Managing Resistance to Change


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People don't resist change. They struggle with change for a variety of reasons, let's bridge the gap between Agile and what change management folks have known for decades.

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Managing Resistance to Change

  1. 1. Managing Resistance to ChangeAndrew AnnettJason Little @akannett @jasonlittle 1
  2. 2. What is Resistance to Change?
  3. 3. Resistance
  4. 4. new status quo old status quo status quo d te n ea tio cr a r eg & ice g in t cha in ct be a Pr yide os tit en nti id ty w transforming ne be idea ing los t
  5. 5. Rationals “NT” new status quo old status quo Guardians “SJ”status quo n a tio r Artisans “SP” teg & ice cha in ct a Pr os transforming idea Harmonizers “NF”
  6. 6. We are creatures of habit“Cells that fire together, wire together.” Donald Hebb, 1949
  7. 7. The 5 factors that shape all social interaction.
  8. 8. Fogg Behaviour Model
  9. 9. Different context? Different trigger
  10. 10. What next? Options Doing (1) DoneBecome Learn tointentional promoteabout change: positiveSimplify, responses.DecomposeDiscuss theseideas:@ akannett@jasonlittle
  11. 11. 1 Understand Change - Satir Change, Interaction and Human Validation Process Models - Type and Temperament reaction to change Prepare for Change2 - ADKAR, interviews, cultural assessment3 Trigger the Change - “Agile Adoption”, “Agile Transformation”, Lean, Scrum, Kanban, Management 3.0, Beyond Budgeting Manage the Chaos4 - SCARF, BJ Fogg Model, Lean Change, Complexity Thinking, STOOS Managing Resistance@akannett @jasonlittle Responses to Change