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Scrum process under specific extremely short conditions

  1. Fast Changing Environment Software Development Methodology for Zuzana Šochová, Technical Director at CERTICON: Co-founder of Agile Consortium at Czech Republic: Agile blog: Extreme SCRUM
  2. Presentation Outline • Introduction - LOI Case Study • Specifics • Practices • Results • Difficulties
  3. Agile Adoption Survey 2009 for my MBA dissertation - How to start Agile? - What did we learned? - How tight must be Agile with the company culture?
  4. LOI Case Study - Introduction Web solutions
  5. LOI Case Study - Introduction Standard products, low customization
  6. LOI Case Study - Introduction Long-term customers Partnership & Collaboration Sales marketing Introduce to the Brand marketing Internet is more than new customers web presentation Keep existing Persuade customers customers
  7. LOI Case Study – Starting Point Poor project & time management Poor estimates Late delivery No customer relationship High customization Difficult design
  8. Lot of Idea Company
  9. Lot of Idea Case - Specifics Small company 3 people Short-term projects Hours Strict delivery conditions ‘On time or free’
  10. What We Did and Why Scrum method with half-day Sprint: WHY? • Average task 2h • Web solution in 3days • E-shop in 5days Low overhead x Fast reaction to the project status
  11. LOI – Beginning SCRUM Half day Sprint including – Pre-Planning & Planning – Stand-up meeting – Point estimations – Tasks in backlog – Reflection meeting
  12. At the Beginning…
  13. Difficulties – Extremely fast – No backup – Dependent on the customer responses – Strict business model – High risk
  14. … Couple Weeks Later
  15. Summary – What We Did… – Half-day Sprint – Stand-up meetings every half-day – Pre-planning and planning – Early customer communication – Communication within the team – Team cooperation
  16. Conclusion In 2 months we‘ve been able to fix: –Predictability –On-time delivery –Customer satisfaction –Increase velocity by 30%
  17. Thank you for your attention Zuzana Šochová Please help me with Agile Adoption Survey: