oftem faulty understanding of the real benefits of Agile.

This is a workshop that will help better understanding of What Respect is, in the Agile context.

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Respect in the Agile context

  1. 1. Respect for OthersAcknowledge others’ Acknowledge others’contributions potential The cycle of Respect Give enough room for everybody to Using others’ demonstrate their abilities correctly capabilities Create meaning and purpose in actions
  2. 2. Respect 0 5 Yourself Family Colleagues 50 Superiors Animals50 Management Processes Customer Quality Commitment Communication Values Practices Principles 50
  3. 3. Thank you! Presented by Ravichandran J.V.Email: jv.ravichandran@gmail.com