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[INNOVA] What Makes a Successful Search Manager?


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Leading your organization to success with Search is a daunting task. You have to have clear and measurable goals, ongoing communication with the key stakeholders, as well as good professional skills. Getting holistic education as a Search Manager is not easy though. In this session, we discuss all of these challenges as well as options to become beyond successful.

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[INNOVA] What Makes a Successful Search Manager?

  1. 1. [INNOVA] What Makes a Successful Search Manager? Agnes Molnar
  2. 2. Challenges Goals Motivations Owners Locations Knowledge Flows Complex Business Environment Context
  3. 3. Being a Search Manager… It’s NOT enough to know search It’s NOT enough to be a good manager It’s NOT enough to be a good strategist It’s NOT enough to know IT It’s NOT enough to know the business
  4. 4. Be Innovative!
  5. 5. Be an Internal Entrepreneur!
  6. 6. Think like a Business Owner “ Specializ ed information center s within Australia returned over $5 for ever y $ 1 invested.” Putting a Price on “Priceless” 2014 study led by the Australian Library and Information Association
  7. 7. Think like a Business Owner • Consistent Competition – For the attention and trust of users (“Google-ization”) – For budget • Search as essential part of Knowledge Management System & Process • Always be PROACTIVE • Stay in front of your organization’s needs
  8. 8. Think like a Business Owner • Focus on your key users – Create value – Generate revenue – Make strategic decisions – The risk-taking people in the organization – Anticipate the future “Internal Champions”
  9. 9. Question Assumptions • Search & information services valued in the past may no longer be seen as relevant! • Trends today: – higher level of analysis and distillation – Visualization – TL;DR = “Too Long; Didn’t Read”
  10. 10. Question Assumptions • Always challenge your own assumptions • Always test your beliefs • Assume your organization will always be evolving • Make sure your services will always be evolving • Reality Check Questionnaire:
  11. 11. Keep in Touch! Get Involved! Agnes.Molnar@ @SearchExplained /SearchExplained /SearchExplained Get 20% discount by using the code: UC2016