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Open house4th11 12

  1. 1. WELCOME TO OPEN HOUSE!I will be giving a presentation at 7:30 the powerpoint of the presentation is on your child’s desk.Please feel free to look around and come meet me!Please sign up for conferences located on the front board!!
  2. 2. 1- 2 01 S E : O U H E N P2O 01 2 E: AD ND GR I, A TH K UR YC AL FO AT TO .M M E RS CO ,M EL GS W OG .B ER RS FF M AE SH R. M
  3. 3. WELCOME! A LITTLE ABOUT FOURTHGRADE: We would like to take this time to help you get acquainted with classroom procedures, classroom rules, and the academic expectations we have for your children. We are excited about this new school year and we hope that you will work with us to make it one of growth, discovery, and significance for your child. Please feel free to contact us at school if you have any questions or comments.
  4. 4. DEPARTMENTALIZATION:Fourth grade students will have their instruction in a departmentalized environment.Spelling, Reading, and Math will be taught by the homeroom teachers in the morning.“Switches” occur in the afternoon -Mr. Shaeffer will be teaching Social Studies.Mrs. Boggs will be teaching Science.Mrs. Matalycki will be teaching English/Grammar and Writing.
  5. 5. CALENDAR EXPECTATIONS:We believe that all students can behave appropriately in our classroom. We will be teaching your children appropriate behavior, social skills, and classroom procedures to have an orderly and productive school environment and community.Please see the attached example of our calendar system for home and school communication. The modeling of the school expectations is on the back of the calendar.Your child’s daily goal is to achieve a “Y” for appropriate behavior.Other repeated letters on the calendar are reminders of which expectations your child needs
  6. 6. REWARDS AND CONSEQUENCES• Receive positive reinforcements.• Receive coupons for meeting behavior and homework expectations. They may also be given at the teacher’s discretion.• Coupons may be exchanged for treasures or other rewards as posted in the homeroom teacher’s room.• Calendars will be evaluated weekly and at the end of the month. Students with successful calendars will attend “The End of the Month Party”.• The consequence for incomplete homework is required attendance in homework lab during recess.• Other consequences may include verbal warnings, letters marked on the calendar, notes or calls home, loss of privileges, or referral to the principal.• Students whose calendars that do not meet the end of the month criteria will attend the “Opportunity Room” to reflect on their calendars and to create a plan to make changes to their behaviors.
  7. 7. ASSIGNMENT BOOK:Your child will again be using an assignment book. It is your child’s responsibility to fill in the book. All assignments are posted in the homeroom.Parents/guardians should go over the assignment book and calendar each evening and sign both. If they are incomplete, please check our teacher websites and fill in the assignment book.
  8. 8. ASSIGNMENT BOOK CONT…Incomplete work will be noted on the calendar. Your child will go to the homework lab during recess to complete it.It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the work is turned into the teacher and the assignment is crossed off the calendar by the teacher.If there are any incomplete assignments at the end of the week, the student will need to complete these assignments over the weekend.
  9. 9. ORGANIZATION: To help aide students with organization the following colors will be used for each subject:Yellow-readingBlack-spellingComposition Notebook-reading response journalBlue-MathPurple-Language artsGreen-ScienceRed-Social StudiesAny 2 pocket folder of the child’s choice for a Take Home Folder. This folder will carry home graded papers and notes from the office.COMPLETED HOMEWORK RETURNS IN THE COLORED FOLDER FOR WHICH IT WAS ASSIGNED (e.g. social studies homework goes in the RED pocket folder)
  10. 10. HOMEWORK:Homework will be given on a daily basis. We believe homework is important because it helps students make the most of their experience in school. By doing their homework, students reinforce and apply what they have learned in class. They prepare for upcoming lessons, learn responsibility and independence, and develop positive study habits.Reading 20 minutes each day is expected. The monthly reading calendar affects your child’s reading grade.
  11. 11. TESTS AND QUIZZES:Notification of all tests will be given at least a week in advance.Study guides may be provided for tests.Your child could be given short quizzes or assessments in class. The purpose is to check his/her understanding of recently taught concepts, and provide data for further instruction.Your child will have a chance to fix D or F assessments to improve their grade, with the exception of Spelling tests. All corrections must be done on separate notebook paper and attached to the original assessment.
  12. 12. GRADING SCALE:• 100-99= A+ • 82-76= C• 98-95=A • 75-74= C-• 94-93= A- • 73-72= D+• 92-91= B+ • 71-68= D• 90-87= B • 67-66= D-• 86-85= B- • 65- = F• 84-83= C+ • O, S, N, I, or U will be given for handwriting and special classes.
  13. 13. INFORMATION ABOUT GRADES:Grade cards will be issued every nine weeks, and interim reports on an as needed basis after the first nine weeks.You can be certain that if your child is having difficulty in an area, we will be in contact with you. We will not wait for a reporting time. We want them to meet success just as much as you do.
  14. 14. COMMUNICATION:Please call or e-mail anytime you have a question or a concern.You can write notes/questions in the Assignment Book.“Believe half of what your child says about school and I’ll believe half of what they say happens at home”. Please contact us if something seems a little weird about what your child says about school. Books ARE allowed to go home! We will communicate with you through notes on the daily assignment page, email, or phone call.
  15. 15. SCHEDULE:• We are currently using a block schedule9:00 – 10:10 – Math10:10 – 11:00 – Reading/ Spelling/ Handwriting11:00 – 11:40 – ENCORE (gym, music, art)11:40 – 12:20 – RtI (Response to Instruction)* see next slide12:20- 1:00 – lunch then recess1:10-1:50 – switch: social studies, science, writing1:50-2:30 – switch: social studies, science, writing2:30-3:10 - switch: social studies, science, writing3:10 – 3:30 –Study Hall/ prepare for home
  16. 16. WHAT IS RTI?Response to Instruction is a model of teaching that uses data, frequent assessments, team teaching, and flexible grouping to best meet the needs of all students.Our team, along with Mrs. Rambert and Mrs. Peck, will use the RtI block to provide interventions or enrichment in reading, writing, or math.Students will work on specific skills for 4-6 weeks. The team re-evaluates at the end of the 4-6 weeks to see if progress was made.Adjustments to groupings and focus skills are then made, and a new 4-6 week block begin.It is possible that some students will remain in one type of grouping.RtI is also the block when Mrs. Ginesi sees her speech students.
  17. 17. SCHOOL EXPECTATIONS:Hands are for helping.I am responsible.Never hurt others.Can do attitudes will be displayed.Keep Hinckley clean and safe.Listen to each other.Everyday, show respect.Yea! Hinckley Elementary!
  18. 18. MORE INFORMATIONIn the yellow bag on each student’s desk, you will find a “Kid’s Stuff” coupon book. If you are interested in purchasing it, please take it home and fill out the order form. This is a PTO fundraiser, please see if family and or friends would like to purchase one!! If you are not interested, please put it in the paper bag by my deskPlease go to the Highland webpage and sign up for Enews and download medical forms. If you do not have computer access please pick up the forms at the office.
  19. 19. LOOKING FORWARD TO THE FIRST DAY…Please sign up for ONE conference night on the white board.Please read the handbook with your child and send back the handbook form.We still need the following items to be sent in: tissues, baggies – two boxes each (1 gallon/ 1 sandwich size), and disinfecting wipesPlease have a zippered pencil pouch to carry supplies to switches. We do not recommend the vinyl type as it tends to tear.Write your child’s name and subject on each folder and spiral notebook (see slide 8).Mechanical pencils are not allowed . We will ask your child to bring them home.We are looking forward to a great year! Thank you.