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Findability in YOUR Organization #Live360


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These days, it's easier than ever to connect people to the content and expertise they need to achieve their goals. Technologies like Office Graph, Delve, and the Cloud Search Service Application power a rich set of new experiences that extend the capabilities of SharePoint's already-impressive search capabilities. How can these technologies and experiences transform the way we work? What makes "Findability" more than "Search" and "Discovery?" What cultural and technical challenges do customers need to consider? This session will address these questions and more, and will help you to find the answers within your organization.

This thought-provoking breakout session provides business insight to the state of search, discovery and findability in a world where the volume and velocity of information you have to process gets bigger and bigger day by day. You'll learn through real world examples and experience in a clear and inspiring way.

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Findability in YOUR Organization #Live360

  1. 1. Findability in YOUR Organization Agnes Molnar Founder, Managing Consultant Search Explained Level: Introductory to Intermediate
  2. 2. LIVE!360 RESOURCES
  3. 3. The Search Processes Crawling Indexing Calculating Initial Relevance Querying Presenting Results Capturing Clicks Analyzing Suggesting Tuning
  4. 4. The Search Processes - People Source:
  5. 5. The Search Processes - Technology
  6. 6. Findability
  7. 7. Findability
  8. 8. DEMO Findability 8
  9. 9. Search Team – Get Involved!
  10. 10. Content Readiness Types of content Main characteristics / properties Categories / classes Value of the content Lifecycle Storage(s) Content creators / contributors Content consumers Scenarios / Use cases
  11. 11. Refinement Result Type & Display Template On Hover Panel Queries & Query Rules
  12. 12. Powerful Queries • The process of looking for results
  13. 13. Powerful Queries Searching For… Keyword Example Description General Text Training Search for items containing “Training” Wildcard Train* Search for items like “Training” and “Trainer” Phrase “Training Room” Search for the exact phrase Documents IsDocument Training IsDocument:1 Returns documents containing “Training” FileExtension Training FileExtension:docx Returns Word documents containing “Training” Author Author:Cox IsDocument:1 Returns documents authored by “Cox” Title Title:Training IsDocument:1 Returns documents with “Training” in the title People Lastname Lastname:C Returns all people whose last name starts with “C” Tasks contentClass contentClass:STS_ListItem_Tasks Returns all task items Events contentClass contentClass:STS_ListItem_Events Returns all calendar events
  14. 14. Powerful Queries • The most important query operators: 15 Type Operator Boolean AND, OR,NOT Parentheses () Wildcard * Inclusion and exclusion operators + or -, respectively
  15. 15. DEMO Powerful Queries
  16. 16. Result Types & Display Templates Site PPT Docx All results are not the same Allows for the visual distinction of results Consists of a condition (Result Type) and a display template
  17. 17. Result Types & Display Templates
  18. 18. DEMO Result Types & Display Templates
  19. 19. Query Rules & Result Blocks
  20. 20. DEMO Promoting Results: Query Rules & Result Blocks
  21. 21. People & Expertise Search
  22. 22. DEMO People & Expertise Search
  23. 23. Manager Direct report Works with Emailed to me Viewed by me Shared with me Presented to me Liked by me Office Graph and Delve
  24. 24. Manager Direct report Works with Emailed to me Viewed by me Shared with me Presented to me Liked by me Office Graph and Delve
  25. 25. Manager Direct report Works with Emailed to me Viewed by me Shared with me Presented to me Liked by me Works with Modified by Jenny Gottfried Trending around Jenny Gottfried Modified by Jenny Gottfried Liked by Jim Geist Emailed to me Emailed to me Works with Modified by Jim Geist Modified by Alan Brewer Commented on Commented on Trending around Nancy Anderson Office Graph and Delve
  26. 26. DEMO Delve
  27. 27. Security and Privacy • Security: EVERYTHING is security trimmed – Search – Office Graph – Delve • Privacy: PUBLIC and PRIVATE actions
  28. 28. THANK YOU! Agnes Molnar Agnes.Molnar@ 9 years MVP Search & Findability Consultant Mentor, Author, Public Speaker Search Explained http://SearchExplained .com @SearchExplained /SearchExplained Search Explained Academy https://Academy. Books https://SearchExplained .com /Books