Lean Change Management at SDEC 13


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During this presentation I challenged the notion that "agile fails due to resistance or failure to change culture". Lean Change Management helps people passionate about meaningful change learn new approaches to organizational change.

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Lean Change Management at SDEC 13

  1. 1. Jason Little - Lean Change Management Running an Agile Transformation with Lean Startup Thank you to our Sponsors 1
  2. 2. Why Does Agile Fail?
  3. 3. Why Agile Fails 1) Failure to change culture 2) General Resistance to change http://www.versionone.com/pdf/7th-Annual-State-of-Agile-Development-Survey.pdf
  4. 4. 70% of changes initiatives fail 1) lack of a structured change process 2) Un-predicable nature of people http://www.onirik.com.au/media/Whitepapers/Cracking%20the%20Change%20Code%20White%20Paper.pdf
  5. 5. Lean Startup
  6. 6. Hypothesis
  7. 7. Hypothesis Change Canvas
  8. 8. Hypothesis System Feedback Change Canvas
  9. 9. Lean Change Management
  10. 10. 2 Principles 1) You cannot control how people will react to change 2) People will be happier if they can help develop the change
  11. 11. what is our hypothesis about this change? how will we know it’s been successful? how will we show measurable progress? who’s affected by the change? what commitment do we need from those affected? what are our options? how will we communicate?
  12. 12. we want these folks
  13. 13. Lean Startup Kanban Retrospectives ® ADKAR 7S Galbraith 5 Star Kotter’s Change Model SCARF Fogg Model Satir Lewin Agile tools Traditional CM tools Neuroscience/behaviour
  14. 14. We want more chefs... and less fast-food cooks
  15. 15. Hypothesis We are implementing Agile so we can... Success Criteria We will be successful with Agile when... Progress Measures We will know we’re on the right path when...
  16. 16. what’s the blast radius?
  17. 17. - change is within a solitary team or dept - low-hanging fruit Options value - implies many people are affected - change crosses multiple organizational boundaries cost
  18. 18. Selected Options become MVCs (minimum viable changes)
  19. 19. How did people react? innovator! laggard!
  20. 20. Change Coalition Gather Insights from: - water cooler talk - lean coffee sessions - surveys - measurable outcomes - tools (ADKAR, OCAI, etc) Feed new Insights into new Options
  21. 21. what’s the urgency? From who’s perspective? Where do we want to go? What commitment do we need from the people affected? True North How will we communicate? Who is affected? What benefit do we think we’ll get?
  22. 22. Learn More www.leanchange.org @jasonlittle